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Complaints & Reviews

weekly deals

On april 4th 2009 my husband printed out a weekly deal of a dell lcd monitor. was a in store order only. sale price 99.98. Went down that sunday and was told the sale is no longer running. I asked when did it end, because on the web site there was no date that stated when it would end. They said it ended last night at closing. I asked for them to show me verification of the date of sale has ended. They could not. I asked if that could honor the sale. They stated they could not. I asked for the DMs number and they only could give me the presidents number. Being a Sunday I called Monday morning. When I spoke to the presidant of the company he said if I do that for one, I need to do that for all. My response back is Yes you should because on the web site it is not stated when in store special orders end. I feel that there was no sale and it was just a way to get customers in to buy something else. Well this was for my husbands office were many people work, who all know what happened. Staples has lost me as a customer, i will be only shopping at Office Max.

  • Pa
    palmtree1 Jul 18, 2010

    I highly doubt that the president of Staples took time to talk to you about something as stupid as not reading a sale date correctly. Good luck shopping at OfficeMax, who are going out of business.

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poor customer service

I went to Staples with my mother and my sister-in-law to buy some golf pencils. The price on the shelf said...

tech support can cost you more than you know

Took my laptop in to be fixed - grinding noise /rattle - they told me it was my fan - never fixed it or replaced it or called me - went to pick it up after 1 week and the fan downright broke - system would not boot due to failue - they gave me a temp remote fan to use and my laptop slipped off the remote fan and smashed - there is no address to reach staple on the web site only email - they have never respondeed to my email - theri tech support people are incompetent and not very good at fixing things or communicating - BEWARE OF THEIR TECH SUPPORT

DON"T YOU HATE IT WHEN COMPANies DO NOT GIVE YOU THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE ADDRESS WHere you can send mail registered to have a record that you send a complaint??

  • Pr
    Prowler Sep 02, 2009

    actually I'm a tech at Staples... and we would not do this at our store... It's too bad you had this experience

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  • Ba
    Barbara Shaffer Jun 09, 2010

    In reviewing your "statement", I find it laughable at best.

    On June 3rd- Tom NEVER informed me of the east tech services. I was in fact assisted by the easy tech. Tom didn't join the conversation until the end, after the purchase was made. The bottom line, on that day it was your "tech" was the one that recommended the computer chip that destroyed my computer.

    One June 4th- your "tech" told me the chip was in backwards, and not upside down. It became apparent your West Hartford store was only interested in charging me money and not interested in doing the advertised "free diagnosis", asI was greeted by a manager, who wanted to charge me 39.99, when the supposed tech turned the chip around, on the grounds he "installed my memory" As for the "flicker". There was no response on the screen, before or after the tech opened the machine, which is why I asked for in your quote unquote "free diagnosis".(That suddenly cost 59.99) Had you honored your advertisement, we could have come to a conclusion on the spot. I went to (3) competitors of Staples, who assured me that their was no possible way the chip could be installed any other way but correctly (Office Depot, Geek Squad, and PC Ware house).

    While at Office Depot, it was noticed upon start up that my computer was beeping a diagnostic code of 1-3-3-1. Upon researching this it was discovered that the code is a signal that there was something wrong with the ram (something your "A-1 certified" tech failed to notice). This code signals something is wrong with the Ram, the ram you sold me. Since the computer was working just seconds prior to installing your defective merchandise, and nothing else was seen as wrong after your defective merchandise was installed, and the diagnosis code your tech could not be bothered to recognize, it all comes back to your defective merchandise being responsible for the disruption of my computer.

    Further, I contacted PNY, after I returned the chip to the West Hartford store. PNY has asked to see the defective merchandise. Now one would think that Staples would cooperate in this matter, if for no other reason to clear their name, as an expert is willing to examine the equipment and render an opinion.

    That couldn't be farther from the truth.

    West Hartford Staples has refused to release the defective equipment.


    1) Your defective equipment has destroyed a 5 year business, as records that were stored on the computer will never be able to be recovered.

    2) I have lost earnings because your defective equipment has caused me to miss deadlines. As for my secret shopping with Second to none, I have refused any and all assignments involving Staples, and have submitted to them a full, detailed report on exactly what occurred. Should I find that Second to none suddenly has no future assignments for me, I will hold you accountable for any and all lost earnings.

    3) It absolutely amazes me that 3 different computer specialists, who didn't compare notes, who have examined my computer themselves, all come to the same conclusion, yet when Staples is confronted by the facts, dismisses them as, "being given bad information".

    No ma'am, this is not over, and it is not going away. I think I have been very reasonable/clear as to what I expect from Staples. I will not go away until the problem is resolved to my satisfaction. I expect to be made whole, and right now that is 140.00, the cost of the replacement computer. PC Warehouse recognized the need for immediately remedy and cleaned up your mess.

    I would also advise you that should this become a legal matter (and I invite you to make it so) I will be asked why I am calling you. It would be my pleasure to explain to a judge:

    1) your faulty advertising
    2) your sale of defective equipment
    3) your poor(this is being kind) customer service abilities.
    4) the fact that you seem not to be able to speak to me directly, and that I had to call your executive offices to get any type of response
    5) my loss of earning power
    6) Your refusal to present the defective chip for examination ( something to hide??)

    Please make sure that when you "document" your dealings with me that your are truthful in your records, and try not spin a story to make you the victim in this, when in fact you are the villain.

    Barbara Shaffer

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Marshall, Stacey (Cust. Relations) <[email protected]>
    To: [email protected]
    Sent: Wed, Jun 9, 2010 7:14 pm
    Subject: Staples

    Dear Ms. Shaffer:
    I am writing to follow up with your in regards to the difficulties you experienced as a result of your attempt to do business with Staples. The matter has been investigated fully and determined that no further action will be taken by Staples pertaining to this case.
    · On June 3, 2010 you made the purchase of memory chip at our Bristol, CT store. You were greeted and personally assisted by Tom during your visit. Tom helped you locate the memory chip you needed and informed you that Staples Easy Tech does offer services to install the memory for you and you declined.
    · On June 4, 2010 you brought your computer to the West Hartford, CT store to have our Easy Tech evaluate your computer because it was not turning on. The Tech opened up the unit and after review determined that the installation of the memory chip was done incorrectly (upside down) which as a result then caused the unit not to function. Our Tech then removed the memory chip and installed it correctly which provided the machine with a flicker but it did not completely function. The Tech then advised you in order to properly repair the machine it would require a diagnostic to be performed. This service would provide the Tech with a detailed analysis of what repairs and parts it would require in order to make the unit operational.
    · Our West Hartford, CT Tech team was the initial evaluator of the unit and recognized immediately that the memory chip was installed “upside down” which caused the connector to contribute to the failure of the computer. The store fully refunded you the cost of the memory $39.99 on June 4, 2010. The stores currently do have a “Free PC Tune Up” we offer through our Easy Tech center which can be done with a fully operational unit. In your case we were not able to conduct the PC Tune Up because your computer would not boot up and therefore you were then offered the diagnostic services $59.99 in order to determine the issue.
    · On June 4, 2010 you contacted our President’s office to report the experience. It was at this time you reported that you had contacted our Mystery Shop vendor to withdraw yourself from the Staples shop. Records of your experience have been well documented along with all correspondence from all parties involved.
    Given these facts Staples will not comply with your request of compensation or replacement of your computer.

    Stacey Marshall
    Customer Relations Team Manager

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  • Ty
    tylerblk Nov 08, 2013

    I used to be a tech at staples. I felt like I was always overcharging people and felt terrible about it. People that get away with that kind of ripoffs should have trouble sleeping at night lol. I quit because my manager was the biggest jerk of all time. I was new working there, failed an audit and he threatened to come after me and my family (no joke) because I could get him fired. I called the labour board and they were okay with that. I even went to human resources too and they were okay with him. Bottom line here is that staples sucks! So do all other stores for tech work! Best contacts for you are to find a friend that knows about computers. Companies limit how much you can help your customers.

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corrupted my computer

I purchased the USB notebook card from Staple's of Lenoir, NC. This is the part that the tech at Staple's suggested I purchase in order to add more peripherals to my notebook. Never was there a mention that they should do this simple installation. When I tried to install the drivers, they only partially installed. The device barely worked and was certainly not high speed. I called Belkin and, of course, had to deal with a person in India who really did not know what she was doing. After a very frustrating time, she suggested that I uninstall the drivers and install them again from their website. I did this and once again had no success. I called again and talked with a different Indian who also could not help me. I finally gave up told her I would call back. The last time I called, I spoke with a man, also Indian, who had me to change some settings in my computer, had me to once again uninstall what drivers had loaded, and try to install again from their website. I did this, but this time it messed up my computer. All of the peripherals either don't work or are erratic and I can no longer power down the computer. Also, I can no longer uninstall the drivers that are messing up my computer.

Now the real complaint. I took the notebook card back to Staple's this morning along with my notebook and explained the problem to a tech. He said they would look at it and give me a call. About five hours later, I received a call from the tech stating that to uninstall the drivers he had to install drivers and it would cost me $29.95. I told him this was unacceptable and that I would like to speak with a manager. I was told that Bob, the manager, was busy. I immediately drove to Staple's and asked to speak to Bob. Bob did come to the front and immediately got on the defensive stating that he did not know what I might have done to my computer in loading the Belkin product and that they were not responsible. I pointed out to Bob that I bought the product from Staple's and the product caused my situation. I also told him that the last tech at Belkin that I spoke to suggested that I take the product back to Staple's and have them look at my computer.

Bob stuck to his guns and would not take care of the situation. I did return the Belkin device and got my money back. I decided that I would not leave my computer with Staple's and will take it elsewhere for repair. In my opinion, this is extremely poor customer service on the part of Staple's. If they do not stand behind the products they sell and take responsibility for problems caused by these products, then they don't understand the meaning of customer service. I have been a customer of Staple's in Lenoir for many years and have given them quite a lot of business. The new company I have joined as a senior VP uses Staple's exclusively for office supplies, but I will assure you that I will use every bit of influence I have to make sure that a new source is found for both the company and for me and my acquaintances.

  • Br
    Brent Mar 21, 2009

    I don't see how you can blame Staples for this problem. The problem lies with Belkin, not Staples. If you want them to fix your problem then there should be a service charge.

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  • W3
    w3rdz Jun 17, 2009

    Staples dose stand behind their products, but belkin is not a staples product. I would agree with staples because we don't know if the issue was due to belkin or an exsisting problem on your computer that was triggered by the driver installation. You sir, are what we call a "dumb ###" for blaming staples, who is just a middle man for many other products just like walmart, future shop, and other major stores. Be happy that they didn't charge you to look at what the problem was and next time don't blame your computer illiteracy on others.

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  • Kr
    Kristomania Nov 25, 2009

    I can buy a car from a Honda dealership, does that mean that if I can't change the oil, they'll do it for free?

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  • Si
    Silicon Style Jun 20, 2012

    Actually, the sales associates were in the wrong.

    A 69.99 fee should've been assessed first for a Diagnostic, to determine what the issue is. If it didn't install after initially calling Belkin, something in the computer may be malfunctioning, and we need to determine that.

    In addition to determining how much damage you/the Belkin support rep caused.

    Then the cost of repair/install on top of that.

    So really, 29.95? Great bargain!

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terrible experience

I purchased an HP printer from the store, and after about a year and a half, I decided I didn't like it anymore and wanted to bring it back. I went to the store and attempted to return the printer, and the manager told me it was too long after the purchase. I told him I always spent all kinds of money on all of his pens, erasers, dog food, paper, fish, etc. He had the AUDACITY to tell me I couldn't have done such a thing because the store didn't sell paper anymore. I asked him if he was calling me a liar and he said yes, and I said 'Oh yeah?', and he said 'Yeah', and I said 'Oh YEAH?', and he said 'YEAH', so I challenged him to a winner take all arm wrestling match. He said he wasn't about to make a fool of himself and that I should leave the store. I went down each aisle and told every customer I encountered how I was treated and not to do any business with the store because it was all a sham when they said they cared about the customer. The store manager became aware of what I was doing, and ordered his guard dogs to attack me. I fought them off with my bowstaff, but one of his ninja associates threw a star at me, slicing open my forearm. I said 'Ooooowww that REALLY hurt!', and before I knew what was happening, he sprayed me with noxious gas, paralyzing me. I awoke several hours later in a jail cell somewhere underneath the store where I was water boarded and forced to watch reruns of Three's Company. I managed to coerce the guard by offering sexual favors, and upon escaping, sirens went off and a trap door was released, sending me into the bowels of the store's warehouse, where I have lived for the past three years. Please, anyone reading this, save me. They have an associate who bears a striking resemblance to Joseph Fritzel, and I have reason to believe it's a robot clone of the criminal himself. Please, someone save me.

  • Ew
    ewokmaster42 Sep 12, 2010


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  • Ma
    Marge Gunderson May 04, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    OK, I call complete and total BS!! You almost had me, too, right up until nearly the end.

    No way in hell could you possibly have survived weeks of non-stop Three's Company reruns and not been reduced to a babbling, drooling, incontinent idiot.

    The very fact you can still spell and are still relatively lucid tells me this isn't true!

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not receiving award or registering my card

I took some empty ink cargridges into Staples and purchased new one. The sales clerk told me I would receive...

online fraud

Staples.com is a huge ripoff. I received a defected merchandise. They did not resend me a new order when it was 30 days guaranteed. I ordered a specific item but they sent me the wrong item. I called them and resent the item back, they overcharged my credit account without my knowledge. I still have received the actual item.

rebate, $125 claim lost / not received by staples, it was submitted as required

Staples offered a rebate of $125 online, for a Canon D320 Image Class printer / copier, for a limited period, November 9th to 15th, 2008. I made the purchase on the 9th of November, printed out the rebate form online, and paid $241.29 by credit card. I submitted ALL required documentation and the claim was mailed on November 17, 2008, well in advance of the deadline of December 15, 2008.

When I hadn't received the credit by now (mid-January), I went to Staples online rebate center to track my $125 rebate, and they showed no record of it having been submitted. When I called to speak with them, they repeated there was no record and that the rebate window was closed. Couldn't help me. I spoke with Mr. Eber, i.d. ES 0191.

I would not screw up a $125 rebate, and I followed the instructions closely. Staples has never had a problem with the $10.00 rebates, but somehow, the $125 rebate gets lost. I have copies of the rebate form, the order receipt and proof of payment, etc., with the dates shown at that time in November, but Staples will not entertain a re-submission of my claim. I would NOT have made this purchase without a rebate of this size. I have been scammed by Staples.

Can you help? Thank you.
Ray Polhill, Charlotte, NC, 704.552.8800

  • Sk
    skaman Jan 16, 2015

    The USPS has lost my rebates going to staples before. Same thing happens, you try to track your rebate, and staples has no record of it. This has happened twice to me. I contacted them, and on one occasion they admitted 'losing' my envelope, the other, no one was able to help. I now do all of my rebate offers online, you should too.

    0 Votes

failure to credit my purchases to my awards a/c

Staples - merchant number: [protected] Merchant address: 340 baychester ave Bronx, ny [protected] usa Dear...

poor quality no qc

First let me say I have given this store a lot of my business normally around $300 plus a month. I was taking...

lost package

After mailing a package at Staples usin UPS. They lost the christmas package.
Said i put wrong addres on label. I had a copy of label, date and shipping cost, plus insurance paid. After repeated calls to UPS, who said to call Staples. Tracking # was of no use. With each call I took CRS name, time of call and response. AFter 6 weks of calling both Staples and UPS. I finally searched the internet and found the president and his office phone number. I called explained the situation to his secretary, faxed all my notes, with names, responses and failure to settle this. His secretary said she would research and call me back. She did the next day. I recieved a check in the mail within 5 days for the books mailed, plus the insurance. Didn't make up for all the aggravation and time spent on the phone, but I got my money. Loacted the UPS truck driver and he admitted delivering package to wrong address.
Find the president of the company. The CEO. go straight to the source. If more people would ban together and go against these companies, maybe the customer service would get better. And I never talk to someone in another country who cannot speak English. ASk for a english speaking CSR or/ another phone # in USA. Why is it that stores in America have to have foreign phone operators?? The internet is a great resoures to find CEO's and President names and numbers of /for any company.

awful company to work for

I was recently fired from staples for refusing to lie to customers about in stock items. They wanted me to...

awful employee

Staples call center has a policy of only allowing 5 minutes a day for restroom breaks. They want you to use...

employees can share your private information.

Staples deleted backups, another backup was returned corrupt, of course data on my windows drive was gone...

bad service

I bought a laptop & warranty from Staples, since they told me they could fix or replace it at the store. When it broke, they told me they had to send it back to Acer, when I called Acer two weeks later they had no idea what I was talking about. Turns out it was shipped to Staples Customer Service. When they couldn't fix it, they passed it off to TigerDirect.com, a computer refurb company who proceeded to send me a Compaq! The latop I got is heavier, has a smaller screen, and is not as high quality as Acer. To top it all off, they made me send them MY Microsoft Office software so it could be installed on the new computer, and never did that or sent it back to me! So I'm out 190 for the warranty they passed off to TigerDirect, and 150 for Microsoft Student Office. This is not to mention that their customer service reps where not helpful at all, and constantly transfered me to different people. Don't ever buy from Staples.

  • Ih
    I hate Staples Feb 11, 2010

    I bought a laptop with warranty and they refuse to fix it and told me that it is not covered. The guy who sold me the warranty told me that they cover everything. What a joke. Never shop there any more.

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staples credit card fraud?

For the past few months, when I purchase something at Staples, after I swipe my card in the card machine, the...

terrible customer service in pinole store

I am a long time customer of the Pinole California Staples Store. As a preschool owner/director I use their copy center for relatively large copy jobs of school worksheets we use each day of each month. Heretofore, I've been very please with the customer service. If ever there were any problems they were slight and the manager on duty was more than willing the step in. As a regular customer at the copy center, I got to know the regulars and they got to know me and what to expect when I show up with my mothly work sheets.

Today, however, at the Pinole, California Staples Copy Center, I was the recepient of the worse cutomer service I have ever received in a store, hands down.

When dropped off my copy job, I was told by the clerk that they had a large job to finish and might not be able to get to my job today. I told her that I HAD to have the worksheets for school tomorrow and asked if I was willing to pick up late in the day would I be able to get my job done. She said yes, and asked if I could come in at 6:30. I agreed and left.

Approximately, 30-45 minutes later, I received a phone call from a person I believe to be named Tina at the Pinole store - who seemed to be very agitated. She told me that my copy would not be completed today and that I could pick it up the originals today, or come in tomorrow to pick up the copies. I explained my conversation with the sales clerk wherein she agreed that my job could be completed late in the day. Tina's response was she didn't know what was agreed upon between the first sales clerk and I but that my copy job wasn't going to be completed today. She stated she was calling then because "it wasn't too late." I told her it was already too late because Staples had accepted the job. And there was no one else I could find to complete it today. I asked her if there was any portion of my job that could be completed so that I could have some of it today. Tina came across as really irritaed with me. She put me on hold and came back and abruptly asked if I could come to the store at 8:00 p.m. I asked her what time the store closed and she said 9:00p.m. She said they would start my job around 4:00 and it would be finished thereafter. Feeling a little bruised but optomistic, I agreed and hung up.

I showed up at the store at 8:04 and they were closed! I gave a brief explanation of my situation to the guy at the door, Vitaliv, and he agreed to let me in. Got to copy center and asked to speak with a manager because I was unhappy with how my copy job had been handled and the misinformation Tina had given me about the closing time (I really think Tina purposely gave me the wrong time so that I wouldn't get my copies. How is it that a store employee wouldn't know when a store closed?)

Vitaliv was the on site supervisor and things went down hill from there. He approached me and before I could even get my complaint out, he told me Tina had told him all about me and how mad I was when she called me. When I attempted to explain my side of things he wouldn't listen- kept cutting me off with things he said Tina had told him. When I mentioned to him that she gave me the wrong closing time of the store, he told me flat out that I was wrong. What's worse, he told me my job had been finished early and I could have picked it up at 6:00! I asked why no one had called to inform me that my job was done (as they have always done in the past) and he shrugged. Worse yet I looked at the receipt and had been charged TWICE what I normally paid. When I attempted to ask the clerk questions to get clarification about the bill, Vitaliv interrupted the clerk and I, and told me the price was what is was. When I explained to him how I am normally billed for my job he told me I was billed more because I instructed Tina to hand feed my copies instead of using the document feeder. Not true and doesn't make sense. Why would I WANT to pay more for copies? I settled for paying only for the copies I need for class this week and told Vitaliv that I would be speaking to his manager tomorrow.

I am BLOWN AWAY by treatment I received in store today. Tina came across as harried, irritated and frustrated (perhaps overworked.) While I think her phone call was ill advised (she should have clarified things with her co-worker before calling me) Vitaliv was just plain nasty. He'd formed an opinion about me without having all of the facts and made it clear he couldn't care less about my concerns.

I spend a lot of money in the store and am a regular customer. I deserved better treadment today.

  • Hi
    hippie_chick Nov 29, 2010

    I work at a staples copy center, and I hear cases like this all the time. A customer comes in, asks to get a job done by a certian time, and is extreamly unhappy when they leave becasue we tell them it can't be done right away. People just need to plan ahead, if I have 7 other jobs that belong to customers with the same story about being on a time crunch, how am I supposed to get everyones job done?.. What people need is patience. Thus being said, I do NOT condone the eleged actions of that employee or that manager. We try to assist all of our customers in a way which will make everyone happy!

    1 Votes
  • Je
    JenJenJen Jul 16, 2011

    Dude, I have the same type of problem with Staples' managers, my order was for laminating 3 of my diplomas, and the girl at the copy center destroyed two diplomas during paper feeding because she wasn't paying attention to her work, I end up talking to their onsite manager Candace and she agreed to reimburse me for the cost of getting my diploma reprinted.

    The problem started with another manager by second week I drop by with copy of form/invoice that I have for the diplomas reprinted cost, but guess what the second manager Lorie DiGiacinto lies to me and say staple will never do a reimbursement because those diplomas were too big for the laminating machine (it only 12x17 inch document) and too fragile (its new diplomas, not even a month old, its a high quality paper and they consider it to be fragile), and she say staples were not responsible for damaged documents because they have warned me about large document can't be for lamination, WTF her employee at the copycenter NEVER told me about the large document issue, either the employee lied to her manager about her talk (warning) with me or the manager are covering for the employee by BLAMING THE FAULT ON ME (the consumer) for bringing in such a large document for lamination. ###ing Staples, I hope they go bankrupt like circuit city for ### customer service!

    btw mine happened at 1631 wesel blvd., hagerstown, md 21740, I have filed a report on BBB and filed complaints on their site as well as other complaint websites, I want spread to spread my complaints and I am warning people not to bring in any precious time piece documents to staples copy center because if they destroy the documents, they will blame on you for bringing the document to them.

    1 Votes
  • Ri
    RichardBrowneteam Feb 04, 2014

    I have personally shopped at that location and can assure you that this individual "sonja" is one of the yappies that thinks that they are entitled to everything and expect people working there to bent over backwards in trying to please them just cause. Employees and managers aren't there to kiss ### of lying ### customers trying to pull a fast one on them. Great job staples team for taking out the trash. You don't need those kind of customers.

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ups lost my package and refused to pay up insurance!

I had my Psp with a broken screen shipped through their UPS shipping center. It was shipped to...

fraud and scam

Bought a GPS unit $269.00 took it in for warranty battery dead and not locating satellite. I had purchased...

I am very dissapointed with them

I own mio c310x and I just purchased mio update and try to install it. However after many attempts it will not recognize the usb cable and after using different computers it still gave the same error. I reset the gps and turn it on and asked to re-install the original program which I try but it kept asking for the serial number and again it will not recognize it. I called Staples where I had purchased the equipment and the 2 year warranty. They prepare a case # and asked me to send it to Cyber Test for repairs. After 2 weeks I received the gps un-repaired. As per their report the it was un-repaired due to fatal software crash and the warranty does not cover it after only having the gps for 1 year. I call Staples store and they will not replace the equipment. They suggested to contact the manufacture to see if you they will replace it or have it fix. I am very disappointed with Stpales store and their warranty department. If a warranty is still in good standing it should be fixed or replaced with no ifs or buts.

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    Jeffrey Nov 08, 2006
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    A copy of email:

    Dear consumer advocate:

    My name is jeffrey rutzky, and I am a consumer.

    Recently I had a terrible experience at staples that exposed unjust pricing and competitive practices among the three retails-serving arms of the corporation: staples stores, staples.com, and staples
    Catalog sales via their 800 number.

    I was able to contact a competent and sympathetic executive customer relations department at their corporate offices in framingham, ma, but all they could do was pass my concerns up the ladder, and offer to iron out wrinkles relative to my order.

    I put together a document (Attached pdf) that summarizes some of the inconsistencies and unfriendly practices that seem to contradict any major corporation's desire to serve its customer base, not to mention its bottom line.

    Please help me help them change their corporate policies and misleading business practices. Their customer-available policy statements clearly misrepresent advertising (Specifically their 110%
    Price match guarantee) in such a way as to be considered illegal.

    Should you wish detailed information regarding my order nightmare and discovery process, I am available anytime to discuss this with you.

    Thank you for your time and consideration,


    New york, new york

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    Kelly Taber Nov 15, 2008
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    Finding prices different from one market to the next? Hmm could that possibly be because each market is different? Sometimes in store prices are different from online prices. Prices between stores can even be different because different economies apply. If you have an account with Staples you should have what’s called set pricing. Set pricing is pricing placed by your businesses needs. If you are a print shop for example you would get better pricing for paper. If you would like to be charged the best price, do you homework. Check the price of your item at each division and present that pricing when you check out by a print out or ad. If it is their own pricing I am sure they will honor it.

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    Clarence dortch Feb 02, 2012
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    Dear Sir, I am writing to complain about the way I was treated at your on 01/31/2017 3:44PM at the Hoover, Al 35226 1694 Montgomery Highway sale # 1610200 1 001 72150 (1201). was ask to slid my debit card, which I did . The the lady then ask me for my reward card, I told her that I did not have it with me. She then ask for my phone number which I gave her, Then her Co.-workers gather around the counter. Then she put a hold on my debit card . Then she had me to fill out some personal imformation on a reward card application beror they would accept my debit card. I am black and the other people were white. I Am going to check with a lawyer, because the people did was illegal because you ask me for proof of who I was and not the white people. I am tried this . My name is Clarence Dortch 2180 Quail TRL brimingham Al 35216, P>S. I am 67 years old never stole anything in my life. I have never been so insulted.

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