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I have had three T-Mobile phones since 2003 and have never received satisfactory service. However, over the past six months, continual problems with not being able to make or receive calls as well as having calls that do connect dropped have made it impossible for me to communicate with prospective employers, friends, and family members.

Despite dozens of calls made to T-Mobile requesting assistance, your employees have refused to address these problems adequately. I want to be released from my contract at no charge and I want a refund for the past six months of unreliable and inadequate service.

At the end of June, I began having problems with my phone and contacted T-Mobile by e-mail (since I couldn’t make calls). At the time I wrote: “will not call or receive calls. Dialed calls are dropped before connecting, prompting a "retry" selection. Incoming calls go directly to voicemail. I was able to use a different phone of the same brand and model (Motorola V66) at the time that mine [protected] begin_of_the_skype_highlighting [protected] end_of_the_skype_highlighting) was not working. The first event was resolved by your Technical Support. He had me change my Network Setup to Manual and then the phone worked. I tried the same thing on Wednesday, with no results. Although the phone did say it was registered on T-Mobile, I still could not call. At 8 p.m., I looked at my phone and the T-Mobile logo was gone so I powered off/on and then was able to make calls.”

This type of event continued for weeks. I never knew when I would have service, or for how long. Some days, I couldn’t receive or make calls for hours at a time, and I have no idea how many important calls I missed. When I called customer support, sometimes I was told that T-Mobile was having network problems in my area and service would be restored. Usually they told me to power-cycle the phone and it would be fine. Finally, when I threatened to cancel service, a T-Mobile representative offered to replace my phones for free. Only then was I told that T-Mobile had upgraded its voicemail system and it was no longer compatible with the Motorola V66 I had purchased when I signed up for service a few months earlier. The representative said T-Mobile knew of many problems with this phone and the upgrade and suggested that replacing the phone would solve the problem. I wanted to know why no one had let me know this and offered to replace my phones weeks earlier, but never received a satisfactory answer.

I can’t begin to count the number of hours I spent on the phone with T-Mobile customer support and technical support. Each time I called, I had to repeat my problems to at least two different people, who asked the same questions, and tried the same things. The time I threatened to cancel, I was on the phone for over an hour repeating my problems over and over. One of the last times I called technical support, I was transferred and waited on hold for 45 minutes before hanging up.

Currently, I cannot receive calls from certain business numbers in two different cities. T-Mobile service personnel claim that their network is fine so it’s not their problem. The only recourse offered to me is to have the businesses call their providers. These are businesses that make and receive hundreds of calls every day without a problem. They are not concerned about my phone trouble. When I said I wanted to cancel my T-Mobile service, I was told there would be a $200 per line charge (and I have three lines). Even though I can’t receive calls and T-Mobile has offered no options for addressing the problem, the company refuses to waive the charges.

I brought up the numerous problems I’ve had with T-Mobile to illustrate the poor service history I have experienced. When the T-Mobile rep reviewed my records to see how many problems I’ve had in the past six month, he claimed he only saw two calls in his log—not the dozens I’ve made. One was the call in which I threatened to cancel service and was offered new phones. The other call was a billing question. He claimed that none of the technical support calls appeared in the log.

I have been looking for a job these past six months and it is vital that I have reliable service and be able to receive calls from everyone at all times. I don’t know how many opportunities I missed, and how much money T-Mobile has cost me. I know that I continued to pay for my service, even when it was totally unreliable and unusable for hours and days at a time. T-Mobile offered me some “bonus” minutes, which I couldn’t use because I didn’t have reliable service.

Despite the fact that I cannot receive calls, T-Mobile refuses to do anything to solve the problem--and will not even allow me to seek service from a reliable provider. Therefore, I am filing complaints with the Federal Communications Commission, the Oregon Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Fraud, the Better Business Bureau, and as many online complaint/advocacy groups that I can find. I insist I be released from my contract at no charge and I want a refund for the past six months of unreliable and inadequate service.


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      Jul 20, 2010

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