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I currently work at a target store in California. I work as a Team Member in the market department and I am a seasonal employee there, although I love the pay I have to say that I hate the way that the market team read is treating me there. I have only been working there for about 15 days so by now it's noticeable that I got the hang of it (which I did) I memorized the isles and where the products go so that I can spend less time just standing there trying to figure out where everything goes while I stalk the shelves with merchandise. But ever since I started, the team lead would always give me the complaint that I'm "to slow" which I admit the first 3 or 4 days I was until o got the hang of everything and I understand that everything we do is timed when it comes to pushing and pulling but I am working at the same speed as everyone else if not maybe a little faster and I even do both my work and anyone else's work who calls out for the day all at the same time. But the team lead still complains only about me. She always gives me WAY MORE work to do compared to the other team members so I feel like I am not being appreciated even though I am proving myself to be worthy of the job. I feel like the team lead is taking advantage of me and picking on me. I would go and complain about it to a higher up but she is best friends with them so it's pointless to do so. Anyone reading this have any ideas on what to do and who to talk to? Please reply with advice. Thanks in advance.

Oct 03, 2019

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