Steak N' Shaketerrible service, awful quality, and staff lied to my face

T Nov 16, 2018
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I hate to be just another member submitting a complaint to Steak n' Shake, after it is evident that their business quality is already on the decline (by both reviews and feedback all over my town). However as a daily Steak n' Shake customer, I feel that it is of my best interest to share a high quality review in hope for change. Some may say "If the service is so bad, why do you go there daily?", but is that really the correct solution? I go to Steak N Shake because it is affordable. No it is not expensive food, but I do not believe that this generates an establishment in which terrible quality food, service, and lying employees should stand. I will not proceed to rant, but jump into the experience:

Daily, my Steak N' Shake encounter is NEVER under 30 minutes, this is not an exaggeration. Each car estimates about a 15-20 minute wait time, and for now I have never been the only car in line, usually I am the tenth

Over half the time my order is incorrect: the fries are not cajun as I asked, I receive the wrong sauce, I receive 2 drops of sauce in the container, the chicken is miscounted, the fries are small (3-5mm) and stale, etc.

However this particular instance has caused me to leave a very detailed review in an effort to reach to corporate. On Monday of November 12, 2018 I waited 45 minutes from placing my order to reaching the window. My order was the $4 meal (Chicken and Cajun Fries), which now includes either Chili or Coleslaw and a Cookie. Upon mentioning the #16 that is listed as that special, the lady did not ask my choice between the additional food items. I specifically asked "Does this come with Chili and and a cookie" and she said "No" (rudely). At this moment i am dumbfounded, and my dash cam is recording everything. As I reach the window (45 minutes later), I ask the question again and she proceeds to say "No!" again (more rudely). Adamant that she is lying to me I drive through one more time to take a look at the menu to double check myself. Confident that she is clearly incorrect I walk in and speak to a manager about the order. He claimed that "Not everyone wants the extra cookie and chili so they are not even asking customers if they want it". To me this seems like a simple ploy to either A.) Not have to take the time to fix the bowl of chili B.) Increase profit overturn by getting over on unaware individuals. BUT that was not my concern. My concern was not that she did not offer it to me, but that upon requesting I was still told "NO" (Rudely and Confidently), that they do not come with these items. The manager never apologized, got my items for me, and I walked away

At this moment you would say my experience was terrible, but I wish I could say this was the end.

1.) The Chili In received was merely mucky water with a couple beans in it, I swear it was the consistency of Water (View the attached Photos for Proof)
2.) The fries were absolutely terrible (As usual), as if they had been sitting out since last night)
3.) The Buffalo sauce I requested was not even 1/4 full (See attached photo)
4.) The chicken I received was the most nasty piece of chicken I had ever bit into, and I video taped myself gagging with watery eyes trying to eat it, just to emphasize how terrible quality the food was (Caution Watching Attached Video)

So after 45 minutes of waiting, being lied to, speaking with a manager, and being perceived by all staff as a nuisance... I received liquid chili, cold fries, mere buffalo sauce, and chicken tenders that literally almost made me barf

Where do I go from here


(I would upload each, but there are just too many)

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    The address of this Steak N Shake is: 1001 Wylie Dr, Bloomington, IL 61704

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