Taggedfailed to issue me of new password also acted unethical by not being truthful of suspending my account without no warning

E Sep 05, 2018

Furthermore, Tagged the online company has decided to suspend my account without warning by posting me Tagged Code on Tuesday, September 4, 2018, also I have been a member of the site for 12 years without no addition, they have made no proper and serious effort of sending me a new password that they failed to warn me of phishing and they have acted with improper conduct and failed to issue me an apology for their very mistakes of suspending my account for no reasons. I have enclosed the evidence of proof that Tagged says Account Phished on Tuesday, September 4, 2018. They sent me the Tagged Code: csDZOrgTha and &1104926 as additional evidence on the same day relating to my complaints also using the fake email address: [protected] which MSN found out it is not recognized. Early this afternoon they further posted another tagged code: _Gp5BTcu9j to my email address by acting with improper conduct also refusing to correct their mistakes that have led to very serious complaints and allegations against them.

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