T-Mobile USAunlocking my phone

T Aug 14, 2018

Just wanted everyone to know how T-Mobile treated me.
I decided to switch phone companies, when I went to the new company they told me that my phone was locked. I went to T-mobile to get my phone unlocked. The first store I went to refused to help me, the 2nd store told me I owed a total of $330.00 and it needed to be paid before they could unlock my phone. I paid the entirety of the phone off. They told me that I was going to receive a code via email within 24hrs of paying the phone off. I waited 48hrs and received no email. I then called T-mobile and they told me I owed another $105.00 and in order for the phone to be unlocked it needed to be paid. I argued with the woman who kept changing the price owed so I finally caved and just paid the $105.00, but only after I was promised my phone would be unlocked today. They told me I would get a code by email in another 24 hours. So today I waited for an email but once again did not receive one. I called them back again and the guy I talked to told me it would be 2 weeks before I get the code. I asked to speak to his supervisor and he refused to let me talk to the supervisor and hung up on me So then I decided to go to the T-Mobile store located in Pueblo West where I was once again treated awful. I told the young guy working there that I have a business to run and he then told me it was my fault and how could I put my business in jeopardy? I was completely mind blown by his words and just left .I own my phone and T-Mobile is refusing to unlock it. This is the worst company I've ever dealt with. I am now 4 days without a phone and counting...

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