Taco John'spoor customer service


For starters... I shouldn't be able to smell your weed when I'm standing on the other side of the counter from you.
What you do in your free time off duty is of no concern of mine, however when customers can tell you literally JUST came inside from smoking a bowl...then that's an issue.
Second, I don't expect much from a fast food employee that looks like he just crawled out of the cargo space on Rob Zombies tour bus after stowing away for three days...But the blatant eye rolling and dragging your feet when you're asked to do your job is a bit ridiculous. If it sothers you so much that someone asks for a taco with no lettuce then maybe fast food isn't your forte.
Third, you probably shouldn't be "bragging" on social media and drawing attention to yourself with pictures (attached) of you flipping (yourself?) Off in the mirror. Especially when you can see the Taco Johns logo on both you and your co-workers shirts...
Straight up unprofessional.
This particular location has gone downhill since the old manager left around a year or so ago.

Taco John's

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