Star Bharatnon reality of the serial to misguide the society serials like sam, dam, dand, bhed, muskan, kya hal mister panchal

R Aug 09, 2018 Review updated:

1)These serials are not presenting the real picture of the society, make them fool, is it possible in Indian culture which is patriarchal how one Member of VIdhan Sabha is blacked mailed by so called character less Mandira, it is rape on Indian culture.

2) In the same way, the KOTHA nachane wali system is abolished since your are fooling the masses. why do you do to fool the society. It demoralize the women, one woman exploits another woman.

3)The Kya Hal Mr Panchal is the most misguiding serial which generates blind beliefs and backward thoughts in the society,

I warn you to stop the above serial immediately otherwise the matter would resolved through Honorable court.


  • Aa
    Aayrakhan Aug 15, 2018

    Please start in star bharat chennel

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  • Ma
    mayag Aug 21, 2018

    Except for Nimki Mukhiya all the serials on Star Bharat are idiotic, backward and misguiding the society. Wonder how the TV board has passed them..

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  • Ev
    Evyaana Aug 31, 2018

    Dear Team,
    This muskan series is the worst series kindly take action on that every children are watching TVs mother are watching serial but whatever massage muskan serial is giving that is worst..every small child is respect each other child .you people giving worst scenario of some area its happen this kind of think.but I'm sure they give respect to their have to banned this serial either i will complaints high authority this is worst and pathetic show you people are a mother of muskan she is shamless mom who doesn't know how to protect her daughter... kindly look into this...worst show ever.

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