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Sunset Group Fishermen's VillageSunset Fishermans Village Time Share - Rip-Off

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My family and I went to Cozumel Mexico for vacation on July 3 -7, 2006. On July 4, we attended a 90-minute timeshare presentation and purchased a one bedroom suite from Sunset Lagoon Beach for $10,000. We were pressured relentlessly over and over from their sales people.

We were told that Sunset would guarantee the rental income of $1,000 for an unused week if we rent our weeks through Resorts International Marketing Corp (RIMC) with one-time processing fee of $549. The salesman Jayeson kept saying that it was a win-win situation. He told us that he was new and didn’t have any business cards yet and wrote down his number on our envelope in case we had any questions. We were staying in Cozumel which is a 45 min ride across the ferry. The next morning both of us felt sick to our stomach about what had happened and tried calling Jayeson to cancel. The phone number that he wrote down was missing one digit and did not work. The operators did not speak English and we had no way of looking up the number. We then tried calling the 1-800 number in the book (Sunset Reservations) and the lady said that I needed to talk to the resort directly. The number to the resort was not listed anywhere on anything that we were given. We had to wait until we returned home to look up the number. Upon returning home from Cozumel on July 7th, we started reviewing the contract very carefully and quickly realized that many promised items were missing in the contract. That’s when I started researching online about the Sunset group to see whether other people’s contracts are also missing the same thing and how they are coping with the problem. After a few hours of extensive research, we found very disturbing information. Many people (mostly Americans) were promised the same or similar things and no promises made were incorporated into their contracts and Sunset is not honoring the promises they have made. In one of the cases we found on Internet, the guarantee of the rental income was written in the contract, but this guarantee is not true and not being honored by Sunset (see for details).
On July 8th we called the resort upon returning home and after speaking to several people from the customer service department, I spoke with Doris. She was very rude and wanted to know what was wrong with the contract and that we would have to fax her a formal complaint and she would to take it to the board of directors to see if they would give us a refund or not. I also explained to her that we were told that we would be able to use a week in December of 2006 and the contract said we couldn’t use a week until 2007. She then told me to send her the sheet that said we could use a week in December and I told her that they kept all the papers that they wrote down the weeks that we could use and explaining the perks we were offered.

We were told that we would have 2 weeks per year starting in 2006. We could rent out one week and that would basically pay for our week. When we were through signing everything the guy said that there was a mistake and took our papers. He brought in new papers that showed the correct amount of weeks being given and apologized. We were so tired and under complete duress from being pressured and being there so long we didn’t even notice the mistake. Once we returned home we noticed that we were given the original papers that we signed.
We were lied to and want a full refund.


  • Bo
    Bonnie L. King Apr 30, 2019
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    Verified customer

    I am requesting a confirmation number and email for a trip I paid for on April 12i do have all the bank info.please confirm via email to [email protected]

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  • Ch
    charlesb12 Nov 25, 2013
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    Have you accomplished to get your deposit back? I purchased a Royal Elite timeshare last year and I'm having exactly the same problem, I was trying to get a final resolution working on my own, but I think it's time to file a complaint with PROFECO (The Mexico's Consumer Protection Agency) maybe you should do the same thing. This is a forum with more complaints made on these companies:

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  • Rick297 Jun 11, 2013

    If you go back to Playa del Carmen, the best option is to stay at a regular nice Hotel, if you don't want to get screwed into buying a timeshare. Two years ago, I stayed at Royal Elite Timeshare/Sandos Playacar and the timeshare hassle was unbelievable, after a few days, we did the presentation, WORST mistake ever, even though we didn't actually buy, they kept us there for HOURS. You should file a complaint with profeco, but Don't let them get you. This is a forum with more complaints made on the timeshare resorts:

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  • Gr
    gregory12 Feb 13, 2011

    My wife and I were also taken in by the scam artistes of Fisherman’s Village back in March of 2002. We signed the contract and have been sorry ever since. After trying to make reservations for two week stays at Fisherman’s Village on three separate occasions, we were turned down on all three occasions. We were told that we could stay at their other resort up in Cancun. If we wanted to stay at the resort up in Cancun we would have requested it. After the third turn down, we decided to pay a visit to Fisherman’s Village and see if we could work this problem out. So we took our weeks and used them at another resort in Playa Del Carmen. After being in Playa for a few days we decided we would pay our friends at Fisherman’s Village a visit, but we were not admitted entry because where the resort is located is a protected or gated community. As fate would have it, one of the people that they have to solicit vacationers into attending their sales presentation confronted us. We saw this as an opportunity to gain entry to the premises to voice our concerns as well as to see if they were making the same sales pitch as we had heard previously. As it turned out none of the people that we spoke to before were still working there, and the sales message was also the same. Everything was going well during the sales presentation until they ask us if we own or were members of other vacation properties. When we told him that we were members of Fisherman's Village all hell broke loose. The salesman jumped up and ran back into the building and came back with the resort manager. The resort manager in an unfriendly tone told us to get up and follow him to his office. After entering his office the tone of the meeting was similar to that of a police investigation, in other words we were treated like criminals. He asked us why we were there and we told them that we were dissatisfied customers. We asked him why we could not make our reservations for a two week stay at this resort and why we were always told that we could only make two week reservations at their place up in Cancun. He told us in a very unfriendly tone that they could not accommodate us because the resort was too small, in other words they had oversold the resort. After about an hour of going back and forth the resort manager asked us to leave. When we asked for our payment for attending their sales seminar, he told us that we were not entitled to the payment because we did not complete the sales seminar. We told him that we more than willing to finish the sales seminar and provide our comments to the other unfortunate people looking into purchasing properties at Fisherman’s Village. The manager gave us a hateful look and disappeared out of the office. A couple minutes later he reappeared and gave us payment for attending the sales seminar. Upon receiving payment he asked us to follow him where he escorted or threw us literally out the back door of the resort, where upon exiting the door he slammed the door behind us. This occurrence took place back in May 2004.
    After returning from vacation we solicited legal advice on how we could deal with this problem. We were told that since this was a foreign company there was not much that we could do other than paying off on the agreed amount on the contract. We paid off the contract and at this point my wife and I believed that Fisherman's Village no longer wanted our business, so we decided to take our vacation weeks and just bank them in RCI and use them at more friendly resorts. In January of 2011, we received a notice for nonpayment for service fees that they said we owed them, from Meridian Financial Services, USA out of Asheville North Carolina to the tone of $5336.29 even though we have never stayed one night at Fisherman's Village or any of their other resorts. In our agreement we were to pay every other year, on even years a $388.00 maintenance fee. We have not made a payment since 2004 when we were thrown out, so we owe for 2006, 2008 and 2010, which is less than $1, 500 for an unusable resort property. Just so you know the people of Meridian Financial have the same tone as the people Fisherman's Village, they do not care what the problem is they just want your money. Yes we own them money, but that did not provide the service promised. We are still undecided on what actions we will take in resolving this issue. Our problem with this whole situation is in the way we were treated and how we were deceived in to believing that this resort property was worth what we paid. We were robbed, misled and now they are resorting to extortion in obtaining more than a pound of flesh that they believe they are owed. The representative of Meridian said that we owed the service fee whether or not we used the property. We were under the belief that service fees were due when and if we could made reservations at the resort. If you cannot make a reservation at the resort because they are overbooked, you still owe the service fee as I was told by the representative of Meridian, “it is your problem not Fisherman’s Village”. Fisherman’s Village is nothing more than a moneymaking machine for a corporation that has no desire to provide good service or to make accommodations for its members. Since they are foreign company you cannot pursue legal means to sue them other than in Mexico, but they can hound you for payment here in the United States by hiring some debt collection agency. A word to the wise, never sign an agreement with Fisherman's Village or any other resort for that matter.
    Since we cannot come to some agreeable terms with Fisherman's Village and I will be making payments on the service fees till 2020. We have decided to make it our goal to turn away as many people from entering into a contract with Fisherman's Village or as it is now called Promotora Sunset Beach Club Spa as possible. These people are crooks and will not provide you with anything in return for your investment other than grief.
    Is there any interest by this group in a class action suit against Fisherman’s Village and the Sunset Group?

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  • Hi,

    I have been in a similar situation as all of you. Has anyone tried simply letting them keep what they have of your money and been able to get out of the rest of the contract successfully? I've given them about $5k and supposedly owe another $4k... Help please.

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  • Ja
    jackbeme1 Dec 31, 2009

    I had a similar experience with these scam artists. Things were said, and the "cannot rescind" letter for the "great deal" was never included in the final documents.

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  • Ro
    Ron Lopez Oct 17, 2009

    This is still happening today, the Sunset Groups still scamming people. They just scam us out of $8614.12 CAD. They did not want to take our cancellation two days after we signed the contract, either. Our ordeal happen this year 2009 in April and we are still been harassed by Sunset Groups agents and lawyers. We are talking to Carmen Moreno from Gonzalez & Gonzalez Law Firm. They charge about $1000 US and 25% of what they recover, but they said they can get the contract cancelled and stop those people from bothering you again. I hope this help. You can contact the law firm at the following emails

    Ron Lopez

    [email protected]

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  • Sc
    Scammed2 Jun 15, 2008

    We were similarly scammed and lied to at Sunset Fishermans Village in Playa Del Carmen Mexico in January of 2006. We have not been able to use the property since nothing is avaialable and they only want to offer us mandatory all inclusive in Cancun. With over 6 months notice we are unable to rent a 1 bedroom at Fishermans due to no availability. We also threw away $549US on Resorts International Marketing who have done nothing for us and now Sunset Group says they no longer do business with them. I have had a lawyer send them a registered letter asking for a refund and gotten no response. I am wondering if anyone has had any success fighting these crooks and if there is a class action lawsuit that we can join?

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  • Pa
    Patti Feb 29, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We got scammed January of 2007. Again, many things promised were not actually in the contract and lots of things were compleletly misrepresented. I have persued this through PROFECO which is kind of a better business bureau in Mexico - just google it- not the quickest response, but they have been representing us. At the moment we are waiting for a 25% repayment and a cancellation letter. I am not holding my breath, but it feels like we have at least made a little headway. One word of warning though - Mexican law is hybrid - I can't fully explain this except that if you have broken a contract and owe a Mexican company money, DO NOT SET FOOT IN MEXICO AGAIN. They can register a complaint and even if they are the crooks, they will say that you are. You can end up in a Mexican jail and have a really hard time getting out and getting home. One couple I heard of through a reliable source were told that if they flew down to sign some paperwork they would get a full refund. They flew down and were arrested at the airport. I don't know if they have managed to get home yet.
    The other word of advice - if you live in Canada you can tell the collection agency that you are contesting the debt and they can not contact you again. Also check to see if the collection agency is registered in Canada - if they aren't they shouldn't be contacting you. One other thing I read, I am not fully sure if it is true, but if the contact is not written in Spanish, it is not a legal and binding contract in Mexico.

    I hope this helps and try not to get too stressed out. I felt pretty naive until I realized how good these guys are and how many people all over the world have been scammed, cut yourself some slack YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!

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  • Valerie Feb 01, 2007

    I brought 4 weeks 2004. I went in 2005 for one. All things in contact are lies. Maintenance prices change, they are not helpful, they will not return your calls. The only thing they are any for are TAKING YOUR MONEY! I've payed about 8500.00 dollars so far and i stopped, paying when we did not bank my week with RCI ( 06 ) and said my membership had up to date. it never expired when i asked of they had a week a fisherman, i week i what was all booked. Funny ha !!

    So last year i did not even go on vacation...
    I'm seeing a lawyer on Friday.

    I could go on and on about this... BUYER BEWARE!!!

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  • Ch
    Christine Varga Dec 15, 2006
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    Verified customer

    Vacationed in Mexico November 2006. Went to Sunset Groups Timeshare/Vacation Club at Fishermans' Wharf in Play Del Carmen. Tried to leave without buying the proposed $17,500 package, and instead was talked into a $4,000 package. Signed contract, $4,000 charged to our credit card, contract terms state we can cancel within 5 business days (signed on 16th). We decided we wanted to cancel after all, went back to the same location as presentation (Fishermans' Wharf), submitted our cancellation/refund request in writing, kept a copy of letter with Representatives signature and date noted. We were told that they couldn't give us a credit that day, they would need to go through the accountants and we would get a refund within 15 days.

    Yesterday, December 12th we decided to e-mail an inquiry since we hadn't heard anything.

    Response.........received a call at work today, from someone who does not speak english well. Telling me they wanted to come to some kind of "agreement" before we are sent to "collections" (?). I informed him that we had cancelled our contract which was paid in full and we are looking for our refund. He informed me that our cancellation request would not be reason given.....I asked for a written response to our original inquiry.....haven't heard a thing yet. Have sent various e-mails to any e-mail address I have access to response yet!

    Trying to see if our bank will reverse the charge.....will see what happens.

    Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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