Structubeheartland mississauga 5980 mclaughlin rd #6

T Sep 30, 2018

A month ago, on August 28, I purchased a demo KIEL table from a Structube store in Heartland, Mississauga and I paid for delivery. I inspected the table in the store. There were some minor scratches on the top, but nothing else. I asked the manager to make sure the table is packed properly, so that the corners don't get damaged during delivery.

The first time, they sent me a sideboard with my delivery company. I called them and, eventually, they sent the right table and got the wrong furniture back to the store. I wasted a whole Saturday afternoon. The table came dented at one corner, poorly wrapped and missing two screws, preventing me to assemble it. I called the store, asking for the missing screws. I first talked to an employee named Chris, who did not seem to care much. He asked me to send a picture of the receipt and another of the screw. I did. No answer from him, ever. A week later, I called again and talked to a female employee, Andie, who promised to send the missing screws with Fedex and email me the tracking number. She didn't. I tried to talk to the manager, John Bow, but he never seemed to be available when I called. I tried to call again a few times, at different hours, but nobody took the calls anymore. Maybe they saw my number on the display and decided to avoid answering. I don't know.

I don't care about the missing screws anymore, neither the fact that I have not been able to use the table for a month. I am mostly appalled by the indifference and the lack of consideration of the store employees. I have never been treated so poorly as a customer.

Receipt: 0000HART010000028640
ID: 1668
Salesperson: 2265
Item No:
Dining Table 180 cm Oak
Terminal No: Hart 01
Trans . No: [protected]
Auth Code: 092998
Ref no: [protected] C

heartland mississauga 5980 mclaughlin rd #6
heartland mississauga 5980 mclaughlin rd #6

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