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I ordered 3 pair of steve madden shoes from online. I excited that they shipped really quick. However, when i opened the last box of shoes and took them out, i had one shoe that was dark purple suede and pretty like it was supposed to be, the other shoe looked as if it was left outside in 100 degree heat all summer and was really faded. I was shock that they would even send them to me. It was a major difference and you could tell. When i called to complain, they let me know that i could return them but they were not in stock so i would have to get a refund. I'm really upset because i was supposed to wear them this weekend in a wedding... :(


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    daringman2o Oct 01, 2010

    Let me guess: the faded shoe was the right shoe? They sold you the floor model from a store. The Steve Madden website is filled from the stores' inventories, and the people at the store chose to send you damaged material instead of saying it was damaged and they couldn't sell it. The reason is because whenever they mark an internet sale as damaged they don't get bonus. It's a stupid system.

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