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Star TV India review: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

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Team Star Plus and Star India,

I hope this message and feedback reaches the creative directors and producers of YRKKH.

The show “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai” has been running since a decade now, and I was a school child back when it started. My mum loved it. But not anymore. Maybe it’s time to end it for the good.

Without beating around the bush I’ll come straight to the point. Generation 3 of YRKKH has no story now, and we as audience are confused as to what will even happen to the lead pair.

Akshara-Naitik, Naira-Kartik - these two couples have done and shown everything that YRKKH could hope for. With the third generation coming, the serial has lost its charm. It doesn’t even look like YRKKH anymore. Not even the original background scores are helping this survive.

Akshara- Abhimanyu showed a lot of promise and potential in the beginning. But the story has turned to become something else. Abhinav- Akshara are good, but they are not Abhira. Why did the makers make so many drastic changes in the plot that Abhira are irreconcilable?

They are the charm that can save this show. But the makers have completely ruined it. By introducing an actor like Jay Soni, whom the makers underestimated, they have nailed their own coffins.

Jay Soni is a good actor. Now that he is acting well, the makers don’t know what to do with him. They can’t just remove him from the serial for no good reason.

But the problem is, though he is a good actor, the show requires something else. It requires the original couple to come back to terms.

And what has happened to the family values and morals that YRKKH displayed so well in Season 1?

The show doesn’t show anything now. Whatever the writers think are “progressive” developments, they are not. Families have issues and they can be sorted out in amiable ways. And the writers definitely aren’t showing that.

This season started with a character graph of Abhimanyu and Akshara. Doctor and Singer. Aggressive and Soft. Fire and Water. Two opposite characters, but those two fell in love so deeply. They had so much potential. They loved each other, respected each other.

Now, they both are NOTHING. They have lost the essence of their character graphs.

Just look back at some of your beginning episodes. Has Abhimanyu not loved and supported Akshara many times?

So when he made such a big blunder and realised it, why couldn’t the makers reconcile them like Naira-Kartik?

It may have been old wine in new bottle, but still it’s something worth watching.

Of course, the lead pair has grown through what they have faced, but there’s no need for the writers to change their characters so drastically that they become something else, or mostly nothing.

Akshara only talks and fights nowadays. Abhimanyu only feels guilty and says sorry all the time.

Were these the leads you wanted to create? Has Akshata’s song or voice has no impact on Abhimanyu now? Don’t their hearts connect anymore in the same way? One used to get hurt and the other felt the pain…is it so easy to forget such deep love?

Just letting the makers know, if you have nothing good to show or any story that’s going to bring the families together rather than tearing them apart, it’s better to end the long running show. Don’t ruin its essence.

And also please allow the actors to leave and explore different things. They are not in the wrong. They are doing their best, and they have lots of scope. Let them go and explore their talents. Don’t bind them to a show that has nothing to offer now.

You have Harshad Chopda as your main actor! Can you get this? And look at how you bring the “best” out of him?!

He’s done better shows already and has shown what he’s capable of. So either make use of his talent well or let him go. He’s a gem.

This feedback is coming from a loyal audience of the show who are not its enemies and seek the best for it. I sincerely hope that the message and feedback are considered and not moved to trash.

Thank you.