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J Feb 16, 2019 Review updated:

First time I bought a small cup of coffee at New Target Starbucks store. It was on February 16 around 3:30 or 4pm. Young girl a Cashier.. service with such Attitute. I was so dissapointed by that behaviour of that Cashier I put $ 10 dollars on counter to pay for my coffee. And a girl Cashier start talking about >Courtesy>.
Well. I hope that young lady stays in one work place..Being so young and have such a nasty Attitute. Now I am not going to buy coffee there and of course I will tell about it to my friends and relatives about this incident.


  • Be
    BEnchboy Feb 16, 2019

    Your grammar skills are poor. A ten year old has better grammar than you, and yet you call a grown woman a girl. I doubt all your friends will consider what this WOMAN did as rude.

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  • Mrs Bean Feb 16, 2019

    I doubt that any corporation would hire young children to handle scalding hot coffee.

    And I'd have a "nasty attitude" with you, too if you slammed money down on the counter to make me pick up. The cashies/baristas are HUMAN BEINGS?

    You don't like being mistreated, well no one else likes it either, princess!

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  • Be
    BEnchboy Feb 16, 2019

    @Mrs Bean Funny how a "child" has better manners than the adult op.

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