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October 8, 2019

To Whom it may Concern,

I am reaching out in regards to the vacation my family of four just returned from this evening. We vacationed at Royalton Blue Waters Montego Bay from October 1st to October 8th. My husband and I have been travelling for several years. We've vacationed with Sandals and Beaches and after researching Royalton Resorts online we thought Royalton would be a wonderful company to vacation with. We were so drastically disappointed and upset that I don't even know where to begin. I've tried to categorize the biggest issues and problems we had during our trip but please know there is so much more. I sit here tonight writing this email being extremely tired and worn out from our holiday but thought it was important that I send this right away.
To begin we purchased our all inclusive vacation package through Air Canada and added on the Diamond Club Feature. Simply put that was a complete waste of money. Our trip started off in a frightening way during our initial flight to Montego Bay we experienced terrible weather and were not able to land in Montego Bay but instead had to land in Kingston Jamaica. (Flight AC1804 October 1/19) We then sat on the plane at the Kingston Jamaica Airport for 2 hours with no word on what was happening. We were not allowed off the plane to make other arrangements to get us to our resort nor were we updated on what was going to happen next. Finally we were advised by the pilot that we were going to again attempt to take off and land in Montego Bay. After a second terrifying flight from Kingston to Montego Bay we finally landed at our destination airport.
Upon our arrival at Royalton Blue Waters we were exhausted, hungry and dirty. We were the first off the bus to enter the lobby and the last to be checked in even though we had arrived with non Diamond Club Members. Our butler was not there to greet us or take us to our room and no room orientation was ever given to us. Our first entry to our room presented with no robes, garbage in the bathroom and shower and a condom wrapped in the dresser drawer. Looking forward to taking a hot shower I was instead greeted with no hot water and only one working shower head. I contacted the front desk right away. A maintenance worker arrived about 30 minutes later. He told me to let the hot water run for 2 minutes. I advised him I had already down that but for 5 minutes. He then advised me they hotel wasn't having any hot water issues at the time and left. I contacted the front desk again and they advised me of the same thing and that was that. We had luke warm water for our entire stay. Room service was not anywhere near efficient. The toilet was never cleaned during our stay nor was the balcony.
The maintenance issues at the hotel ranged from elevators not operating creating up to a 10 minute wait often and climbing seven flights of stairs up to our room wasn't an option for us to different water features not being in service. One of the main reasons we chose this resort was because of the kids water area and water slides. The 4 large water slides weren't in operation 85% of our stay due to mechanical issues. My son and daughter were able to go down two different slides at the same time once during our stay and both smacked their heads off the side of the slide causing them to need to go and lay down due to being sore and dizzy. The kids water park was not in operation the entire time we were at Blue Waters.
The main pool had terrible service both at the bar and with the servers around the pool. We witnessed large groups of non Diamond Club members and White Sands guests receive impeccable service while ourselves and other people received nothing. Pool side were only served once during our stay and we were at the pool every day multiple times. The one time we were served was by a very young man that when asked by my husband for a second drink (he had about two sips left of his current drink) told my husband that he could have another drink once he had finished his first one. He then never returned. Swim up at service was also terrible and we were constantly ignored at the bar. We tipped everyone as we thought this might help us receive better service. It did not. The pool was closed before 6pm every night which is the time it's supposed to close and not because of poor weather although it was closed one night early because of weather. One night it was closed just after 4pm as a large wedding party was having their wedding reception in a tent next to the pool. There is mold growing on the sides of the mattresses that are in the middle of the pool. We used our snorkelling masks the first time in the pool but took them off after seeing what was floating around in the water.
Napkins, cups and garbage. My twelve year old was ignored at the swim up bar. Every time he had to wait close to 30 minutes to even be acknowledged. Groups of people often swam in the pool at night creating a loud ruckus but no one working seemed to care. The bartenders at the swim up bar kept serving my 16 year old daughter alcoholic drinks even after I informed them that she was underage and that they needed to be checking her bracelet as she was trying to order non alcoholic drinks. My daughter also participated in one of the beach games which she ended up winning. She was awarded with a bottle of rum which was extremely inappropriate. The lifeguards at the lazy river we hardly ever present at their posts and when they were there they were sleeping most of the time. We had to literally wake up one lifeguard 5 times during one swim as there was many kids present in the river.
We attempted to enjoy the beach where we felt not safe AT ALL! We were constantly accosted by locals selling various things and by Royalton Security asking us for money. We did not return to the beach after that.
Butler service was pretty much non existent. We had to ask several times for our complimentary bottle of alcohol. We barely saw the butlers. We were escorted twice to a la carte dinner and that was that we were on our own after that. Upon arrival at the two a la carte dinners we had to wait 30 minutes for our table we had reserved. Our butlers also interrupted our last dinner at the resort to let us know we needed to fill out a survey. We advised them that we didn't want too. Upon check out we were once again presented with the survey. Our a la carte dinners were disappointing as well. Ranging in stray dogs begging at our table at the Italian restaurant to hot food off the grill at the Zen restaurant being flicked into my sons eye burning him. Different restaurants were closed different nights making booking reservations very hard. Service at the buffer was non existent for us as well. Food from room service took hours to arrive and the food was not good.
Bars ran out of alcohol in the evenings. The sports bar was serving drinks that were pretty much just alcohol leaving guests extremely intoxicated. At the lobby bar my husband waited one time for 45 minutes to be served and after not even being acknowledged he left without a drink. The bartenders were extremely sexually explicated with both myself and my teenage daughter.
Large groups and wedding parties were largely flavoured during our stay at the Royalton and were called up to participate in activities an dances instead of couples and families. We were informed by staff members that they are only paid $60 a week by the Royalton and that they live off of their tips which I found very uncomfortable to be having such information passed on to myself.
Cannabis use and underage drinking was also a big issue on the resort. We understand that a lot of people smoke Cannabis in Jamaica, however we weren't expecting guests and staff to be smoking it at the entry ways all over the resort. We were informed by a lifeguard that another lifeguard had been fired that particular day for selling Cannabis to a guest.
Honestly there is so much more I could add to this email but it would take a great deal of time and I am very tired. I expected to return from this holiday feeling refreshed and relax but regrettable I feel just the opposite. As does the rest of my family. My husband and I were looking forward to booking a holiday for this coming February when we were returned from this one to Royalton Negril but after this experience that won't be happening. I have summed up the contents of this email for a review to post to Trip Advisor as well as my online blog but would like to see if Royalton is willing to make this right for us instead. Thank you for your time and patience for reading my long email.

Kathleen Maroney

Oct 09, 2019

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