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management and maintenance

I live at 2001 Millvale Ct I have two babies 8 months and 1 year old we have no water and they are not taking...

poor maintenance management by office.

On September 8th I submitted a maintenance request for my clogged bathroom sink which has been that way for 3...

public safety issue

There is a maple tree at the rear of 5707 biscayne, cincinnati 45248, that cmha owns that is dead and is dropping large limbs. There are children that play in the yard, and it is 12 feet from my privacy fence and 6 feet from the neighbor on the other side. It's not a question of if it falls, but when it falls. My fence has been damaged and I had to repair it at my expense because I had no response from cmha.

public safety issue
public safety issue
public safety issue
public safety issue

  • Updated by tmredfury · Aug 07, 2018

    This is in Cincinnati at 5707 Biscayne 45248 OH.

stanley rowe townhomes

The management office at Stanley Rowe operates ineffectively for residents. Especially working residents. I went in today on my lunch because it is really the only time I can come in due to my work hours. I told them I would be in monday morning to pay my rent but was running too late for work, so I went back down on my lunch. Now mind you, my lunch is only 30 mins and each time I go into the rent office, it takes a lot longer than that. So I risk my job to come in to pay rent. I was already in eviction court due to the management poor communication and my money order being lost. Absolutely no notes were put into my account, even tho Ive called over 20 times since November and come in once a week. (I have to do this for even a possibility to talk to the rental manager) that usually results in me speaking with only Brenda. Brenda has poor communication skills, shes rude, and does not seem to know at all what she is doing but yet she is always the only one there so most of my messages are left with her. If I speak with the other office worker, Kathy, everything gets tooken care of but I dont get the oppurtunity to talk with her. I am trying to get with someone for upper management about the way residents are being treated as this is a low income housing project meant to help those in need but instead we get treated like less than human with it being reported that the office is open from 8-4:30 but they actually close whenever they want and just rudely ignore you as you knocking on the door. I work everyday and feel ever since I started working, i have been getting picked on by cmha stanley rowe, harrased but nobody is ever avaible in that office to resolve. People can lose their job trying to pay rent and that is ridiculous. Please can someone call me at [protected]. I do not have the privelage of going in, back and forth at whatever time is convenient to the office. I am trying to stay a working resident. I will try to return at lunch tommorow to pay my rent.
La'Vada Bell

  • Va
    Valisa Mann Apr 18, 2019

    I agree with La' Vada Bell regarding poor management communication skills. I am a new resident to the housing project and I work in Mason, Oh, 45 minutes away full-time, making it very difficult to handle my business with Stanley Rowe housing projects as NO ONE IS AVAILABLE. My main issue is getting in contact with someone; whether it's getting information or discussing rent. NO ONE ANSWERS THE PHONE OR OFFICE DOOR. AT ALL! And when they're inside the office, the employees hide from the residents just to not handle the issue as I've personally witnessed the one time I been in the office . Actually, during that time I inquired on what is the deal with the office handling the residents in that manner and I was informed that they are short-staffed. I am currently having trouble paying my rent because of HUGE COMMUNICATION BARRIERS FROM STANLEY ROWE...I NEED TO BE CONTACTED ASAP SO I CAN BE THE RESIDENT THAT CMHA ATTEMPTS TO CREATE BY HELPING PEOPLE LIKE ME WITH LOW-INCOME. PLEASE CALL 513-804-2775.

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Hello im a current voucher holder and have been on section 8 awhile now. On aug 22nd i called in a complaint because me and my children had no hot water and my hot water tank busted and basement was flooded and i also had a big rat in my basement... The inspector showed up on aug 22 he really didnt care whats was going on. So he looked and seen everything that need to be fix he wrote it up but didn't put in that we had no hot water. Some me and my children have been here for 6weeks with all these issues and no help from cmha at all. But come to find out that the lanlord and inspector are friends. That's why he did care and that's why me and my kids have been with out water for 6weeks... Because. If he would of wrote it up than the lanlord would of had to fix the issues within 24hrs. This system is so wrong the ones who are supposed to held us are against use. Sad but true. But the fact that me and my 5 children ages 15, 9, 5, 3&1 have been without hot water and a messed up hot water tank is a problem... Im going to file as many complaints as i can on the cincinnati section 8 program. Someone needs to be fired this is not fair.

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I am a landlord who has rented to a past tenant, and a current tenant who received a rent subsidy from the Cincinnati Metro Housing Authority, currently known as CMHA. I had a past tenant who was receiving a rent subsidy from this government sponsored agency who moved out in the first week in April with out any notification, which in itself violated her lease agreement, and I have a current tenant who moved into on of my apartments on April 14, of 2007. Prior to her moving into the apartment, the apartment was inspected by a CMHA inspector who after his inspection, forced me to make some cosmetic repairs to the apartment, and the building. I had already received a deposit to hold the apartment for the current recipient of the CMHA assistance. The potential tenant had to sell some of her belongings in order to prepare for the move into my apartment building. Keep in mind the tenant and myself have been keeping current notification with CMHA and we're both thinking everything was going along with the system CMHA has set for it's recipients and the landlords of the property. I was asking $550 for the rent of a two bedroom apartment. Now here's where the fangs of this organization are shown. After the inspection, and after the repairs are made to the apartment, and the tenant is making preparation to move in on April 14,2007, I get a letter from CMHA informing me that they would not pay the asking price I stated for the apartment, but wanted me to drop my rent to $509 a month. Now I received this letter around April 10. The tenant only had 90 days to find an apartment, or she would've been disqualified from receiving any assistance from CMHA, or she would've had only about 4 weeks remaining to find another apartment. Needless to say I felt some compassion for this person since it was a female who was around 20 yrs. of age, and a single mother. So against my better judgement, I decided to concede and lower my rent due to the fact that this person didn't have enough time to find something else. This was the first episode I had dealing with the Mafia tactics performed by CMHA. On April 14,2007 the tenant moved in after giving me a deposit. All necessary documents had been signed, and now I was waiting for CMHA to send me my first check for their portion of the rent for the tenant. According to the contract I signed with CMHA, I was to receive a payment of $283 for the monthly rent from April 14 to the end of the month of April, and an amount of $500 for the month of May, and the month of June. The amount of $1,283 was due on June 1, 2007. On June 1 I received a check for the amount of $593. I can't tell you how appalled I am that I, and the tenant, would be victimized by this organization of infamy. I am seeking an avenue to not only expose this Mafia organization, but a way to make them give me the amount of money indicated by the contract that I and the tenant signed with CMHA. I want to expose this organization to the city of Cincinnati, and the world. I want to inform the government how their contribution to the city is being used, and how the citizens who genuinely need this help are to expect to be treated. It is my goal to make people aware of the heartless treatment displayed by CMHA.

  • Co
    Concerned Tenant Jun 11, 2009

    I rent a house through CMHA. They constantly harrass me about doing yard work. I'm a single mother who has to rely on someone else to do my yard work. They need to be a bit more understanding. I understand that it's my responsibility to have my yard work done. It's very stressful when you come home from work real late one night and find a notice on your door and that you have to beg someone to do your yard work the very next day or CMHA will charge you $50 to do it. I also had to have a window replaced from a crack that was caused by wind damage. CMHA charged me to replace it. I also had a clog in my bathtub and didn't know the cause of it. CMHA used a plunger on it & charged me $25.

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  • Cr
    CRG4LIFE Aug 02, 2010

    No landlord is forced to participate in the Housing Choice Voucher program. If you don't want to rent to Section 8, don't do it. Haven't you seen how the tenant's ruin neighborhoods? The person that commented before me is complaining that she has to go to work then cut her grass?!?!?!? Well, get off of subsidized housing... then if you don't cut your grass, it will be the city giving you a ticket and not CMHA fining you! It's that simple. Everyone wants to reap the benefits of Section 8 but not comply with the rules. How about the citizens of the US band together to end this waste of a program... then the landlord posting this complaint would have no one to blame but himself and his tenant. And, the poor woman who commented couldn't get mad at CMHA when she didn't feel like cutting her grass, she could take it up with the city when the ticket her 2 to 3 times that amount! Problem solved.

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  • La
    La'Vada Bell Jun 25, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @CRG4LIFE You must of had life handed to you to not have any compassion for what the lady stated. Why are you so mad. Unfortunately we live in America where price of living goes up and pay does not, so If you are a single mother and work a fulltime job, yes you could use any subsidy and yes you may not either know how to do yard work or you may not be able to do it to the cmha standard. Point is, if the government has a whole agency set up and is actually paying funds out to cmha to serve the community, CMHA should also have ways to help those that are struggling. Thats whwta they are there for. If thats a problem, the government should take that money and let another agency handle how the money is used. People who receive a housing choice voucher are not less than human scumbags. We are humans struggling to make ends meet like many regular citizens in this country. As a single mother that has been homeless with my children, I know what its like to hae a job and everything is good one minute then the next we sleeping in the car, and I have two degrees, always working. Life still happens. People in this country are so insensitive to things they have not experienced and thats fine but it would be great to just keep your opinions to yourself if it is not going to be helpful.

    -1 Votes
  • Ch
    china1300 Aug 13, 2010

    i am i current section 8 holder and i was taken by a landlord going thru the section 8 process. With section 8 you are to submit a RTA that can take up to 15 days to inspect the place then another 7 days days to process what the call the rent resonable assement all together this can take up to 28 days because weekends are not included. I have been out of a place since june first due to section 8 and the way they do bussiness. I found a landlord thru section whom wanted 625 per month for a 2br in a nice area my rental protion was 540 (not much help but when your out for work for 4 mos i really comes in handy). the land lord named Dick Gilbert of 2598 ferguson rd would not prcocess the RTA without the full amount a deposit and me signing a lease. I thought this was a bit unusal but like i said i been out of my apt for a while now and my section 8 was about to be taken away. I told this man the only reason i was up there is because section wanted the other landlord to come down on the rent and they refused so at the point he never said the he wld not work with section 8 with the rent. So halfway thru the prcocess i call to let the landlord know that it jiust has to go thru the rent reasonable now he says if section does not want to pay all of 625 he will not come down on the rent and he is keeping my deposit. So now its 28 days later i still dont have a place to live this man has taken all the money i had and section8 tell me its not any of there concern. this man seen me coming a mile away no matter wat your income is section will always asked this landlord to come down cause my caseworker tried to make me think it was my income that did not pass the rent resonable but section 8 would have only paid 85 but after 20 mins of going thru circles see finally looked at MY FILE and not giving general information and said that compaired to other apt in the area the rent is not resonable. the landlord knew from the start that that would happen. Im a single mother i am 26 with a 5 year old daughter i have always worked, i have always maintained a clean apt, i have always complyed with any rules that has been set by section 8. i just stared my job i gave this man my whole first check and still had to borrow money then to taken and this company tells me its not there concern is a slap in the face

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