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I went to starbucks coffee store at 30 whitlock ave, 30060 marietta today, 07/16/16, thinking to buy a package of via and claimed a free drink for my daughter. I parked my car at 12.30 pm. I was walking towards the store door when I realized I forgot my starbucks rewards card (that I have had for being loyal customers had it for around 3 years). So I downloaded starbucks apps and I knew it took longer cause my internet was slow, my daughter and I decided to walk around to kill the time (while starbucks app still loading up) instead of waiting inside the store because from my previous visits, the store was busy and no empty tables left.

When I came back to the parking lot (around 12.45 pm), I saw an orange ticket was stick on my window by eps parking services employee technician id#139. I asked one of the starbucks employee, but she did not know anything and advised me to call the number on the orange ticket. I called the number and found out that the eps employee was still in the parking lot, dealing with other starbucks customer's cars and some people regarding the same problem (I saw some cars had the same ticket).

This was the first time I got charged for parking my car at this starbucks as starbucks customer although it was not the first time I visited this store. I asked the eps employee who issued the ticket why I was charged, and he explained that any one who left the property, even though he/she bought starbuck products and left the car to go somewhere and came back to buy starbuck product again would still be charged $75 and if the customer paid to him I would be charged $50 only.

Then he showed me the warning sign. The sign is one under the tree (that some part of the signt is covered by leaves), and the others are at both entrances/exits of parking lot. However, the sign is misleading customers and tricky as in the pictures attached. On top part of the sign is printed in large size letters (warning-parking is reserved for current customers of starbucks only) and the bottom part of the sign in small printed letters saying about booting cars. (the sign in the pic look big because I zoomed it when the picture was taken).

When I asked when the eps was allowed to charge starbucks customers who parked at starbucks property, the eps gentleman said that it was after starbucks and eps had signed the contract around a couple of months ago. I was left speechless for that. I can not believe that starbucks has signed the contract to impose charges on loyal customers who park their car in their property???. This is a betrayal to loyal customers!!

My questions are how a big company like starbucks who wants their customer loyal to them treats their customers like this by signing contract with eps to charge their loyal customers for parking in their property? Does starbuck make money on this deal? I believe, starbucks will lose customers, especially on this location if there is no solution. If I am the only one who got the ticket, I would understand, but there were many customers today that got the same situation.

My expectation is, starbuck has to enforce eps parking and services to refund my money and other's. If starbucks wants to make money by doing this such business, starbucks and eps has to change the signage so it will be read clearly and not misleading. The warning in the bottom part should be printed in large size letter and moved to the top part.

Although after I had been charged $50 for waiting on starbucks app downloaded, I still bought the via coffee because that was my reason to park my car there.

If there is no resolution on this matter, I will stop patronizing starbucks and will not spend any dime on their products. I have spent hundreds bucks/year because my family is a starbucks' family. I even bought my verrissimo coffee maker in this downtown marietta store.

booted car
booted car


  • Wine Is Good Jul 18, 2016

    If you never go back there will be a parking space for someone who actually is in the building. Thank you.

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  • Cu
    Customer. Service Jul 18, 2016

    The sign is pretty simple: it must be a busy place, and starbucks is taking measures to make sure current customers are taken care of. This is the USA slow internet is not an excuse.

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  • Ab
    Abbott Hall Aug 10, 2017

    I was going by the Starbuck's parking lot on Whitlock in Marietta, Georgia when a gentleman was leaving his van with five kids in tow headed for the square. The EPS employee was less than 10 feet from his vehicle and saw him, and his grand kids leave the parking lot. I warned him just as he was leaving the property in time for him to move his vehicle. When I confronted the EPS person and asked why he did not tell the man not to leave the property he refused to acknowledge me and was very rude. I guess my intervention had cost the EPS attendant $60.00 but I least I saved this grandfather enough for a little ice cream on the square. The incident made my day! This Starbuck's policy of booting people's cars is absolutely wrong. I will never do business with the downtown Marietta Starbuck's again.

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