StarHubbilling for gprs services not utilized

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hi all,

i've set up a group in facebook to gather petitions against starhub for their overbilling charges, lack of liability to their consumers, not responsible in taking care of their customers when help is required.

Please feel free to join the group to air your grieves or share your situation or pls help to spread the word to as many people as you can who faces the same issues with starhub.

You're also welcome to join us in petitioning even if you do not have issues with starhub. Please feel free to browse through the group comments and the issues we face..

All contents in this group will be consolidated into a petition to IDA against starhub or any other telcos in hope they will speed the process in implementing neccessary rulings in place that will protect consumers like us against corporations like starhub who behave like a legal "Ah Long and Associates".

a thousand whispers gathered will generate a roar of discontent even IDA cannot ignore..


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      May 03, 2013

    How to deal with starhub problems? Can I suggest that people facing problems with star hub services to lodge a complaint via email to Infocom/IDA Singapore ASAP Email adress :  mailto:   [protected]  Or  [protected]  or mailto: [protected]  IDA website :   tel: 6211 2100 Please furnish IDA with your account no/ particulars. Be truthful with the issues that you face with the service provider.

    I hope the people here will seek help from proper channel for their grievances and etc...
    Better email Starhub in black and White about your complaints and let them reply u in black and white. Please be careful in trusting their staffs verbally. They change their words and agreement etc according to situations. In my personal experience, their management is ######. Do saved a copy of sent and replied email to them. 
    Please also take down time and date and duration of broadband tv, digital, Internet been disrupted for IDA and MDA coz Starhub always claim investigate but In my opinion, it is ###.
    Kindly furnish it to IDA. For tv, email to MDA Sg for Starhub tv issues for help.

    In my personal circumstances/ experiences. It is the only hope to resolve problems with star hub else they will just ignore you, keep transferring you to don't know who or give endless excuses etc... 
    Which is a total waste of our personal resources, not forgetting that we are paying our bills to them. We are consumers, we must bring our grievances to proper channels if we are ignored or not treated right.
    We need to bring our issues to IDA/Infocom amd MDA,  the gov authorities. 
    If Starhub 1633 broadband department continue this kind of services which is likely to worsen, only us the consumers paying for it will suffer in the long run. Therefore, do take actions with their irresponsible attitude.

    Starhub will surely respond to IDA and MDA coz these authorities will investigate into our complaints. They seems to be our only hope when it comes to star hub.
    I hope that my advice helps.

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      May 03, 2013

    What is your Facebook address ? Thanks

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  • K
      Apr 16, 2014

    How to join? Where is the link?

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      Aug 15, 2018
    StarHub - Rewards

    Dear Sir,
    See the attached screenshot.
    Is this promo a scam?

    EL Ong

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      Oct 21, 2018
    StarHub - manager of bedok mall

    Jack, the manger at bedok mall who lied to me saying that he had emailed to samsung about my issue but upon checking with samsung they said they never received his email at all.

    Do not trust this manger, jack and he should not given the post as manger. Getting a lair to be manger is a huge joke and will ruin the company.

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      Nov 05, 2018
    StarHub - The Fibre Internet connection
    Boon keng

    Dear service provider, I'm using Starhub Fibre Internet connection when I inquire about your product you have said me that it's 1gbpsfibrebroadband But the speed is very low and sometimes its not working properly. My address is #03-160 Blk15 St. George's Road Singapore 320015. I hope that you will make sure to take responsibility for this problem.

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      Nov 12, 2018
    StarHub - Unable to receive signal at work

    Dear starhub, on behalf of all my colleagues at work, I would like to make a complaint to you...They are using your service and they are not getting signal at our work place.. Recently m1 come up to install a repeater and it solved the m1 user problem ..I do hope you can ask your guys to come to have a look..
    My number is [protected]

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      Nov 12, 2018
    StarHub - Intermittent internet connection

    on January 03, 2017, I was back from a long holiday since december 18, i experienced first hand the intermittent internet connection problem my housemate was telling me about

    the internet connection is not stable, and always get disconnected,

    due to this, i cannot play online games as i am always get disconnected on the game.

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