Sunlife Financial Trust Incfraudulent lottery winnings

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Sunlife financial trust inc
International claim department head office
C/o cibc mellon trust company capital registars
P. o. box 7010 34 beckenham road
Adelaide street postal staion beckenham, kent
Ont, msc 2w9 united kingdom
Office hours: m-f 8am-9pm, sat: 8am-6pm br3 4tu

November 03, 2010

Notice of unclaimed winnings

Claim number: utf992255

This is to find out why you have not claimed the money which you won in the super seven contest
You are one of the second category winners of the money super seven contest held on the 3rd of march 2010
A ticket with serial no. 461209 posted in your name drew the lucky winning numbers. this entitles you to the lump sum sinning of $250, 000.00 to be sent to you once the taxes on it has been paid.
Enclosed is a check of $4885.00 which was deducted from your winnings the sole purpose of this check is for the payment of applicable government taxes on your winnings.
The tax amount is 2985.00 to be paid any western union in any convenient store. you will receive your tax information from your claim agent tom ford

Please do not attempt to use this check until you call. we urge you to keep this winning confidential until your claim has been processed and your cash remitted to you as this part of your security protocol to avoid double claiming or scrupulous acts by non participants taking advantage of this program. you are advised to contact the claim agent immediately for further clarification as indicated below within 10 days.

You are to contact him at [protected] as soon as you receive this letter.


Yours truly,

Thomas butler


  • Bl
    blackwido46 Nov 12, 2010

    I just received the same EXACT letter and check. Really Sucks!

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  • Bl
    blackwido46 Nov 12, 2010

    I called the company on the check and found that this is in fact a fraud. That company has no idea what or who this is. This is a horrible scam and I hope those that are doing this get caught. I'm sorry but I am a person living on disability due to severe injuries and the thought of even an extra $1000 would be a blessing. I'm busy paying medical bills, trying to survive and give my son a decent holiday season, this scam would've caused so much misery and unhappiness. DONT CASH THE CHECKS. They are NOT VALID!

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  • Md
    mdfree Nov 20, 2010

    I'm in Florida and I received the same letter dated November 19, 2010 with a check issued by HSB Services, Inc. 925 22nd St, S 108, Plano Texas 75074 and American National Bank of Texas 102 West Moore Terrell, Texas, 75160 with a check for the amount of $4, 885.00 - I have no clue why and where they picked my name for this but someone has too much time on their hands and a very sad life. I will not only post my complaint about this scam but I will take further measures to make sure this very sick game does not continue.

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  • Nc
    NC_Mom Nov 23, 2010

    Im from NC and have received the same check for the amt of $4885.00. I googled the information on the check to see if this was legimate or not and I found this complaint board. Im glad I did because I was on my way to cash the check. This is the perfect scam considering the economy and the hard times people are going through. This would have been a disaster had I not came across this complaint board. The person doing this need to be CAUGHT!

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  • Si
    Single Mom, IN Nov 30, 2010

    Still going strong now in Indiana. I just got the letter today with a check dated 11/19/2010. NO return address on the envelope, Sunlife Fin. Trust, Inc on the letter with the check drawn on HSB Services, Inc. in Plano, TX.

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  • Ka
    Kalmar5 Dec 01, 2010

    I am from Atlanta, Ga and just recieved the exatct same thing. how sick is that? well, I will not let it go and I will give it to the police to do some investigation on it.
    one question though; what could have happened if I cashed the check??? I am not sure! but all the name of the companies used are real( I called the 2 financialo groups listed and both the names and addresses are true) this is a very bad fraud!!!

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  • Bo
    bobkr Dec 02, 2010

    Received the letter and check today, 12/2, in Illinois. Text of letter exactly as posted above. Did anyone actually call the number in the letter? Curious as to what they are after?...

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  • Iw
    iwillthroatcomplnonniemouse Dec 02, 2010

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  • Eh
    ehayes Dec 07, 2010

    It's a scam - go to for details. Basically, you call the number on the letter, a second letter with wire instructions is generated, you deposit the check, your bank credits your account, you wire the funds according to the instructions. A few days later, you learn that the check is fraudulent - but you've already sent the $2, 985.00 via Western Union...which you cannot recover. But you ARE liable to the bank for the overdraft (unless you had enough money in the bank to cover it). You should report this to the Postmaster General, your state's Attorney General and the Dept of Consumer Affairs.

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  • Te
    Terilynne Knight Dec 09, 2010

    I recived my letter on 12/6/10 got excited but then looked again, Georgia was spelled wrong. My first clue. Second clue, CIBC is the bank I deal with. They wouldn't do this. Which country is this lottery actually out of. decided to check all the names from the computer, and low & behold the same letter appered in front of me. What a shame. My husband & I can't afford to move back to Canada right now, it would have helped. Like they say, if it looks to good to be true...
    PS My Tom Ford sounded East Indian. Not American.

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  • Ma
    mamalovesjesus Feb 23, 2011

    ~ Yep- I received the same exact letter. My agent's name was Tom George, yeah, didn't sound like an East Indian name to me. He wanted me to deposit the check today. Thank God our bank was already closed. We would have been scammed if it were not for this forum. I will contact the State Attorney General and the Dept. Of Consumer Affairs. My question is this : With so many reported scams just on this site alone, WHY are these rip-off artists still scamming innocent people??? What needs to be done to catch these crooks??? I will do what ever I can, to make them accountable. How about you? THESE JERKS MUST BE CAUGHT!

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  • So
    soNOTright Mar 03, 2011

    Who do you report this to? I went to for details. Didn't see anything?. Someone else suggested the post office. What could they do? Seriously, WHO do you report this to, that could really do something about it?

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  • Su
    sunnyinflorida Mar 12, 2011

    We received a letter today 03/12/2011. Not only do they get the 2985.00, but they will get a copy of the check presented to their bank. On the back of the fraudulent check are your routing and account numbers. I worked as a bookkeeper in a bank for years. I have seen this scam presented many times. Always, protect your bank account. Each time you make a deposit with a check from anyone, ask to see the back of the check. You will find all of your information. Very sad. People should put that kind of effort into doing good!

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  • Lo
    Louisville, KY Mar 17, 2011

    Louisville, KY
    I recieved the same letter on March 16, 2011 with a Canadian stamp, no postmark though. It really does look official. So sad that people are this good at scamming others. Maybe we should call our local news to get the word out to communities.

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  • Mr
    MRuiz Mar 18, 2011

    Yes we to received the same letter and out of curiosity I called the number. Well the lady answered and she ask me to call back. I did a short time later and was advised to go to any check cashing place and cash ASAP and call back for futher instruction. I informed her that I had did research and was told it was not true. When I told her I was going to call the bank she instead I call Chase because they were a Legal outfit. Called the bank and yes it is a FRUAD!!! I have since sent it over to our Local JP Judge office.

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  • Sh
    Shirley Bouchard Mar 19, 2011

    march 19 2011 Yes I just got my check today for the sum of $3, 885.00. On the front of the enevolpe are the words Fraud-prevent It!110316 02:40 Thought that was funny. So yes I'm going to prvent it not cashing the check and will report it to anyone and everybody I can. These people will get caught if not today, maybe tomorrow but THEY WILL GET CAUGHT!!!

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  • Cl
    clmc Mar 20, 2011

    Yes, just received the letter and check in the amount of $3885.00 drawn on JP Morgan Chase signed by Chris Egglet, Senior VIce President JPMorgan, Columbus, OH. I knew it had to be a scam, because it sounded to true to be real. Please try to find these ### and put a stop to this ... I work for the IRS and know to be aware of this type of scam. Will turn all the information over to my state attorney office right away.

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  • Ve
    VERY SAD IN TEXAS Mar 21, 2011

    I received the letter and a check. I have a bank account at chase and took the check and letter to my banker. He looked up the number on the check and said it could not be found so the check was a fraud. He took a copy of the letter and the check and is sending it into his headquarters to be investigated. I hope these people will get caught. Victoria Jeff is the claim Agent I talked to on Saturday several times. She insisted that the check was good and to go cash it somewhere else. THEY NEED TO BE CAUGHT!!!

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  • Se
    seattlesadist Mar 23, 2011

    I received the same letter, same verbiage, just yesterday. The REAL Sunlife Financial is actively pursuing this fraudulent use of their name, I am going to notify them and send them copies of the letter & check. More information here:

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  • Jo
    jonesofmaine Mar 24, 2011

    jeepers, I only got a fake $3885. Everybody else got so much more fake money... recession hits scams?

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  • Lo
    lonnie A Mar 28, 2011

    We got one today march 28, 2011 and they have changed banks now they are using bank of america. I just wanted to get this out there incase someone else gets one.

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  • Mh
    MHB Mar 29, 2011

    Well, they struck again, although, they are going down in the check amounts. Mine is only for $2885. They absolutely need to be caught and I am going to take it to my bank too and see what they can do as well as see if there is a "fraud" with the FBI or police to see if they can't figure out something. If anyone has more ideas and/or finds anything out, please share!

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  • Sn
    SN Virginia Mar 29, 2011

    It seems that the scam will not be ending soon. I received an exact same fraud letter and a check today. The check was issued from TD Bank with an amount of $2885. Apparently, this scam has been going on for several months now. How could we work together to get the scam artist caught? Or are there any official channels that we could report to? SN from Virginia

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  • Rv
    R Vivian Apr 01, 2011

    Yep == Got my letter and check today. Thank goodness for this website to confirm the old saying "if it sounds too good to be true it probably is!" Bummer tho -
    From slowrv1

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  • Ma
    Marla Aiello Apr 01, 2011

    Yes, I also recieved the same letter today April 1st, 2011 and I know now it is a scam. I called the bank who's name was on the check and they told me it was a fraudulent check . Then I called the guy back who told me to deposit the check and told him he was a fraud... the idiot, whose name was Tom George and talked like he was from the orient tried to tell me it was legit.. I might have been born at night, but not last night.. People BEWARE!!! OF THE SCAMMMERS THEY PREY ON INNOCENT PEOPLE.

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  • Sa
    Sad in Arizona Apr 03, 2011

    I also received this letter and check April 2, 2011. being unemployed for some time I wanted so bad for it to be real the "SUPER SEVEN CONTEST" could have such an answer to prayers for financial releaf. How dare these people prey on the trusting souls of the American Public. Bank of America and the other institutions should want to find and prosecute these people everyone who has this letter should be ready to help. by the way good tip on the mispelled "Georgia" I noticed that 'San Antonia, Texas' is where my Bank of America is located. Why can't these crooks put all that time and effort toward something good instead of evil in the world. Sad in Arizona

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  • De
    Debcar144 Apr 14, 2011

    I rec. the same letter yesterday drawn on U S Bank.. Called the bank and yes it is a big fat scam!! I hope these jerks get caught and go down!!!

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  • As
    ashdog Apr 20, 2011

    I recived the same check turn it over to bank most of you can help tell them you deposit it find the account no. they want you to send the money turn it over to FBI better to track them!

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  • Fl
    flinerr3235 Apr 24, 2011

    Well the tail just keeps getting better. I received a letter and a check for 3, 980.00. The bank checks out, the issuer checks out, Sun life financial checks out, but after reading all of these posts, I know the check will not be real. There is one thing these people do not understand and that is we might not ever find out who they are, no one might not see what they’re doing, but God always see’s everything. They will suffer at some point for trying to steal from people who just don’t have the money to give and are looking for hope wherever they kind find it!! BAD BAD BAD AND SHAME ON YOU THIEVES!!

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  • Sf
    sfig May 01, 2011

    I also got the same $3885.00 check I knew it was a scam right off the bat. My Mom got one last year and we took a copy to the Bank and to the police they said there was nothing the could do unless we had lost money from it. and no bank would cash it.

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  • Mu
    mudpots Jun 07, 2011

    My son, a college student, received this a couple of days ago. He was all excited and showed it to me. Having worked in business for over 40 years, I could tell just from the way it was formatted, it was not a real letter. I told him it was a phoney and to confirm this, I found this website with all the comments. He was a little disappointed. This is such a crummy thing to do to people during this rough economic time.

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  • Fl
    FL Resident Jul 23, 2011

    I'm in Florida and I received the same letter dated July 22, 2011 with a check issued by Wachovia Bank NA, 1021 East Cary Street Richmond, VA 23219 with a check for the amount of $3, 885.00 - I have no clue why and where they picked my name for this but someone has too much time on their hands and a very sad life. I will not only post my complaint about this scam but I will take further measures to make sure this very sick game does not continue. I call the Agent TOM GEORGE and ask some questions he ansver in some funy English and he said I ask too much and hang up.
    The Ph number 1-647 - 831 - 5606 is a cellular number in Toronto - Canada. THESE JERKS MUST BE CAUGHT...

    Florida Resident

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  • Cd
    cdonn Aug 15, 2011

    Just received a letter that I won 50, 000.00. I new that it was a scam. i do hope people check the internet first. that what I did. Thank you

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  • Mo
    motown571 Aug 19, 2011

    We just got our letter today 8/19/11 in Ark. We will be contacting our states attorneys office fist thing Monday morning.

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  • Ca
    Cattyone Aug 24, 2011

    I just received the letter the other day and at first glance it looked legit, until I let my better senses kick in.
    First of all, why would they worry about the taxes, that would be my responsibility to make the payment for
    taxes due on any winnings. As I continued to examine the check and the envelope, there was no return address
    or post office stamp. It was mailed with a canadian stamp. It is so sad that people are taking this kind of time
    to commit fraudrulent acts like this. I really could have used a winfall like that, at this trying time being
    unemployed and all. SHAME ON THEM! To all my other bloggers, BE VERY CAREFUL!!!

    Stay Blessed! Catty1

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  • Mi
    Michelle Rose Marcus Aug 24, 2011

    I received a similar letter and my check was for $3, 585.00! It has a Canadian postmark so I believe this makes is a Federal case for fraud. I will contact the website that is recommended in one of the comments. This is so dangerous because the check looks so real, and seniors might fall for this scam! I hope the FBI can track this down.

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  • Ma
    Mary21Ann Nov 01, 2011

    I just received a check for $3885.00 dated 28-Oct-2011. Yea, right! First thing I did was google Sunlife Financial Trust, Inc. and found this site. Mine is signed by Thomas Ruther and has the exact same ticket serial# as the letter posted on this site. It appears someone told these scammers that 'Tom" was an important sounding name, lol! This one is for Bank of America. So...what can we do to catch them? Call Dateline?
    Mary Ann

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  • Ka
    Kandy Ford Dec 05, 2011

    I just got the same letter today, 12/03/ first thought was, my word wouldn't this be a blessing, but like all that have posted here, I knew it was most likely a fraud! I of course I looked up Eastern Alloys inc. & seemed to be legit, so then I looked up SUNLIFE FINANCIAL TRUST INC. also looked promising, thought I would call on this on Monday, but after investigating this further, clicked on this link, & I must say I was upset that it was a fraud! This is outrageous that these people can do this!!! I am reporting this to the Attorney General/ State Consumer's Protection & Public Health Office, in Dallas, Texas the # is 1-214-969-7639 & The Federal Trade Commission 1- 877-382-4357, there web site is tomorrow & the police here in my town, at least they will make a report on this, & it will be on public record...out side of this, there is nothing more we as citizen's can do, but be sure you make as many people aware of this as possible, these sick, ### of the earth will fool a lot of people!!! This is so sad & they will get caught at some point, my prayer is that it's before they hurt innocent people.

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  • Jo
    Johnny Wasrich Feb 14, 2012

    Wow, it was fun being rich for 10 minutes.
    Thanks for bursting my bubble!
    FBI...Why is it so hard to catch these Bums?
    Since all the contacts are cellular phones...can't you utilize GPS and swoop down on these ###?
    They're gonna get rich enough to disappear to some Caribbean Island soon...C'mon, we have enough leads...let's get these ###!!!

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  • Fi
    fireman452 May 14, 2012

    Same thing came in to me Sunlife Financial Trust Inc -- 250, 000 check for 3885.00 - my taxes are 1885 so the check is 2000 bucks in my pocket - HA HA - SURE it is - when things seem too good to be true - they usually are - and this is one more example of someone that has somehow gotten ahold of a mailing list to see how many of those fools PT Barnum talked about are still out there.

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