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10:27 pm EDT
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Kudrat Partners & Co. financial instituition

This company does not respect the debtors, calling debtors in the middle of the night. Come to house and make a nuisance of themselves. They will say that they are lawyers but in actual fact they are just thugs. Anyone who has problems with them please go to AKPK. Instead of solving the issues they are making it more worse. Those idiots can shout like nobody business, calling offices and telling office colleagues that this person owes xxx amount of money to xxx bank. Very disrespectful bunch of thugs.

Desired outcome: I would like to make a police report for this harassment that has already cause my family a mental breakdown.

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9:34 pm EDT

Kudrat Partners & Co. Staff

Kudrat Partner has this one particular staff name NABILA. To all customers please be aware of her as she is rude, has no manners and curses most of the time whenever she speaks. please please be aware

Desired outcome: TRAIN HER PROPERLY!!!

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10:55 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Kudrat Partners & Co. Maybank credit card

This bunch of goonies continue to harass people by phone calls and sms. Their owners are a bunch of thug Indians and people who do their dirty jobs are mostly low minded humanbeing. Msia government is pathetic to allow these 'Ah Long' to keep operations even til year 2020 after numerous complaints and harassment done by this [censored]ards to the society. Below are some of the contact numbers they have used and names they used for their work while attached is the face of one of many low minded idiots who works for them, the registered vehicle was owned by the owner's dad MOHD ROSLI B MOHD IDRIS. Shame on almost all major banking institutions in Msia to hire such thugs to settle their own dirty works. It is a tiresome job to chase people for money but harassment and selling ANY clients personal data is a against the law and consider a crime too. Don't entertain these kudrat nonsense, go straight to the police, lodge a report especially when they harass you at home or workplace. DO NOT sign any document, call up the respective bank and email complaints to Bank Negara. Let us rakyat take care of each other and let these rot in hell. KUDRAT SCAM/HARASSING CONTACT NO: [protected] (NO NAME), [protected] (WAN ZAIDI), [protected] (NO NAME), [protected] (HAIQAL).

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10:44 pm EDT

Kudrat Partners & Co. they didn't give back my payslip that I request for!!!

I really dont understand why this stupid company taking me a long period of time to give a payslip. I worked with kudrat last year since jan 2018- may 2018. im recently lost my file with all the doc included with my payslip. I has been follow up the project manager for telco digi department name of mr. shahsi dharan by facebook messagar since 23 may 2019, I didnt receive any update for him. on 28 may 2019 I texted him back ask about any update from hr, he said they cant give because im no more longer worked with kudrat. I asked him why and valid reason for it, he said im not your maid do to whatever u said in a rude way. then I realize no point texted him and I request him a direct email for hr. I send a email to then request for my payslip almost 2 days I follow up them by email but I didn't receive my payslip or reply to my email. my question number one hr they should have a task to complete their email its that correct? I walk in to kudrat on 30 may 2019 they still very hard to give my payslip. the admin lady try to call the hr and said one of the ex stuff request for payslip. the hr name of ms. puvan said she dont have time for it, she too busy with her worked and she unable to give it today. I asked they I already follow up the project manager and I already send a email, they reply the manager name of mr shashi dharan didn't mention about it and she didn't receive my email. she said please drop your name, email, number, worked since when. she said ill call you once I finished it. I didnt receive any email or call since 03 jun 2019. I called them (+60 3-7809 5000) the admin passed the call to hr no one answer the called has been drop, ill call them again the admin pass the second call to the project manager still the called drop. ill send a email no reply. I called them again no one answer the call. is that the way this company will treat ex stuff its just a payslip that I request for but ill take a long period.

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1:41 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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Kudrat Partners & Co. - very rude guy!

I am MBB cardholder with a good track record last time. after i resigned, no income n being full time student, i have difficulties to pay the card and currently my card overdue RM2400.a guy named DEIV-INDIAN GUY called from KUDRAT PARTNERS &CO- Contact NO:[protected] and 03-[protected] call me several times n asked me to pay in a rude manner. He also called my...

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