Starling Bankstarling restricted my account

Starling restricted my account when my husband pay came. My husband has been self employed for 3 years and never had a issue. He wanted my account to have a good positive balance and made a mistake in using Starling. Even after giving proof of his invoice they keep giving generic response and have left me and my husband without a single penny. I understand the need for fraud and security but this is ridiculous after giving proof they should get these issues sorted out asap. I will never be banking with starling anymore as me and my husband are left with no money. I will be going to ombudsman with a formal complaint.

Update after 28hours. Starling have not removed the restriction even after giving them employment letter and invoice and CEOs mobile number to verify the transaction. When speaking to customer service they were laughing at me because I was crying as they have left us with no money and with any update. I wish this on no one. The good reviews are all good until you have a issue. The app is good starling has major issue with its customer service and rude staff.

Oct 05, 2019

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