Sunglass Hut Internationalcustomer service representative was rude and did not returned my refund on my purchase

S Nov 09, 2019

I purchased Rayban(RB3647N) sunglasses priced 285 AUD from Sunglass hut (Australia, Melbourne -highpoint store B7491 on 9/11/19.After my purchase I saw the same brand sunglasses in the next store with 30% off (199 AUD).
I immediately approached the Sunglass hut store and informed the staff about the offer but as they need confirmation I have to go back to the other store which was under offer and asked the respective console operator to call back and let Sunglass hut shop know about this offer. Finally Sunglass hut agreed to pay back the 85 AUD to my card following the price of other store, which is good .As I was not carrying the card with me one representative assured me that I will paid if I get my card the next day .She also mentioned that I can be paid any sun glass hut store near to my suburb.

But after some time one more staff member argued with me very rudely and illogically saying that I will be only paid on the same day but not the next day .She said that if the offer changes the next day in the other store they would not be able to pay . This looked very illogically as I have already purchased the glasses on the same day and I will not be purchasing it on the next day.
Technically I purchased the glasses on 9/11/19 in Sunglass hut and the 30% offer in the other store was on 9/11/19, same day.
I donot understand why I m not eligible to be paid the refund other day .The only thing I dnt have with me was my bank debit card for refund but that does not mean I will be purchasing the glasses on the next day. I tried explaining this to her but she is very rude that she do not want to listen to me .The time of our discussion was around 4:00 pm and shop closes by 5:09 pm and I am living 60 km way from the store .How am I travelling to and fro to reach the store again with my bank card? I explained this too .. but she did not care for it.

I was so surprised to see the behaviour of the customer representative ; she is very reluctant n rude in talking and attending the customer .
I was so disappointment and left the store as I was not treated well and the explanation was very illogical.
First Lady who took my payment online without card know about the purchase process I did but still said I can be paid back the rest of the amount next day as the purchase was already done .But the other lady did not do the same ; instead she overruled her with her illogical discussion.
This is so shame on store and it's management.

I have been to many Sunglass hut stores internationally but I was treated so well and they understand customer concerns but this is a very annoying n disappointing experience. It is not always about the money but it is about how you treat your customer.In this case I can say Sunglass hut store failed to understand the situation and attending the customer.
What they agree to do was not done and they treated the customer with out any respect .

Well, I am a regular customer to Sunglass store but I lost faith n opinion on it .

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