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I booked a vacation package booking number [protected] on September 27th, 2017. I registered the claim on September 28th and received confirmation it would be 72 hours for approval. I received the email on October 4 th, saying I was declined. The price was 5, 950.00 and the new price was 5, 470.00. I called Sunwing and they said I had to call Expedia, Expedia told me to register with Sunwing since it was A Sunwing booking.
I am getting really tired of companies taking advantage of seniors.
Please help in us in this problem
The booking was Grand Sunset Princess
Room Category Junior Suite
January 28-February 11, 2018

Sunwing Travel Group
Sunwing Travel Group
Sunwing Travel Group


  • Ba
    Barry Glaspell Nov 21, 2017

    Hi Rose,

    Did you receive your money back under the Price Drop Assurance? I had a similar experience to yours, am considering a class action for all persons in Canada affected by the "administration" of the "Price Drop Assurance" . Please call me at 416-729-6104 if you wish to discuss. Barry

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  • Bs
    B Schuster Nov 30, 2017

    Sunwing makes a Big Deal about their Price Drop Guarantee to get travelers to book early, and assure them that if prices drop by $50 or more per person, they can submit a claim for refund (only once). For a limited time the PDG was complimentary (otherwise you have to pay $49 pp) and even though the reservation is booked through a travel agency, the client must go online and register themselves. But be ALERT: Each passenger on the booking must register INDIVIDUALLY, even though you are on the same booking #, otherwise you will not both qualify for any price reduction! This way they can charge an administration fee of $50 PER PERSON before they review your file to see if you qualify for the Savings! In my case, I only registered the booking # once and hence, haven't been able to qualify both of us for the savings. Our rate decreased by $100 per person and with any luck we may be able to retrieve $50. My recommendation: DON't BOTHER WITH PURCHASING THE PRICE DROP GUARANTEE! Sunwing will come out ahead! Too many specific requirements under the Terms & Conditions to make it feasible. I spoke to a Sunwing Res Agent about this. One said we should still qualify and he would send me the claim form to complete (never did receive it) and the 2nd agent I called said that Sunwing does absolutely EVERYTHING on a per person basis, nothing is EVER quoted otherwise. My question then was "Why do we only have one booking # for 2 people?" and she said that was the only exception & we both laughed!!!

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  • Va
    Valre Dec 25, 2018

    My experience with Sunwing Price Drop Guarantee makes me believe that it is a gimmick with lots of fine-print and self-serving conditions. We booked in August for Mexico and found in December that prices had dropped considerably. Upon contacting Sunwing, we were told that we didn't qualify because the package we booked was no longer available!?!?After checking on line, we found that Expedia was still offering the same deal very much cheaper...same time period, same location, same Hotel.!?!?Only after persistent calls to Sunwing informing them about the competition did we get a complimentary discount. My advise for next time: Forget about the "Price Drop Guarantee" gimmick and check with other Travel Agencies on line before booking. It's a mystery why Expedia can offer flying with Sunwing and selling exactly the same package for much less.

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