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Complaints & Reviews

Natural gas fireplace system

Unable to make the igniter work and unable to find a remote control transmitter and unable to find a supplier...

Ventless gas logs

Ventless gas logs are a great way to reduce your energy needs for heating your house. This is not the company that you should buy them from, though. I bought a low-cost set of logs at Home Depot. Sure Heat's logs had pasty cement logs that crumbled easily and the knobs turned the opposite way so it was easy to shut off the pilot light. The spark igniter was flimsy. So, one of my log sets broke and sent them to Sure Heat Dec. 20th 2010. It is Feb 5th and even though Sure Heat admitted the logs were defective and promised to send me a new set I still do not have them. It is really cold this winter, too!
I think ventless gas logs are a great product. But Sure Heat products are NOT the ones to buy. I may never get my original or replacement logs back. Or maybe in summer.

  • Te
    Teous Jan 18, 2014

    I also have had a terrible experience with Sure Heat. My thermacoupple needs replacing and they said I had to buy the entire burner with couple attached. I have tried calling the company for two weeks to order it and they keep saying their system is down. How can a company run for two weeks without a computer system or why can't they manually look up the parts. When you call you stay on the line for 20 minutes on ignore before someone answers just to tell you their system is down. Very frustrating and poor cutomer service.

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  • Ja
    Jack Kaplan Nov 26, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Try calling them a big joke. They never answer the phone period. Do yourself a favor get another brand. Shocked that amazon and Home Depot would sell these! Call and see before you buy

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  • Ga
    Gary Coots Feb 04, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am running into the same issue. I got to this site here by trying to see if Sureheat might have gone out of business. Even the Sureheat webmaster's email bounced back. I get an internal server error when I tried to register our gas logs for warranty and the same thing for Customer Service. When I call, I am told by a robo-system I am number 1 in line but then get placed in the hold zone forever. Three logs were broken when ours arrived and I was advised by a local fireplace shop not to use them since ours are a ventless system. The first order we made got lost and this was the second order.


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Ventless gas logs for the house

The ventless logs that I purchased from Home Depot were low in price. I wanted heating efficiency and they did deliver that. But the logs were poorly made and crumbled easily and the igniter was flimsy and the knobs turned opposite that they should so it was easy to shut off the pilot and hard to reignite.
I am complaining, though, that I returned a damaged set of logs and they were supposed to be returned to me. I sent them in before Christmas 2010 and it is now early February 2011. Customer service says that the logs will be returned to me but they have not arrived. They do not reply my inquiries where they are and it is getting to be nearly two months.
I don't think people should buy Sure Heat's products - I think there are too many defects for the price and they do not stand behind their products.

Resolved Pitiful service and poorly made products

I have an Altima grill that I have owned for a few years. It was first delivered without the correct parts and could not be used at all for several weeks. I contacted the customer service several times before the 'correct' parts were shipped. The first set of parts only fixed a portion of the problems and revealed some others. As I started to address the new problems it became obvious that the staff at Sureheat do not know what they are doing. I tried to ask very specific questions regarding how and why some of the parts were not working properly (like the fact that they had put a natural gas orifice in an LP grill) but they just didn't seem to have a grip on any of it. Usually they would send out some part that might or might not be correct and I would eventually get enough correct parts to get the grill working. Also, every time I was told that "they were working on my order" it took at least 2 additional contacts on my part and a few weeks before any parts actually shipped. There was usually a couple of "I don't know what happened to your order, I'm really sorry" emails involved in each transaction. I didn't realize how sorry the whole operation was until I went back through some old emails recently when I had to order parts again and realized that the same thing has happened EVERY TIME. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE GUYS.

As far as the actual operation of the grill, there is also a problem with the grill flaring up constantly if you are grilling anything fatty. This grill is an overpriced piece of crap.

Resolved Customer Service a bad joke

In November we tried to use our 1-year old gas logs and discovered that the thermal coupling would not work. After trying to locate a local supplier (NONE..including the Home Depot where we bought it!) we contacted the Customer Service Department for Sure Heat. The service person confirmed the part number we supplied and the cost of approximately $15 and said it would be sent immediately. Three and a half months and numerous lies later, we are still waiting. We contacted them every one-two weeks, getting more and more irate with each call. Last month they could not find our order in their 'system' and we had to start the process all over! But, "no problem, the part would be shipped that day." Since then we have called every week and are again being told that the 'part will go out today, ' but, 'no, we don't have a shipping number yet.' Home Depot and Lowes no longer carry their products and it is an easy assumption that this is part of the well as the fact that other comments confirm that their products are shoddy, shipped with missing parts, and generally, of poor quality. We really have no expectation of receiving the part at this point, and expect to have to incur the expense of a completely new gas log system. I can assure you that our next system or any other gas appliance will certainly NOT be manufactured by Sure Heat. I am amazed that they are still in business!

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Resolved poor quality gas logs

I ordered Sure Heat Manufacturing ventless gas logs, model SCVFR, thru Home Depot about 3 months ago. They...

Resolved Worst experience

I purchased a 5 Burner Stainless steel grill manufactured by Sure Heat under the Amana Brand. Although I kept the unit in a covered area of my patio, in only two seasons, the interior parts had rusted out. In March I ordered some replacement parts from their Customer Service area, some still under warranty, some not. Although I requested it, I was never sent a copy of my order. It took them 4 months to ship the parts to me, and when they arrived there was no packing list in the box...just a bunch of metal parts. When I went to put the Grill back together, I found that they had sent none of the hardware necessary to do so (maybe they thought I'd use glue to put the pieces together), nor any instructions on how to do it. I waited about a week to see if I would get a response as to whether or not they had shipped all the parts, and when nothing came, I spent half a day trying to Micky Mouse the thing back together using rusted screws, rusted parts and whatever else I could find that would work. About 10 days after I put the unit back together, I received yet another part in the mail. Clearly, I won't be using it now! On top of all that, not only did they charge me for this debacle, they over charged me, billing my AmEx Card for the pieces still under warranty. I have filed a dispute with AmEx and have no intention of paying the bill until they provide me with exactly what they shipped and what I was charged for each item.

I sent their CEO Michael Mulberry Sr. a letter detailing my experience, but don't expect to get much back. Clearly, this is a Company that has no ethics in its dealings with the public. I for one, will never do business with them again.

Resolved customer service

This is really not a complaint, but a different point of view from the other 2 complaints. I own a CGR30LP...

Resolved horrid customer service

We purchased a grill through Costco in Feb. 09 and wanted to convert it to natural gas. After calling Costco...

Resolved Terrible experience

We purchased a new grill in October of 08. Anxious to get in some grilling time before the snow flies, we came home and started to put it together only to discover that the four main bolts of the grill connecting the top to the bottom were missing. We contacted Sure Heat MFG right away and were assured that the parts would be out in ten days. NOT! Called three more times, and heard how sorry they were about the 'mix up' and the parts were in the mail. To date, 3/14/09 we have received absolutely NOTHING from this company. Every time we call they are 'sorry'. I have a grill that I cannot use and NOW cannot return to the store because its been way too long for us to get our money back.

Do not purchase these grills as if you have missing parts YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN! The last time we called, which was several weeks ago we were told that they would send us some extra gifts as they dropped the ball...apparently these are in the same package as the BOLTS we need are and I doubt they will EVER arrive.

  • Jo
    joshnjames Jun 09, 2009

    This is really not a complaint, but a different point of view from the other 2 complaints. I own a CGR30LP, manufactured by Sure heat. Granted over the last 5 years I have had some issues with it, but the customer service to this day has been fabulous. I know most of the people there have been there for years and are very knowledgeable about not only there product but other grills as well. I have ordered parts before and usually received them in about 10 days. I don't think people understand that you catch more flies with honey then vinegar. If you call acting like a jerk people respond to you differently. I have always been pleasant and they are pleasant to me. Customer service is just that. They can't control all the things that happen in a company. I know there job is to make things better, but all they can do is give you the information that they are given. As far as the lady with the conversion kit, if you pay attention to the website for Costco, it tells you what kit to order for your grill. I am not saying that they are the best customer service department ever, but they work well with what they have. Considering they listen to angry people all day, maybe you all should take the time to think about "would you want to be treated like you treat them" I think no.

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  • Al
    Aleeya Jun 19, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I went in on a Friday afternoon to the manufacturing office after someone referred me to them for a good deal on a grill. The customer service manager took me into the warehouse and showed me the available grills and after I chose the one I wanted to purchase she told me she would put my name on the grill and I could pick it up after Monday. Tuesday morning I called to find out when I could pick up the grill and if I would need help loading it. The customer service manager never answered her phone and her voice mail never picked up. Same thing Wednesday morning. Thursday morning I finally spoke to her on the phone when she told me she would check in the warehouse to see if the grill was still there and she would call me back. She did not call me back. I called that afternoon and finally was able to get her voice mail and I left her a message to please call me back, that I wanted to pick up the grill Friday. She still did not call me back. I decided to show up Friday to pick up my grill and it wasn't until I was in the office waiting for the customer service manager that I was informed that the grill was gone when they came in Monday morning. No one called to tell me this. The customer service manager did not tell me this when I spoke to her Thursday. No one called, not one time in the four days between when the grill disappeared and when I arrived to pick it up. I took time off from my job to go up there early on Friday to pick up this grill and only then did someone admit the grill was not there. The customer service manager said they had another new grill still in the box but would be $200.00 more than what we agreed on for the original grill I wanted. I asked her why she never told me the grill I was coming to pick up was not there and she said she checked but she did not call me back. She then told me there was nothing she could do. I asked her who the manager was and then she became defensive telling me she was the manager. I asked her who her manager was and she gave me her name then told me she had just walked out the door so I could not talk to her. I left the building then called the company to leave a message for her manager letting her know I would be sending a letter to her, the customer service manager and also the Better Business Bureau. I then called to leave a voice mail for the customer service manager but she actually answered the phone. I calmly explained to her that I would be writing a letter to her manager and the Better Business Bureau explaining the situation and she started saying I was harrassing her and that the calls were recorded. She then proceeded to tell me that they stopped selling to the public and that she was only being nice to me when she agreed to sell me the grill. I replied that it was not nice that she agreed to sell me the grill then did not tell me it was sold to someone else 4 days before I showed up in the office. If she would have called me Monday, when the grill was either sold to someone else or shipped to a store there would not have been a problem and I would have been able to make other arrangements to buy a grill somewhere else. This was not good customer service. This was not even bad customer service. This was no service at all. Do not buy a grill from Sure Heat. I would not even buy a grill from any store that Sure Heat supplies grills to. If this is their idea of customer service you can count on never getting any help if there is a problem.

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  • Ru
    rufuslucy Jan 05, 2010

    I agree ther customer service is worst than third world. And there technical support is really a joke you ask a question they cannot answer it and say they will call you back what a lie. I called on 2 occasions and never got a return call.After looking on the internet I determined what part I needed. I called and ordered a part for my LP gas logs I was told it would be 8 to 14 days for delivery. After 17 days I called to check on my order and was told it was shipped but had not had a UPS tracking number assigned and he assured me it had been shipped. After 4 more days I called back and was told they did not know why he told me it had shipped and they in the middle of inventory. As it turn out they never had the part I order in stock and was on back order and they had to get these parts from France and it would be another 3 weeks . Do you think I beleive anything they say. I think the CEO or district manager or plant manager or someone with sound and ethical business sense should look into these negative feedbacks.

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  • St
    stinglese Mar 26, 2012

    I purchased a grill in June 2007 i needed to replace the burners by march 2011 but i was told the parts weren't available i continued to call throughout 2011 and was unable to ever get the necessary parts which were covered under the warranty its now march 2012 and i am still looking for the parts even though the warranty has expired, within the next month i will get my parts or i will purchase a better product.

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