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donddi-m sandal, ecentric-q sneaker,

I have been a long time buyer of steve madden products, especially footwear and my recent experiences with the quality has left me extremely disappointed and regretful of my purchases. I bought the DONDDI-M sandal last month for a vacation and after wearing them ONE time the leather of the strap across the toes has faded in colour and looks terrible. It looks as if i have owned them for years, but the bottom of the shoe still looks new.
A few weeks prior to this purchase i bought the ECENTRIC-Q sneaker in black, which i was in love with. Unfortunately I noticed within a few weeks the leather edge had began to crack and wear away. I was disappointed by this but whats even worse is now the rubber sole of the shoe is completely detaching from the shoe! I think its unacceptable for them to be doing this after less than a few months considering they are mostly worn indoors and not outside of their intended purpose as a fashion sneaker. I can provide pictures of the quality issues mentioned if needed.

poor quality of pair of shoes

Hi, I bought a pair of shoes from Steve Madden Phoenix mall Bengaluru India . The pasting quality was so...

Unacceptable merchandise conditions

I recently made an online purchase #[protected]
I received my order on Wednesday and I am pretty sure you also received some kind of info showing proof of when my order was delivered.
I have been a costumer of Steve Madden since I can remember, I have always believed and liked the quality and designs of the brand, and I have made countless purchases online and in store.
However, I had never received an order in such bad and unacceptable conditions like the one I received Wednesday night. From the moment I opened the box, I noticed the shoe box was missing the lid, when I took out one of the shoes I noticed the dirty soles, and clear signs they have been worn and used several times. They look dirty, and you can clearly see it in the pictures attached. The inside of one of the shoes is MORE than DIRTY, it looks nasty and unacceptable. I think it might have been one of the shoes on display, and I understand you are trying to make a sale, BUT as a costumer, even if it was a store purchase I will never spend my money on something use nor with visible signs that it has been worn. As a shoe fanatic I believe that the main and most important reason why I spend so much money in shoes is because I like them to look clean, nice, flawless and like NEW all the time.
I will return the shoes at the nearest store I find, I travel around and outside the country very often and I don't have time to ship them back. I am not looking for any kind of apologies, or any special discount or treatment, I would just like for you to take costumer service seriously.

Unacceptable merchandise conditions
Unacceptable merchandise conditions
Unacceptable merchandise conditions
Unacceptable merchandise conditions

Complaint for my golden flat shoes

My name is deepika, i have bought steve maden golden shoes from gurgaon mall worth Rs. 7999. Since i have bought shoes tore from both sides, then i took my shoe to elante mall Chandigarh and asked steve maden guy to replace my shoes but they said without bill they can do anything for this. My point is if customer dont have bill then he or she cant replace the article which they bought it from anywhere within india. its the duty of brand to track my bill. Please do contact me at [protected] any time for this issue any please my request to replace my shoe as soon as possible.


steve madden pumps

I purchased a pair of pumps from Steve Madden SA, only to find they were terribly uncomfortable. I used it twice. I purchased another pair some time after, only to find the same problem. 2 pairs of absolutely uncomfortable shoes from such an established brand- that says a lot about the brand. The items in Steve Madden aren't cheap- you'd think you paying for great quality, comfortable shoes but clearly that's not the case. Beyond disappointed with this brand. Would never recommend it.

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Unprofessional behavior - bad customer service

On Wednesday Feb 15th, I purchased a pair of Krammer's boots at the Georgetown location in Washington D.C.
This morning I put them on for the first time and when I got to my office I noticed that the right side was "loser" than the left side.
Upon comparing the shoe sizes I noticed that the right side shoe was size 12, which was a different size that the left one which was the only one I tried on at the store. I trusted that they could do a simple task such as putting the right size pair in the box along with the size 11 that I chose.
So went to the same store in the morning (first because I wanted to make sure that they could be sold again as I only had them on for about 1 hour and it was a car ride from home to my office). When I get to the store the person says that they did not have the pair size and that they must have given the other pair to another customer.
At this point, I have no shoes, wasted an hour of office hours and was not offered any solutions other than " why don't you get a different kind of shoe?". I have been looking for a shoe with this characteristics for a while and was very happy to see that SM had them, yet seemed like the store employee (even-thought she sells shoes) did not understand that. I did NOT want any other kind of shoes.
I asked then if she could check with other stores (she never offered) because at this point I was walking in the city with socks. She was able to locate a pair for me at Pentagon Mall, so drove there and finally got them.
This has been the worse and most time consuming experience I have ever had since I have been a fan of SM shoes. Makes me think twice about considering SM again.
It amazes me how lack of employee's attention and problem solving skills could hurt such a nice brand.

Wrong shoes arrived and it's impossible to get someone to fix the problem

We purchased a pair of shoes from the Steve Madden store in Philadelphia and they didn't have the size so the assistant ordered the shoes online. The wrong shoes arrived (about 3 weeks later). We called the customer service and they said we had to go into the store. Turns out the store is closed for refurbishment and there is nothing that they can do. Worst customer service ever! Even tried contacting the Regional Managers via LinkedIn with no response. We have wasted so much time arguing about this, probably the most frustrating experience I've ever had ordering anything online. Don't buy from Steve Madden.

Dey boots tan leather by steve madden

January 2017
I Purchased the Steve Madden Dey Boots from SteveMadden.com for my husband a few weeks ago. He wears 12.5 to 13 medium in all of his other boots. He loved the boots when he opened the box but as soon as he looked more closely he said, "these look like they are very narrow" and thought they sent him the wrong size. When he tried them on...well there was just no way he could get his foot in. We had ordered the largest size he ever wears which is a 13 medium and that is what the box said as well as the boots. We held them up to the 12.5 medium shoes he had on and they were even wider than the Steve Madden boots we received. They were, actually, the same width as my son's 10.5 medium shoes. A 13 medium should definitely be wider than a 10.5 medium. Anyway, Steve Madden.com sent us a label to return so we did but when we called to see why we hadn't received a credit yet they said it would be the next day. Just to be sure, we asked them to double check that the refund is for the full amount we paid since the sizing is off on the Dey boots and they said NO there is a restocking fee of almost $7.00. After informing them that there should not be a restocking fee when there is any kind of issue with the product they still didn't care. We already had to deal with the disappointment of receiving boots that don't fit because of being mis-sized or being poorly manufactured but also had our money tied up then having to repackage the boots and run them to a mailing place for UPS because Madden refused to have UPS pick them up at our home like most companies do. We've never had a company charge us a re-stocking fee for causing US so much trouble. Especially not for returning an online order that has any kind of issue like these boots had. We've had items delivered and just didn't like the item and still weren't charged a single fee upon returning. Any time someone orders online they are at a disadvantage because they can't see, touch or try on the item and most companies understand that BUT NOT STEVE MADDEN! We will never buy another thing made by Steve Madden again because there are so many other "MORE REPUTABLE" companies out there... it's just a matter of principle!


I brought the boots pictured in the attachment 2 months ago and the bottoms of the heals have fallen off. I would like a new pair mailed to me ASAP at:
Carolyn Stegon
7601 Danube Dr
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

I am very disappointed in the amount I spent ($85) and the quality of the boots. The boots have fallen apart very easily and I should not have to deal with a broken product. I would like to request a full refund check or new boots mailed to me. Thanks you for understanding.


Horrible uncomfortable shoes

The most uncomfortable shoes ever. I walked 10 min w this shoes and it's hurted really bad my legs. Never...

Men's sidecor black leather boots

I just had a very similar problem with stevemadden.com regarding a pair of boots I purchased that were...

Absolutely horrible quality

www.stevemadden.com is the worst site I have ever bought from! Their products are of a terrible quality and defective and there is no way to get a replacement or a refund.
I bought a pair of shoes and when they arrived sole was completely ripped off! Their nasty customer service rep said that he had no idea what was I talking about and claimed that my order was in a perfect condition. I sent them a photo and they said that was not their fault. They refused to provide any help!! I will say that again - do not buy from Steve Madden! Appalling quality!

CRAVES - Black

I bought a pair of shoes on 18th October, 2015 from their store in the Phoenix Market City Mall, Shop No.UG15, Whitefield, Bangalore, Karnataka-560048.

I was impressed with the Fashion and Style of the model 'CRAVES - Black'. At the same time the sales girl was also very professional.

I understand these are fancy items and are not meant for rough use, I bought it with an intent to use it for special occasions only. It was a perfect match for my taste and various suits that I have. By count I have worn these shoes on 4 occasions (3 to 5 hours each time) and the shoes are already worn out. I can still do with a normal wear and tear but this pair of shoes is in a mess. Its looks weird to be precise.

I have spent Rs. 8999 on this pair and I am sorry to say that your designers have failed to consider that they are designing shoes which would eventually be worn in the feet. Rather than sole touching the ground the leather of the shoes touches the ground causing it to wear out. Then the stitching inside and outside of the shoe is also worn out. Again, I have not danced, I have not ran or abused the article in any way.

I have another pair of brown leather shoes that I bought the same day from a different brand which costed me just Rs.2000 and I have been wearing it to the office everyday and those shoes are intact.

I have written to their call center twice in last 13 days an have not got a single response. Poor Quality, flawed design and pathetic customer service.

CRAVES - Black
CRAVES - Black
CRAVES - Black
CRAVES - Black

Return Policy

Is it just me or does this seem to be an insane policy? Purchase a product on line in good faith that it will fit. The style and quality are exactly what you were looking for but sadly the boots run a bit narrow and additionally cannot accommodate your instep. While I can appreciate that clearance items are a no return policy, This makes sense if you have the opportunity to first try them on as in a store. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY THAT CARES LITTLE ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE AND EVEN WORSE...BUSINESS ETHICS!! Steer clear of this shade company. Certainly DO NOT do any on line business with them. You will simply regret it. James Galdikas Order # [protected]

Worst quality steve madden

Well, do you expect a $200 dollar pair to last for 2 months?So called 'hand-made' sole of one shoe...

Chemical Odor

I purchased a pair of black Steve Madden shoes. Men's dressy/casual slip ons. I noticed that they...

Gift Card Fraud

I bought a Steve Madden gift card as a gift for Christmas but checked to make sure they had a retail store near me first. I found the Atlanta stroe on the Steve Madden website so I ordered the gift certificate. When the recipient and I went to the store we found that it was closed. When we inquired at the mall we were told a new store opening had been delayed indefinately. When we called customer service they said no refund and it could not be used online. It can only be used at a retail store. The nearest store is now 400 miles away. When we told them the store listed on their web site was closed they said they we're "sorry". Sounds like fraud to me to not provide a refund after misleading information is provided to make a sale.

  • Ch
    Chanel77 Jan 11, 2011

    It doesn't sound like an instance of fraud to me. However, you don't have to be completely out on this one. Selling gift cards on ebay nets you very, very close to what the original giftcard is worth. Yes, you'll be out a few bucks, and it's a bit of a hassle, but it's better than holding onto a giftcard you'll likely never use if it was a significant amount. You could always re-gift next year too- to someone who lives closer to a store. I'd make sure they had physically been inside one that is close to them before sending it.

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  • An
    Andrew Koven Jan 12, 2011

    My name is Andrew Koven. I'm president of e-commerce and customer experience for Steve Madden. In these cases? We have helped customers place orders in another store or online that we assist with card redemption and ship to them. If the consumer would like to reach out to me at [email protected], we would be happy to assist.

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  • Gi
    gifts Jan 12, 2011

    The gift recipient contacted Andrew per his message above and he was true to his word. The recipient is in the process of arranging for an online purchase using the gift card. Andrew's staff has been very helpful and we are confident the issue will be resolved favorably. This is my first experience with Steve Madden and I am impressed with their responsiveness and customer focus following a potentially negative incident.

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I bought a pair of Steve Madden shoes. Awesome fit and style, but after a day of wearing them I had the worst smell emitting from the shoes.
Cant even begin to explain, kind of mixed between dead crap and chemical. So bad that after scrubing my feet with sea salt I can still smell it the next day through my normal shoes. So I will return these odor shoes.

  • Da
    daringman2o Oct 01, 2010

    And did they take them back? Usually stores wont take back worn shoes unless you throw a fit.

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New shoe and used shoe

I ordered 3 pair of steve madden shoes from online. I excited that they shipped really quick. However, when i...

Bad experience

I ordered a pair of back-ordered Steve Madden boots from Nordstrom online. They were expected to ship about two weeks after I placed the order but, rather, on that date I was notified of a delay. About a week later I called to speak w/ a customer service rep. who told me they would ship that Saturday. Saturday I received a voicemail suggesting a different product. I called and was informed that they wouldn't be able to fulfill my order because they weren't getting anymore of the boots I had already ordered a month earlier!!! I was furious and extremely disappointed. They simply said they were sorry and did nothing to make up for the inconvenience. I have NEVER experienced such bull, especially not from somewhere with such a great reputation for service.