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annoying debt collector.

They kept robocalling my personal cell phone until I blocked their number, and then used different numbers that appear to be local to me. Because of that I no longer answer calls on my personal phone unless I know the caller. For a few months they've been calling my work number also. They call it in the morning, and again in the evening after I've gone home for the day. Sometimes they call around lunchtime also. They never leave voice messages on either my work or personal numbers, and since I recognize the primary number that calls me I never answer it anymore. Once I called it back, and a man answered who knew my name and the amount claimed due before asking. After stating my name and the amount his next statement was, "How would you like to pay this debt?" I told him I wasn't, and I stated the reason why. He then hung up after I said I'd like for them to take me to court to argue the case.

I have told them on more than one occasion that I had come to an agreement in 2017 and paid an agreed upon debt amount to another collection service, Diversified Consultants, INC., to satisfy what DCI termed "paid in full." Because it wasn't the amount AT&T demanded, they now have Sunrise Credit Services harassing me even though it was more than I thought was a fair amount to settle the account closure. Sunrise demands the balance AT&T billed me for even though it was an incorrect amount because I closed the account four days into the monthly term, and AT&T demands the payment for the full month.

Sunrise has been a huge annoyance. I've told them multiple times that we can go to court to settle their wrongful claim, but they always hang up when I say I'd be more than happy to go to court with them to argue the case.

robo calls for someone else keep harassing

This f'n company keeps calling my house for some other company i've never heard of. The message says for me to call them to tell them they have the wrong number. Are you kidding me? After 40+ calls at all times of day and night I finally do and they say they will stop the calls since they have the wrong number. Guess what!!! I started getting their f'n robo calls again!!! I can't believe they are even able to harass people like this. Why do I have to call to tell them they have the wrong damn number? Even when I do they just keep calling! Wtf???


When I did an online search of their phone number, it is listed as a telemarketer. The called ID states "Montauk." None of their numbers match a company called Sunrise Credit Services in Farmingdale, NY. BEWARE of these phone calls, it is a SCAM. Do not even pick up the phone and waste your time with them. Do not sign for any certified mail unless you are aware of who is sending it to you. Certified mail is usually sent in legal cases like divorce, foreclosure, etc. If you have a legal issue, make sure the certified letter matches the legitimate offices you're dealing with. If you are unsure whether you have a valid debt, ALWAYS check your most recent credit report. Everything you need to know is listed there. If you stay up to date on your credit report, you will not fall prey to these con artists. We need to push Congress to pass an internet privacy law. They are non-existent as of now, and most people's information is readily available online. There's not only hackers to protect yourself from, but scammers who can find your age, address, phone numbers, family members, etc. with a few clicks of a keyboard.


They call once a week, one agent calls saying What's up, then tells me I told them I was going to send money when I never made any plans. He then continues to tell me I told them I was sending them money with my Visa, when I didn't even have a card at the time. I asked that they not call anymore and he tells me they can call me everyday if they wanted to because it's not against the law.This week an agent agrues with me telling me I'm stalling and I'm wanting his apathy, and continues to yell at me. I asked for his managers name and number, and when I called he answered acting like his manager, having total disreguard of my complaints, and hung up on me!

  • Dt
    dtaylor98 Jan 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They are a scam.

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Stay away

Like i just wrote i did not order this and have never received this so what needs to be done is you take this off of my name. as i can and will have a written despo from the post office to prove what i have stated please take care of this as i will lodge a complaint with the bbb and any other agency that i can as i am very disgusted with your type of business.

  • Sh
    shalee_mil Jan 29, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I recieved a letter today that I ordered some socks and angles I didn't and would appreciate it if they didn't write me again they had my address and everything said I owe them 49.87 I didn't recive that stuff and so I don't feel obligated to pay for it im not going to.i use to play at pch online but thought it was the real one but didn't order anything there I hope they take care of this credit place real soon people are getting ripped off all the time my attitude is that I have enough trouble with this stuff and now
    them Make Them Stop

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  • Ro
    Rothstein Oct 19, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    SUNRISEFSERVICES.COM excuse me for being off thread; as i cannot find this information. Sunrise financial services in san jose ca contacted me about a loan; phone number 888 466 1922. The interest rate was good and the terms were good. My question is are they legitimate or a scam.
    They even emailed me six pages of a loan form to print out sign and return to them; which looks quite legitimate.
    Any help on this matter. Srry for the intrusion.

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Collection Notice

I just received a letter saying that I owed $15.00 for a Cosmopolitan magazine subscription. I have no subscriptions, so I called the number on the letter. They told me that they would close my account (that I didn't know that I even had!) and that my credit would not be affected and I would not be getting any more letters. I asked if it had already hurt my credit and the woman said "No. Thanks you." and hung up. This HAS to be a scam--- so watch out!!!

  • At
    Attorney Harvey Rephen Apr 03, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi, I'm a consumer advocate in NYC, I have successfully settled severl cases with Sunrise Credit. Feel free to contact me for free advice or free representation.
    Attorney Harvey Rephen
    [email protected]

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I received a collection notice from this agency that i owe $15.96 for playboy subscription. I never subscribe...