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I have had a very bad and disappointing experience with Swiss air on my return flight from Zurich to Kathmandu.

Date of departure 11 August 2017. Swiss air flight no. LX 0146
Status: business class
Ticket number: [protected]

I checked in the night before the day of my travel.
Checked in on 10august 2017 around 9:45pm (Zurich local time) to ensure stress-free travel. This is because I was travelling with my two children age 7 and age 10.

My children and I came to Zurich with our travel route:
Kathmandu transit in Delhi (transit 6hrs) then Zurich.
The airlines used for my travel were jet airways and Swiss air.
My baggages we checked in directly to Zurich from Kathmandu.

On my return journey the person at the Swiss counter without reading my tickets correctly tagged my to Delhi instead of my final destination Kathmandu.

I noticed the error and mentioned that my RETURN destination was KATHMANDU and that Delhi was only a TRANSIT point. Therefore requested that my baggage be checked-in to the final destination (in this case Kathmandu) .
(like the way I arrived Zurich... Direct check in baggage from Kathmandu)

The reason of complaint :
I didn't know that my baggages would be off loaded in Delhi.

This is because another friendly staff of swiss air in Zurich made few calls and then scribble with a pen on my baggage tag(traveller baggage copy tag)ktm. So out of trust for the brand "Swiss air" I assumed the labelling of baggage tags to KATHMANDU instead of Delhi resolved the problem .(copy of my baggage tags are attached to this email)

I found out in Delhi that I had to go collect my baggage through the custom and immigration and recheck in... I was infurated disappointed
...keeping in mind that I had my two young tired children with me...

Point to note: what if I didn't have a visa for Delhi???

What a service... Rude Deception!!!

For a international reputable airline to provide such a service is of utmost disappointment.

Therfore this is to bring to your attention that something needs to be done to avoid such horrible experience to other passengers... And i want to know what you can do to make me assured that I should travel Swiss air ever again!!!

On further notice I was travelling with my children... BUISINESS CLASS... For what??!! For inconvenience??? is that why we PAY so that our journey becomes an ordeal!

At this point besides being angry disappointed as a passenger... I am one infuriated parent who had to pay both in time and money for extra stress... Exhausted children... And a horrible service of swiss air at Zurich...

A very disappointed and angry passenger of swiss air,
Pema Tuladhar

Swiss International Airlines
Swiss International Airlines
Swiss International Airlines

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