Taco Cabanastore # 20143

L Sep 10, 2019 Review updated:

Order#36974 9/9/201, 2:19:46 pm, Employee 402736. A very discussing restaurant, food was cold, tortillas where hard and cold, guacamole was bitter and old, meat smelled bad.I took photos, the limes where old and smelled, the pico looked like it was a couple of days old, The server was rude and slow (Dee Kelly), she knew I was bothered and took extra time. The cashier (big tall black woman) kept giving me dirty looks because I went up to counter to wait for my food. There where only 3 tables occupied with customers! They where not busy, look at their tickets and production for that time frame. The bathrooms where filthy, my mom couldn't even use the bathroom, she rather wait. I'm writing to corporate and letting Tim Taft CEO know about the filthy, discussing restaurant! They even had three homeless people with all of their smelly bags in the restaurant eating, I WILL NEVER go to another taco cabana, I'm posting all over social media to stay away from that restaurant. Corporate needs to do a 'surprise visit" to that discussing place. You need to take this serious, this is why more people like me rather eat at Chipotle! I will be happy to send you all the pictures I took!

store # 20143
store # 20143
store # 20143
store # 20143


  • SubSquirrel Sep 10, 2019

    How “discussing” was the restaurant? I’m not able to smell how bad it was, as you claim, from the photos

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