Steak 'n Shake Enterprisesservice at richmond ky location

T Nov 22, 2017

On November 21 at 4:30 pm my family and i went thru the drive thru to eat on our way home from a 3 day stay at the university of ky hospital. The reason we picked this location is because we usually always stop here with our cross country and track teams when we travel and usually no complaints. This time we were very shocked at the service we were given and the excuses along with the answers that tried to make us sound stupid. We were looking right at the menu and ordered a kids meal when we said coke for the drink we were told a drink doesnt come with kids meal..we said are you sure she always gets a drink and the aign here says soft drink or apple reaponse. So we continued with our order. Before we pulled up i took a picture of the menu sign just to show the lady we wasnt crazy. When we pulled up to the window we explained this is why we ask and showed her the picture her response well i dont know why it says that, its never said that before but i will give you a drink. Its funny because the many times before weve always gotton a drink.. We asked for ketchup and mustard we got the ketchup and no mustard. Kids being kids decided wanted a milkshake so we pulled around front and walked in to get the mustard which we ended up just squirting some on a napkin due to the time it was taking that no one wanted to respond to our request.they really wasnt happy to give the fries they forgot with the 3 shooters. Asked about the happy hour milk shake.. response ummm happy hour is over..really the sign out front says otherwise was our thought. We decided it was best to just take our fries, mustard on our napkin and just forget spending extra for milkshake and continue on our 2 hour trip home. Normally i wouldnt complain but as i said we bring our teams there, we eat there on family trips, we even stop there after we transport people in the ambulance to lexington and stop on our way back thru.We were just so shocked i guess and dont want it to turn into other places since we enjoy it so much. I do have pictures of the receipts, the menue and the happy hour poster.

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