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S Aug 02, 2018

Location of incident: 2465 N. Dirksen pkwy. Springfield, IL. Zip:62702

As a frequent steak n shake visitor i was quiet let down tonight as i looked online for open steak n shakes near me and the location above read open 24 hours, NOT CLOSED. I get to the n dirksen store it is closed so then knowing the s. Dirksen location, i thought it would be open 24 hours as it always is. I get there it is closed. both locations were listed online AS OPEN im kind of mad in the fact of wasting gas thinking atleast 2 of 3 locations in springfield would be open... Im pretty let down and quiet upset at the fact that the website HAS NOT BEEN UPDATED FOR CLOSED LOCATIONS... Note im only wanting a milkshake but you are the only ones in springfield who sell milkshakes late at night.. Time of incident: 3:00 AM thursday, august 2nd.

Sorry to make a fuss about this incident, but im more upset about the amount of gas i have now used in hopes of buying a milkshake when both restauraunts were advertised as OPEN.

I hope this helps, thanks and have a nice day to whoever tends to read this.

Seth Pumphrey

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises

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