Sun Communitiesdisability discrimination and harassment and stringing me along with a false claim of buying my home till it was theirs free!


The harassment started the first weeks sandy took over Country Hills Village. Later I went to the office to apply to bring my tractor in to remove snow for my disability. Sandy's response to me asking was, and I quote "you don't look disabled to me", and upon handing me the papers to file with my doctor She stated, and again I quote "well, I don't think you'll be approved"! I was highly offended by these remarks, which were totally illegal in it self. But that was just the START of her attack on me. On that date I started keeping a dairy of these contacts with sandy.
Here are just some highlights...
In the spring she first said I had 24 hours to remove the tractor or it would be towed. no prior warning. Then she tagged it the next day.
I was cleaning out the garage, and pulled out stuff to move out. she promptly had maintenance come and tag a small motorcycle trailer I just brought out, tagged my truck which was properly parked in the overflow parking at the clubhouse, the only car tagged in overflow parking, tagged my son's car parked on the street for less than an hour, while the car across the street that parked there regularly overnight did not get tagged, tagged the trailer I was in the processes of loading, and more. one day five tags where no other cars were tagged.
I told her I was going to take the load up north and get the tractor the next day. pulled in after 1:00am, so being nice to the neighbors, parked the trailer to get the tractor in the morning. woke up to the tow truck taking it away. talked to sandy who said "sorry, their must have been a misunderstanding, but left me to pay the bill, which put me behind in lot rent payment.
I put the tractor in the storage area in the back on my trailer, the trailer had an approved tag issued by the park and was paying storage fees for it. Country Hills Village changed the policy on the storage area where items could not be in the storage area on trailers. I talked to sandy about being a disability item, but she stated that she had to be fair and equal in their policy. We tried to workout a time to remove it, but at that time I still could no longer drive, and could only make it to the mailbox twice all winter.
Sandy then tagged the trailer and tractor, and then had it towed away without ANY notification at all she had tagged or towed it. (trailer towed even though it was approved) I went in to the office about 3 weeks later and mentioned the tractor about something and that's when she notified me that it had been towed (now fees over $1000 for towing and storage). They did cover the costs to get the trailer back, but with a letter not to bring it back into the community, and she said not even parked in my garage!

I was working on cleaning up my camper to sell to pay lot rent. she tagged my trailer, and said I had to move it by friday, a day before it was to be towed. At this time Sandy told me that I could not bring any more trailers or vehicles to the house, or it would be TOWED WITHOUT WARNING. And that the neighbor complained and said if he can have a camper there so can I. His camper sat there a day longer than mine, yet his didn't get tagged. I have a series of photos of campers and trailers, and motor homes, that have been parked in their drives or yards for weeks, yet no tags on them from sandy. One series of pictures shows the house right beside the clubhouse who was, and still is permitted to keep his utility trailer right in their back yard, clearly in view from the clubhouse where the office is located, yet my disability means nothing when keeping my small tractor in the back storage area out of sight.

This now prevented me from moving out, which prevented me from income also. but this didn't stop her from the continued harassment and tagging.
I now couldn't pay rent, and was taken to court for eviction, and demand for property. I had to ask Sandy if I could bring in a truck and trailer to move out without it being towed. At that time I said I was going to call other "buy today" mobile home buyers to look at the home. With a smirk she said they have first right to refusal to buy it. I informed her she did not, because I didn't sign the new lease. she again stated sun would five the better price.
all through the process she strung me along saying they'd buy my home, until she asked me to sign over the title, which said I would, after talking to the Michigan department of civil rights to see if I should do that. she then withdrew the offer to buy my house saying well, if that's the way you want to do it then I'll just write it as an abandon home and get the title anyway and withdrew her offer to buy, punishing me for going to the Mi civil rights department.

This complaint I make I have fully documented from the time she first violated my civil rights as a disabled person, to the end result of stealing my home leaving me homeless living out of my truck (documented) and having to move in to a camper I was using for storage that's by definition, uninhabitable.
Sandy also twice denied Salvation Army from paying my lot rent for me, and questioned my ex about why she was helping pay rent.

As far as the stress, anxiety, and mental hardship I went through from going through this process... while trying to get help from one agency, I was transferred over to 911 to which the police showed up at my door, and spent six long hours in Holland Hospital for psychiatric observation. Also in ER for pain/stress associated with my condition and stress I was in from Sandy, and Sun Communities.

Again, I have filed with the ACLU and Michigan Department of Civil Rights.

So now I ask you, the residents of Sun Communities, to file your complaints here also, not to strengthen my case, mine is solid documented facts, but to take a stand against the wrongs and harassment they have done to you!! Together we can make a change, and with the major Civil Rights violations she and Sun Communities have done to me, it's time your complaints will be looked at even closer... Maybe NOW IS the time to file a class action suit against Sun Communities that continue with many of you.
If we all speak up now, maybe even congress will step up an effort to restrict Sun and other mobile home communities from the horrific acts they get away with now, and maybe a well needed cap on the absurd lot rent hikes every year.

You may contact me directly at [protected] with your complaints, and I will pass it along to Mi Dept of Civil Rights in my complaint, or if you are a lawyer willing to take on a class action suit against Sun Communities.

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