Steak 'n Shake Enterprisesabsolutely terrible service

C Aug 01, 2018

No one sat us at a table
Our drinks took just about half an hour to get out
2 of our meals came out and the last one came out at a different time
We asked for to go boxes and she brought us very small ones
We asked for to go drinks and she brought empty cups
We had to ask some other waiter to
Fill them up
We were waiting for our ticket and never got it
We finally went up to the cashier after two hours of waiting
We got up there and they told us to move over so they could help the people behind us
Then ended up waiting another 15 minuets just to pay
The manager obviously didn't know what he was supposed to do because it took a long time just to pay
Last night was ridiculous
We got there around 10:45 pm and didn't leave until about 12:30 am
I am highly frustrated.

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