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RHP PropertiesSnow/ICE Removal For Safety

This specific incident (there's much more) I'm writing a complaint because it is a safety issue. Monday Feb 15th 2021, Obviously it was very bad weather. 4-5 inches of snow and tons of ice. So It wasn't a surprise that I would have to leave home early to get to work on time. Monday, myself and 4 other residents (that I could see) got stuck in the deep ice and snow. I was stuck for almost an hour until finally maintenance showed up and offered to help! Which was great, although I sat in my car calling the office to get an estimate on when snow removal trucks would be by to possibly clear some of the ice/snow. No answer (I never get through to them) I left a voicemail. I did not get a call back. So Tuesday comes around, got stuck AGAIN. Had to call a family member to come pull me out. Wednesday, I come home to super icy roads (inside the community) barely made it to my drive way when I notice only MY mobile home has big boulders of ice/snow packed into my drive way. all areas to get out are blocked off with tape/traffic cones. It is now Friday February 19th, 2021 and I Once AGAIN got stuck! They have done NO TYPE of snow removal/ice melt NOTHINNG at this community. I have since, reached out to corporate to get this issue resolved. I'm not sure why it hasn't been handled. Had to google and calla bunch of different numbers. Apparently NOONE likes to give out higher up information!!! It's okay, I found it on my own :)

All of the main roads and highways are completely cleared. It is not safe what so ever. Everyone slides through the whole mobile home park. I can't even park in my drive way at this point and I'm not "allowed" to park on the grass so what is that I'm suppose to do ? No-one in the office seems to care because they don't live here. Also they have the worst communication and customer service I've dealt with in my entire life. I've only lived here a little over a year and I'm ready to leave this place! So much more has happened during my stay.

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    RHP PropertiesRenting from them

    They keep raising the rent while we no longer have security. People speed through the street, bump thier music so loud that it shakes my walls. People drive through the my yard to avoid a speed bump knowing my children are playing there. Called the office numerous times but they tell me nothing can be done because i don't have no proof. When asking how to get out of my lease he laughs at me and says there is nothing i can do because i signed a 4 yr lease that i have to stay here

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      Dec 01, 2020

      RHP Properties — Property priority maintenance

      I have lived here for the past 7 to 8 years I have worked for this company at this properties how's a...

      RHP PropertiesFraud water

      These guys are criminals the manager is horrible secretary is well they charged me $341 for my water bill two months in a row and said the meter reading was such and such I went out and read my meter and they was way off way off I baited him call it the office not knowing anything and they tried everything in their power to convince me that's what the water will is it may be better water leak maybe this maybe that he said I needed to move out I was being evicted don't ever move to this trailer park there this is the worst experience I've ever had a 56 years old and never have I had a problem where I lived at I've never had a problem paying rent I could not give these guys enough money is always short this or short that every month they had me in eviction court and I overpaid them and then they said they could accept a partial payment and blah blah blah I was just harassment

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        RHP PropertiesPoor service

        Three months ago John B. a resident gave Mandy his title for the title turn in program because he bought my home. Mandy told him since he was a long term resident that he didn't need to do anything she will take care of it. I got a call from John today from Patricia, firmly disrespecting me stating that I know what he needed to do? I told her I did not know what Mandy told him until yesterday. The office is trying to get John to change his rent check location and wanting me to pay the rent when I sent on the 13th and email to have them move me out and help John. I do not wish to talk to anyone but Pete at this point! I left a message and text this issue to have John helped!

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          RHP PropertiesElectricity

          Once again the electrical power in the East Hampton Village went out last night (8/11/2020). This is my second complaint. The rent increases every year, yet electrical problems persist. You are providing me and other residents ineffective electrical power. Why am I paying you rent if you can not provide electrical services. Fixit
          Robert Pace

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            RHP PropertiesElectrical power outages

            East Hampton Village has been plagued with power outages. I have lived here since 2016 and power outages have occurred. Last 2 months the power goes out almost daily and sometimes last for 3 days. I have address this with Ms. K. Lombard and local manager, responding problem is being worked on. Why is the problem ongoing and not resolved.
            R. Pace

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              RHP PropertiesOne of their properties that is no longer an age restricted community.

              You'll find many variations of age-restricted communities such as 55+, 62+, and 65+. The U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) and the Housing for Older Persons Act, which says that housing must include at least one person who is 55 or older in at least 80 percent of the occupied units, regulates these communities. This means one spouse can be under the required age. Also, those under 19 cannot be permanent residents. These communities are usually noted as "age-qualified in their marketing brochures. Then there are those communities that are marketed to a certain age group — "age-targeted" — but are not age-restrictive. This means that younger couples with kids are permitted to live there. And for many seniors, that's just fine.

              There are now about 10 children living here that are under 19 years of age. RHP advertises age restricted.

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                Jun 04, 2020

                RHP Properties — Homeowner, "we would like rent reduced per. nrs 118b" for all of us.

                Three Crowns Mobile Home Park Residents Page. It's on facebook. Complaints all get the same answer, now...

                Mar 25, 2020

                RHP Properties — Harassed after one of their workers backed into my car

                A situation happened where one of your workers hit a vehicle that was parked outside of the driveway of my...

                RHP PropertiesThey advertise homes for rent

                I live in Utah and answered an ad for Evergreen Village in Pleasant View Utah, so I called and made an appointment and when I got there they said, no we only sell homes here. I said well, it says on your website sale or rent and even shows the difference in pricing. Sabrina in the office said that must be one of our other properties, slapped an application in front of me expecting me to purchase! Very rude, dishonest, unprofessional, lack of integrity, and overall misrepresentation by their own advertising! This should be illegal and probably is if someone would just call them out on it! The park was pretty dumpy, but I figured I would lease for a year while I finish my degree at Weber State and move on! I can't imagine buying one of those boxes where I have to pay a lot rent for the rest of my life or until I can dump the box on some other unexpected fool!

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                  Jan 21, 2020

                  RHP Properties — Unethical behavior, misuse of information, lack of communication

                  When I first went into Woodland Estates I was excited. I had looked at the reviews online for the property...

                  Nov 05, 2019

                  RHP Properties — Unfair practices to employees and residents

                  There was an issue at hand that involved a manager and assistant manager and unethical behavior we reported...

                  Sep 26, 2019

                  RHP Properties — No communication and refund issues

                  I was going to purchase a home from this company and had to back out because of circumstances. I did this on...

                  Sep 25, 2019

                  RHP Properties — The increase of lot rent is more than it's ever been and I want to know why.

                  I have lived in Sherman Oaks Park in Jackson, Michigan for over 22 years. I was paying around $200 month. The...

                  Sep 22, 2019

                  RHP Properties — Non-response

                  I reside in a community in Michigan that is owned. I have never had no problems, no write ups, never late on...

                  Aug 30, 2019

                  RHP Properties — Harmony village management is arrogant, liars and thieves

                  Provide zero maintenance, Park is now the ghetto of Fort Collins, I own my home . The lost my rent check 2...

                  RHP PropertiesBuying a mobile home

                  It all started with a typo.

                  I have no qualms with the property management here. They've always been kindly. That being said, the hell I went through just to move in goes far beyond unacceptable. It was disgusting.

                  At first, it was a simple typo mixing up the year of the unit. It happens to everyone, and should be a quick fix. Only it was not. I spent months- I repeat MONTHS, waiting to close on my home. This battle started all the way back in February when the unit was "completed." At the rate it took, I could have had a house built.

                  No one communicates. You would think that an error would warrant some kind of phonecall, email, or letter. Yet the only way I found out something was wrong, was when I called them to ask what the latest hold up was- because there were many. Between the mortgage company and Bayshore, it was like pulling teeth. While they were busy pointing fingers at one another, NOTHING was done in a reasonable amount of time.

                  Again let me say that the community managers are not the focus of my ire at this point. They did everything they could to keep things moving, but they were literally the middlemen. They had no control the fact that these companies took their sweet time with everything- even they weren't contacted about the errors.

                  If I call to light a fire and get them to do their jobs, they throw it right back at Lantana Cascade because they're children unwilling to take responsibility in their share of the mistakes. More finger pointing. More unprofessional and juvenile behavior.

                  When there was an issue with the homeowners insurance on account of the typo. It takes over a MONTH for 21st century (the mortgage company) to tell me, and the only reason they did was because I actually called. I've sent them copies of the paperwork three times, but apparently it was up to Bayshore, or RHP, or whomever to contact me so I could amend the issue- which no one ever did. It took me an hour to correct. It took them over a week to send the corrected information and fund the loan.

                  AFTER MONTHS of dealing with the fingerpointing, and the losing documents, and the phone calls, and my being on their [censored], I finally get to give the down payment and receive a closing date. That was on June 26th.

                  I take off work, and I'm ready to go.

                  Only I don't go.

                  Closing date is pushed back to the weekend after the 4th of July- because according to the emails received, someone will be there to file all the paperwork and release the closing documents on the 5fth. That was very obviously a lie. I don't sign the closing documents until the 8th.

                  You would think that would be the end of the delays and incompetence, but no. I will not be moving into MY home which I now own.

                  Because of their "the closing will definitely be this weekend" I moved out of my old home and was staying in a hotel. What should have been a weekend stay turned into over 2 weeks (19). They didn't give me the keys to my home until the 17th.

                  Apparently, everything that could go wrong did go wrong on account of even more incompetence and negligence that we only then realized after we started moving in. The AC isn't working. Neither are the oven, or dishwasher. Why? Because NO ONE knows how to do their job, or they half-assed it with the hopes of nothing happening. I'm not even in for a day, and the plumbing is overflowing into the unit. All because someone decided to skip a step and not flush the pipes before we moved in. Dirt and foliage clogged everything. Now, I have some water damage.

                  The solution: uncap the cover so the grey and black water can be dumped out the side of the home while we wait for a qualified plumber to fix an error that shouldn't have even passed inspection.

                  Contaminants got into the AC, so we had to have another technician come and fix that, too.

                  I had to break the lock keeping the oven in place just to plug it in, because the crew building the unit forgot all about that.

                  The dishwasher? Same thing. Two technicians were sent to troubleshoot, only to realize that the installers never turned the darn switch connecting it to the pipes.

                  The lights for the exterior were never even installed! I'm going to have to do that because the builders couldn't be bothered. Same goes for the pendulum lights in the kitchen.

                  After all this of this nonsense, you would think that they'd at least reimburse me for the extended stay at the hotel? They were the ones that kept saying "this weekend." But no, "it's not their fault." Half the delays weren't, but those delays happened while I was still at my old home where I could extend my stay for half the cost of what I spent in the hotel.

                  All the ones after where I was told that the closing date was one weekend only to be pushed further back, was very definitely theirs and the mortgage company's faults.

                  Someone needs to pay me back for all of this, because the hotel stay alone near wiped me out. That doesn't include the cost of having to buy food every day, the extra month of storage rent, and the lost work hours because I foolishly believed them each time they said "next weekend."

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                    RHP Propertiescamp inn frostproof florida

                    we have lived in this park 8 years and woned 3 didfferent places .and the flooding happened .to everyone of them.we complain but it does no good .we loose our stuff from the flooding .but they dont live in park .so it doesnt matter to them.i have 4 drains in front of my home and tell them to clean them but they never do.cars wash more water on our yard from going to fast down the road.i am 64 disabled, my husband is disabled vet .dimencha. i had kydney failure .they didnt care about us .she had the nerve to call me at hospital .to tell me my grass better be cut this week .than while in hospital the maneger and assistance. went in my home to still my dog, and take to shelter.im not dead my husband still coming back and forth.my friend stopped them from taking my dog.i sent ictures of the flooding in my ome and out .but se told me to quit sending pictures of my home, corprate i have wrote to mr ross the owner but it doesnt do any good .we the people take care ofthis park, we collect cans, have dances, potlucks, kareoke, games just to buy a new stove or dishwasher for the reck hall . or to take care of shuffleboard.horseshoes.patonk.basketball.pickle ball and tennis.we pay to live here and the park is taken care by we the people.volunteers. it takes volunteers to keep up activities and dinners, games all of it .thank you carrie stine lot 218 frostproof florida linda jackson maneger RHP PROPERTIES

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                      Aug 07, 2019

                      RHP Properties — glen knoll mhp

                      the manger since she came her boss says the police fire or mendical people cant come on glen knoll with out...

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