Structubeservice and product quality

I bought a rug from them and picked it up in store. It took them 3 weeks to prepare a pick in store order that was supposedly in stock. Next, the rug hasn't stopped shedding in over 3 months, you can't touch it without getting covered in the fibers. I can understand this happening in the beginning but they only give you 7 days to make a choice. It's also become stretched with very little traffic as I live alone. At this rate I will need to replace this $600 rug in less than a year. When I contacted them about their supposed 1 year warranty, they told me rugs were not covered and there was nothing I could do. It's crazy how they don't stand behind their product and couldn't even suggest a solution, even if it was something I should do differently. I then tried to give it a 1 star review on their site to prevent others from buying it blindly since it didn't have reviews and they still haven't posted my review. Very sketchy...

Oct 10, 2019

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