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K Sep 28, 2019 Review updated:

WORST COMPANY EVER. I am convinced they are purposefully messing up their billing to scam people and charge them extra money.
I had my internet installed a couple months ago. I asked the tech, "do I pay you now?" He said "no. We just install."
I tried to contact suddenlink numerous times asking for a bill or at least an amount/due date. They literally said, "I don't know." I also couldn't understand the guy. He didn't speak English very well.
Finally, to avoid a late fee. I just sent money without a bill. Lucky I did, because they finally sent a bill post marked AFTER it was due.
Next bill. Again. I contact them numerous times. They tell me MULTIPLE due dates. I download the app because they have been charging me for paper billing, but not sending the bills. The app has multiple due dates listed on the same bill. Beside it, it says, "due in 21 days." I get an agent on chat-, "it's definitely due on October 15th." I tell her that is the fourth due date I have been given. I have 4 different dates to pay my bill. She assured me that hers is correct.
Wake up this morning (I talked to the agent yesterday). And my bill has doubled. It is now labeled "past due." They are threatening to shut off service if I don't pay. How do you go from "due in 21 days" to your bill doubling and being past due? Oh- and this new bill has more new due dates. Awesome.
How is it legal for them to do this?


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      Oct 03, 2019

    It's not legal, and you should NEVER pay a bill you do not owe. Let them cut you off, but don't pay anything you do not owe. They cannot make you pay anything. Their actions are illegal and should be investigated by the law. I have heard of them sending people to collection agencies, but they can't make you pay either, and you should take their letter and shred it. It means nothing. They cannot legally make you pay something you do not owe—I don't care what they say. They have doubled my bill in the same manner as yours.

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