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Booking Number: [protected], [protected] (Linda Hachey & Peter Brown)

We are getting married in February 2018. I reached out to SUNWING as early as Oct/Nov 2016 for pricing and booked by the end of Nov 2016. Since this time, our departure locations have been cancelled, twice: Saint John flight cancelled on Apr. 24 2017 and Moncton flight cancelled on June 2, 2017. Both times, I had to suggest an alternative departure location and after June 2017, we had to move our departure location to Fredericton. Note, the whole time I kept with the same resort - Melia Cayo Coco.

After Hurricane Irma hit our resort in Melia Cayo Coco in September 2017, my group (21 people) had concerns (safety and health) and issues with continuing our trip to Melia Cayo Coco and our coordinator said it was "business as usual" and said our group were to pay the final balance by Oct. 20/17 as per our contract. We had no issues with paying the balance (which our group is paying $35, 000 to Sunwing) or the payment date but with the uncertainty of the resort being 100% operational when we get there (I read Sunwing's disclaimer stating the Sunwing is not responsible for the operations of a partnered resort). So, I asked/begged/pushed our Wedding coordinator to help me please my group by switching to another Melia resort in Varadero (same hotel chain - different location but still supporting the Cuban economy). My Wedding Coordinator and the Manager of this department has informed me that if we switch we will no longer have the promotions of the "old contract" and the good will gestures of $70 off our current trip + $100 future travel four our troubles/inconveniences, but we also do not qualify for the promotions that come with "new bookings". (Please contact me for emails that transpired between us). If I switch, Sunwing is no longer offering me: Price-Drop Guarantee, promised credits/future vouchers, wedding couple extras (elite plus and room for my dress), or group block seating. I feel targeted, punished, and stripped of why I choose Sunwing over the other air carrier's I have quotes from. In fact, I told my story to a friend of mine who had applied for a quote from Sunwing to bring a large group to the Melia Varadero resort (the new one I am asking to switch to) and she was offered "price-drop guarantee and group seat blocking".

I feel that I have been very patient with Sunwing and my group has stayed with me through all the changes; however, now I feel MISTREATED. I have travelled with Sunwing for the last 8-years on a yearly basis and I am brining 21 people with on this trip. I will decide this weekend whether or not I cancel my trip with Sunwing and go with a different carrier. :(

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