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Giving me the run-around

Academy West-Point (Canton) denied me back in June for having a "low" FICO and credit score when both score...

Blue jay mh park-

The manager of this park, Heather, has no clue what goes on in any regard and offers zero supervison of the two maint, workers, as she clearly only knows an office environment and has no clue as to what work is needing doing in the park and thus no idea how to assign it to the workers to do. they know this and take full advantage, playing pool in Falcon Hall for hours at a time, consuming most of the work day...this has been brought up many times, they are told to cut it out and that lasts like a week and then they are right back at it. Sun paying 2 men to be professional pool players! This is a long standing problem and whatever you are paying these people you are being robbed big time. The manager needs to check, unnanounced on these guys and time how long they are in there each day playing pool it is unbelievable! And she cant let her office woman know as she is married to the laziest of the two workers. I have never seen this level of laziness anywhere in my life and the residents are sick of seeing it. I dont want to hear, oh they go in there to cool off...playing pool for hours and sometimes All dat isnt justified and needs to be ended forever. what a sad wonder they like their work is required.

A resident

I live in Oakview Estates. My neighbor, Don, in Lot 71, today threatened to call the sheriff because I was cutting my lawn and using a blower to clean off my sidewalk. He said that it is causing his air conditioning to break down. I believe he is mentally unstable and should not be living here by himself. If he believes that grass clipping will cause problems in an A/C unit that is designed to be outside, then something is wrong with his thought process. This is only the tip of the iceberg of the things Don says to the residents of our park on a regular basis. He is a nusense.

Hacienda Del Rio, Edgewater, FL - Residency requirement not enforced.

Last October, a family moved in with their son who is in his 30's. After living here until Jan 3, he went back to Ohio. He returned to Hacienda Del Rio on Mar 3 and has been living here with his "friend" since then. We have talked to the manager several times about this situation and she has not enforced this requirement. If this policy is not enforced, Hacienda Del Rio, will no longer be a 55 and over community. I have digital photos for proof of violation, if needed. The next step is to inform the newspapers.

Gary Marziale, 348 Casa Grande, Edgewater, FL

the manager at the office of rock crusher rv park christy

After moving into the RV park my fiance had two interviews for the maintenance job but because of lady that...

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late property rent

Being told by the "property management " team of being sent to a lawyer in 3 days if lot rent is not to them...

property woodhaven place

You guys need a pump truck immediately. This has become beyond ridiculous I've replaced 2 wheel bearing...

credit card use

Sun Communities now charges their residents 2.95% to pay their rent using their credit cards. This over and above the 5.5% rent increase for the coming year. This corporation is all about greed. They keep taking away services or now charging for them. It is just one thing after another. Senior citizens on fixed incomes should not have to pay a fee to to use a credit card. Again, it just pure and simple greed.

complaint is about the new manager and the maintenance man took my car!

On the last week of August my car was towed from Sterling Heights Rudgate Manors parking lot per Rudgate...

loan payoff

Hello, we sold our home through the office on September 17th. It's now a month later and the loan ha...


Today I was rudely addressed by Tierra Gully the secretary at Candle light (Sun Homes) I went in to pay my...


I live in vizcaya lakes, been here over 2 yrs now, the old property mgt Laura day was great, now we have a...

water main break

My mother has received 2 months in a row a water bill showing she has used 49, 000 + in water usage and a...

ac out

My ac is not cooling my house since Saturday the 27th, they brought 2 window coolers but it's now Monday the...

customer service

So how many venues do I have to go to in order for a returned phone call? I have called your office and left a message, complained to BBB and posted on Facebook. You can rest assured that I have not even begun to protest.

Initially, I was complaining of your landscaping services at Indian Creek but be careful what you pray for... now I am prepared to go to court for damage to my property due to reckless land care habits that continue to run into my electrical box like they are on bumper cars and not mowers.. This site will not let me add all the photos in questions


customer service

poor management decisions

July 17, 2019 Sun Communities, Inc. 27777 Franklin Rd., Suite #200 Southfield, MI 48034 Re: Lemon Wood...

maintenance of grounds

I keep racking up the complaints because Indian Creek and/or Sun Communities will not respond to my issues -...

I have submitted 2 separate complaints on the same issue w no call back

I live at Indian Creek. I own my own home. I have submitted 2 separate complaints using this format and on the same issue w NO callback from Corporate... you boast a tally board on your web page that indicates how many complaints and how many resolved!?!? You have a "0" for outstanding complaints? That is because Corporate is as bad as Indian Creek is about following through. Is this what we pay our 7-9% yearly increases for - radio silence? I thought that was free!!

staff at blue jay mobile home park dade city florida

The 2 maintenance workers at this park, Gene Orrico and Dennis Campbell, Today, much like every day, do NO WORK. so far this morning, they followed each other on 2 seperate riding mowers to falcon hall and arriving at 930AM for what should be a 10AM break, they stayed playing pool on the pool table not leaving until 1002 AM...THEN they came back at 11:20AM on 2 seperate gold carts and are back in there playing pool again! They are still in there at now, 1150AM...The other day they were in there for 2 hours playing pool. Sun communities is taking a royal screwing by paying these 2 guys any money. Genes wife works in the office at the desk and when the new manager heather isnt around, in the afternoon, gene hides in the office with her all afternoon. She is no better telling everyone who comes into the office every residents business every day and then goes back to playing on facebook all day. When sun took this park over from carefree these charachters should have all be canned and replaced with someone, anyone with a work ethic!! There is so much work that needs doing that they dont see or even care about just care about how much they can screw off all day. What a joke and all the residents see it. I for one will tell anyone I see not to buy a home in here as the place is going to crap while these guys work on their pool game all day every day. You also need a manager who will actually supervise something at least once in awhile and keep the workers busy. as right now, there is no supervision obviously of any kind. Disgusting and an embarrasment to sun.

parking violation

I'm a tenant at 7460 Kitty Hawk /Summit Ridge community. We have been told by our landlord we are not allowed to park on the street . My vehicle was towed about 2 months ago because I was parked up on my driveway with one of my wheels touching the grass . I was charged $300.00. The tenant that lives in Lot 43 still continues to park his vehicles on the street . One evening I courtesy walked to him and said be careful because they are towing cars for parking on the street . His response to me was, I am the towing company and my car won't be towed .
I was in shock and didn't say anything else .
My concern is why is this rule applied to all of the tenants except this one ? Is it a violation for everyone else and not this particular tenant ? I would like a response in this matter.
Thank you .

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    SonyaMarie1115 Jun 22, 2019
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    Oh wow I’m thinking about moving here. Is it really this bad? How are the inside of the homes I’m moving from out of state?

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