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Sweepstakes Audit Bureau review: Sweepstakes money, vehicles and prizes

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Document number:[protected] I don't know what happened but I didn't get the money nor the prizes. I don't have the number to call in my document number to the people that stolen my information delivered to my door and reason of wrongfully delivered to my neighbors and strangers that came over here to my address that posed as me and the ones that stolen my money and information including the people that stay in apartment 88 eithia, lisa, maria that just stand in front of my door which are only about a full size bed away from my door to theirs and the people in apartment 85 and 87 that sometimes hang notes saying that I am downstairs in their home instead of upstairs in my apartment of 86. I have nothing. I called the longview police department officers ou5 last night on june 22,2023 after five pm and made a report due to they are shooting me out of my home. Also the workers who take money bribs

My social:[protected]. I reported this to my apartment manager by text. One black male that stolen my money goes by the name mark in apartment 85. I'm miss carolyn moore at 1501 east young street apt 86 longview texas. I had to call police out due to people visiting to apartment 85 keep shooting me in the head with something everyone I walk downstairs and I done nothing but walk out the only outside entrance talking to dad about mom in the hospital on my cellphone. Police report number attached. Please help. My mail still being stolen:

I contacted the longview police department on june 21, 2023 at 10:18 pm. Your incident number is [protected].