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it could happen to you

I have seen too many drivers with truly bad attitudes. Also I am a mentor and I actually had a student report drunk. Due to the probable cause needs I had great difficulty getting him tested. I had to remove him for personality conflict for my safety. He reported drunk and due to the federal laws I was unable to get him tested easily. What this person is saying is absolutely unbelievble. I see drivers actually be highly obnoxious and unreasonable. Without more credibility and proof I would say the truth lies somewhere more likely to be he was trying to get going faster and was actually the problem. Swift has always repaired equipment I have taken into the shop but too many drivers want to make miles and fail to report equipment difficulties. I have been routed extra jus to repair equipment I see broken. I would like it if they followed up though on why the previous driver left broken equipment. Swift cannot fix what they do not know about. I have been there for 5 years and am doing great.

  • Ac
    ACCOUNTKILLER Jan 13, 2009

    Sue the hell out of those ###. They are so wrong for letting that happen to you. Who the hell do they think they are. They also own a trucking company in Mexico. They have money. Don't let them ### you or your lawyers. Also James Robinson is known to falsely arrest people, thats why he is no longer Sheriff of Ashley County, AR

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  • Ac
    ACCOUNTKILLER Feb 13, 2009

    It sounds like to me you are currently a Swift driver. You do not know what it is like until it happens to you. Are you saying that I was drunk?? Do you personaly know me? The answer is no. So until you can put all the facts together, don't even go around and say what you don't really know. I am a person who does not drink or use drugs. Also you saying that "What this person is saying is absolutely unbelievble". Well guess what? It is really true. This did happen to a person. It sounds like a nightmare from hell. But it is true. If you have nothing supportative to say about this, then just don't say anything at all. Also why did the other driver leave the door latch broken for? Well he was lazy first of all, and as you said they rather run the miles and pass the problem on to another driver. Why did Swift not look in to why the other driver left the door latch broken? Well they never looked into it, and that is really stupid on their part. Also if you had a student that was drunk then that was on him. Not everyone who works for Swift is drunk like your student. The only person who ever had anything in their system was the road side guy. He did test positive, but was within the legal limit for that state. I was not drunk. I dont drink PERIOD. Wait until the day Swift screws you over:-( Also Swift never did investigate anything. Like they say all their drivers are a dime a dozen:-)

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  • Mg
    mgmg2 May 23, 2009

    what happend to the guy that was waiting with you at trailer pool? what about the people at the trailer shop and the people at martin transportation. i think thay all would know if you were drunk why didn't you call on them as a witness? and plead youe case to phoenix i have been through alot and swift has always got my back.

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  • Fa
    fawkhead Jun 16, 2009

    this is one of the reasons i dont drive for a big companybecause thats the attitude that they have...drivers come a dime a dozen...u should find out where that cop lives...make him pay

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  • Pr
    Professional Sightseer Aug 20, 2009

    Well, Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I drove for 17 years, I worked with Swift for just over 4 years of that time. As a matter of fact, I worked out of the Ocala Terminal and I know the employees that you mentioned there. I had the best DM at Ocala (Ron English) and he takes good care of his Team Members. I would still be with Swift but, I had to get out of driving for medical reasons. I went down another road and I work for the Department of Transportation Motor Carrier Compliance Office in Florida. NO Boo's Please. I wanted to stay close to Trucks.

    Truth is, Not everyone is going to enjoy Professional Sightseeing as much as Me or the next Driver. Not everyone is going to like the Company they drive for 100% of the time. The Trucking Industry is what it is, It's a hard way to make a living with a lot of Ups and Downs, and I don't just mean the Mountains and Valleys. Everybody has good days and bad days, but you learn to deal with it when your on the road somewhere.

    You were on the money when you said a former driver didn't report the damaged trailer and without knowing ALL the details I couldn't say how I would have handle the situation. However, you get the load from Point A to Point B, get it unloaded and find another roadworthy mt egg then tell your DM the current trailer has a problem. It helps if you could find another mt egg so your DM can switch you to it so you can get your next load quicker. Or take the opportunity to reset your 34.

    As far as Swift's Roadside Subcontract Crew, I tried not to use them if at all possible. I always tried to get to a Swift Terminal or Drop yard for repairs. Sometimes the puzzle peices are scattered and you have to work to get them put together and you have to be a little bit aggressive to make them fit. Such as walking around the Terminal lot twice to find a suitable mt egg and back up to it and call your DM to make the switch. You probably know all this but my point is YOU DEAL WITH IT!!!

    If you ever get into a situation similar to the Roadside fiasco again get your DM on the phone and let your DM talk to the Sub. Your DM will be your best witness if you let them.

    We've all had horror stories on the road, at Terminals, Distribution Centers, Truck stops and even Pickle Parks. Bottom line is YOU are the Commander of your 18 wheeled Barge and YOU have to deal with it.

    Don't get me wrong it sounds like you were up against great odds with that Lil Sheriff over there in GA. In fact your probably Lucky to be alive. This is just a suggestion but maybe you might want to go back to school and get a better profession like writing story books.

    Hit all Four Corners of the U.S. in 28 Days just to see if I could.
    My Swift DM helped with the routing, Thanks Ron

    Professional Sightseer

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  • Wolf Sep 14, 2009

    I never spoke you were drunk I spoke that them accusing you that way is unbelievable. I am also speaking that you were told who Swift uses for repairs in the area. You went someplace other than what you were told to do. It is not your equipment and therefore not your call. I did not accuse you of being drunk but state that your saying that they are dismissing you for such and then backstepping is unbelievable. Also why did your mommy have to go and talk to your manager for you.

    I am saying that the facts do not appear cohesive for what I know about how Swift works. It sounds to me you have had many more difficulties with Swift that you caused. You sound rough and hard to get along with. As to your being drunk that is a matter for the court. Swift is obligated if there is an open court case involving drugs or alcohol to suspend you until it is resolved. I call your statement unbelivable because you are leaving things out.

    I see obnoxious in your statement and I see a bad attitude. Swift is lawyer tied in what it does. Many people file lawsuits and Swift must adhere to the court rulings. Swift is disallowed to have someone working while under suspicion for a crime that makes them unable to drive. Did you even think before you wrote your complaint about what Swift is legally obligated to do while you are under a criminal indictment. If your mommy did speak to them I guarantee they said nothing as that would make them civilly liable. I personally have dealt with some of these things for friends and I know the law and see holes so big I can drive a fleet of trucks through it.

    Lawyers make the rules not Swift. I know some people (Not the company) can be out of line. Lawyers slowly change it one of 2 ways. For the offender or for the law abiding. Your story makes more questions than answers. You have big holes and no closure. I am stating what my opinion is and this board is for opinions for or against. You tell me add positive or shut up. Well you told me right there you do not care about truth but just about your opinion. Personally I do not want your personality type driving for Swift, Werner or anyone.

    You are close to being a road rager from what I see. I do not think half of what you stated was accurate. You believe it is all. We frequently see through goggles that we are selves have created. "The map is not the territory" is from a book by Richard Bandler. When you understand the meaning of that phrase maybe you will understand why your complaint strikes me as unbelievable and I see the holes that you have created.

    I am sorry if you were falsely accused of a crime but your attitude is more striking me as you did more than you are admitting. Yes there should be some way for the last driver to report it or maybe the problem occured in the drop yard itself. I have seen a ripped off door at a Wal Mart distribution and I doubt the last driver delivered a load that way. You still were told that a certain person would fix it and then went elsewhere. This alone is grounds for dismissal. Why did you go someplace that would have made you pay the bill because they were not authorized to do the repair. The is the first and biggest red flag for me. You decided to go elsewhere without authorization.

    You decided to disobey what you were told to do. This is a red flag before all else. You admitted insubordination first and foremost. You have a hook and book attitude. You were repairing so you could go but not because it was important. I get Christmas cards from onroad because I call for major things and I am always getting fixed what others leave. If you could have run with it I am sure you would have done so. You wanted immediate actions rather than waiting. Guess what I take a stand and run legal. I tell all my students to have patience that you seem to lack. (Some of I need it now is our culture of fast everything so you are a product of our society.)

    Good luck and what have you done for your karma today???

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  • Co
    Cosmic Zamboni Feb 25, 2010

    You seem to have trouble where ever you work, Jeff, and it always seems to be the employer's fault. Never yours. And the police seem to get involved fairly often as well. You get very emotional and out of control very easily and then you come to a message board like this to slander/libel your employers. It seems to be a real pattern with you, Jeff/Jason. Really, you're going to make yourself unemployable if you keep it up.

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  • Al
    alex2093 Dec 30, 2010

    Well my only concern is, the witness, where they was at the time?

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  • Ri
    Rickey Steel Aug 22, 2011

    I have been with Swift, in lancaster Tx, Thier is no driver respect we are a dime, a doz, can, t wait to sign onto another company This place is an nigth mare, With it unsafe truck, an and very very poor comunitication, You will be discard for tring to do the right thing, or attack in some way or other.

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  • Ri
    Rickey Steel Aug 22, 2011

    I have been with swift out of Lancaster, for six week, And been put on the bottom of their List for refusing two drive their unsafe truck, Their Attude is you wouldn, t drive it we will give it to a driver who will. you can wait up to two week, for and truck, even if their are trucks thier . I f you live in the dallas area don, t sign up here, try some were else.

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  • No
    no problem at all Oct 25, 2011

    Agree 100%. Swift Transportation is nothing but TROUBLE. Those hillbillys there don't know who or what they are talking to. If it was not forthright drivers Swift and all of these other company's wouldn't have a business. I hope Swift and all of those company's that treat their drivers like ### go out of business for good. Who in the hell does Cosmopolitan think he is talking to or about. Someone needs to shut that hillbilly up for good. If he does not watch himself he won't have a mouth or a toung to talk with. Someone ought to cut his toung and teach that ### a lesson. I know what these drivers go through. I have been in this business for years. Swift is like any other big company. They don't care about the driver. They only care about themselves. Cosmo you must be one stupid ### it you stupid f***. What is it you and Scott Johnson are f*** buddies or something? You better watch who you talk about because you will get delt with and you are just mad because you hate to see other people do better than you. You stupid white fat hillbilly. Someone needs to shut you up. Oh I forgot you lost a lot of your business due to you not being a good businessman. Shut up COSMIC ZAMBONI if you keep this ### up you will see what is coming your way. You will get everything you deserve. Also Swift Transportation will go down with everyone who screws over their drivers.

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  • El
    Elamin m moore Jul 05, 2012

    well i think the problm was when you called the cops . maybe you should had went in the office and talk to has boss about the man trying to kill you . somtime people just be playing around . hpofully in august of 2012 i be starting a three weeks traning with swift i just wanted to go all over the usa and just do a good job and to hold on with swift for about 25 to 30 years my name is Elamin moore and im from Philadelphia pa and my age is 36 years old .just wanted to make the money i dont have no kids at all maybe one day anyway have a nice day peace

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  • Fa
    Fan of Max Woods Aug 11, 2012

    Everywhere Jeff and his mother goes, they cause trouble, I personally know this. They are constantly looking to sue people. The cops are involved where ever they travel. They have a mental illness. I can only imagine what he did to make Max Woods go after him. They do not have any friends and even their relatives can't stand them and don't want them around. They have done some horrible things that they believe in their minds is O.K. There is a law suit against Jeff from a company for defamation. Jeff believes the world is against him because that is how his mother raised him. They will have an argument with a worker at McDonalds drive -thru . Anybody who thinks Jeff's complaint is true does not know him. They are both out of control. I could tell you stories that you would think is fiction because they are so outragious.

    -4 Votes
  • Ho
    HollisterHellion Sep 28, 2012

    I too know Jeff Wilcosky all too well. There is something wrong with this person. I can tell you that when somebody stands up to him forcefully when he becomes out-of-control abusive, he backs down. That is the way one has to deal with cowardly manipulative people. It is best to avoid him where ever possible. His mother has nothing to do with anything, so that's a low blow, but Jeff is not somebody I would recommend for any postiion any where.

    -4 Votes
  • Ho
    HollisterHellion Feb 20, 2014

    I notice the court smacked Jeff down when he tried to sue Swift in federal court.

    -3 Votes
  • Za
    Zamboni Driver Jan 20, 2016

    Anyone who believes Wilcosky's nonsense should read the facts in his lawsuit - Wilcosky v. Swift Transportation. He initiated a fight with the emergency service person dispatched to help him, called the police, and then was arrested because HE was the one who initiated a physical altercation. His mother called Swift and said THEY needed to get him out of jail, as if somehow they were at fault. They fired him immediately and told him to get his stuff out of the truck. So he sued them. And lost. Imagine. So for those who said "sue the b***ards", he tried, but he was the one in the wrong.

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scam and cheating

After being OTR for a month I went on hometime for my son's graduation. During this time the tractor I was assigned was taken out of service and sold I was told this by DM Vic Quintana, and TM Chris Ryan of the Albuquerque, NM Swift terminal. It was not until June 6, 2008 that I was called and told they had a tractor ready completely serviced, ready to go by my Driver Manager. I drove 178 miles to Albuquerque to go to work as I live in Northern Arizona. I was assigned truck #590094 a Kenworth model.

Approaching this tractor with my DM I noticed all rear 8 tires were close to being, if not, D.O.T. illegal. I was handed a sign off sheet that was made out before we both walked to the vehicle and the DM said sign off on the paper so He could get back to what he had to do. I got in, started the vehicle turned it off and loaded my personal belongings into it I noticed the weigh station pre-pass laying on the dash, DM did not know if it was activated. the Qualcomm had a large scratch across the face of it making it hard to read certain areas and came unplugged as the back-plate was missing.

Next I go to start the tractor and its completely dead with charging light on. I red tagged this vehicle to go in the shop as I decided after my pre-trip inspection this truck was not road ready. I received a letter of dismissal towards the end of June 2008 stating dissatisfied with job. All my phone calls were ignored by DM and TM, and now I am left wondering why Swift's motto is 'Safety First'...?

  • Da
    Davi Maroon Oct 20, 2010

    The worst thing is that SWIFT will never pay you from address to a address miles that you drove, They pay air miles or zipcode to zipcode my last trip from city near Chicago, IL to Meliwkee, WI it was 100 miles they pay me 50 miles when I talked to my DM he said sorry 10% is normal for Swift but when you going to large cities expact 50% off your actual miles.


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terrible company

The one thing I want to put on here for someone who may be thinking of going to swifts training program i...

terrible experience!

[For all those company people, i.e. Current Drivers, little girls in the office or anyone else currently...

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