Supercutshair cuts

T Sep 06, 2018

On Sept 4th my 3 daughters were in the salon for trims. A heavy set blonde in the horseheads, ny salon completed the hair cut on my daughter and as my daughter walked over to me the gal smiled nicely and went to get the broom to sweep and didnt say one word to me. I told my daughter to let the girl know her bangs were a little uneven and my daughter did. Well suddently the girl needed to talk to me and told me she saw one louse in my daughter's hair. So I was very surprised and I was like this doesn't make sense as I have been checking my kids hair due to school coming up. She than proceeded to go and tell the other stylists my daughter had lice and one of the gals was cutting my daughter Lily's hair. That stylist didn't approach me to tell me my daughter had lice and I paid kept cutting her hair and it was once again the heavy set blonde who told me the stylist found lice in her hair as well. Now I'm irritated at this moment and my last daughter got her hair cut and mind you ALL CUTS WERE COMPLETED and the other girls did a great job. But not one of those stylists confirmed they saw lice. So I left and called my husband and I went to buy a lice comb to check their hair. He called the salon where as he talked to a Joann whom basically was very rude to him and told him they, by law dont have to finish a hair cut if they find lice. Now once again mind you ALL THE HAIR CUTS WERE COMPLETED . My only issue was Naomi having uneven bangs. The girl told my husband they had to clean because of the lice. Now here is the funny part the same girl who cut my daughters hair that tried telling me they had lice swept up and sprayed a little than took the next client. Now I'm seething I go home and and for an hour check my daughters' hairs and there was nothing not even an egg in there and my husband taped that there was nothing in their hair. I have filed a complaint with the telephone number and it was passed to the wrong salon who even said it was fishy that the girl suddenly said my daughter had lice but completed the cut and didnt approach me until I had a complaint on her bangs. I want something done about this I paid $54 for those cuts and tipped those girls $5 each to barely cut any hair and the 2 girls did a great job but the liar got tipped to mess my daughters bangs up to where I had to take her to another salon and the girl went through her hair and found NOTHING. I'm still waiting on a callback, this business gets a lot of money from me because my hair gets dyed and cut there well not anymore it wont. Definately is not impressive to clients

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