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I received an email from Sprint in Sept of 2018 telling me I was eligible to upgrade all my lines. I have 5 lines on my plan and have been with Sprint since October of 2015. I went to our local Sprint store and upgraded 3 of my lines as my wife and one daughter weren't available. I had phones that I was leasing for $10/month for 2 lines and $15 per month for the 3rd line I was upgrading. Promotion was for $10 per month per line. This was the 3rd time I upgraded with Sprint, so I know they always charge you the regular price and then a credit shows up a couple months later retroactive to your upgrade date. 3 months went by with no credit. Chatted with customer service. Rep told me he'd have someone call me the next day. No call back. I go on vacation. Come back from vacation and chat again with customer service. Told me if I go to the store, the manager will definitely be able to fix this. Go to the store, they have no manager currently. They call customer service while I'm there. After 45 minutes, rep transfers us to a different department. Put on hold and then disconnected. Store says they'll send issue to their acting superior to resolve. Never hear anything. Call customer service and go thru this again. Again told they can't find this promotion, but will research and call me back. No call back. Now on the phone with 2 different reps and now a supervisor. They keep saying they can't find any email promotion from this time frame and unfortunately I didn't keep/can't find a copy. My response is why would I upgrade from a perfectly good phone that I was paying $10 a month for to a different phone that I would have to pay $41.67 per month for (times 3 phones!) Plus, why would I spend countless hours over 6 weeks chatting and calling customer service if I hadn't received the promotion? Now on hold for 10 minutes with supervisor who I'm sure will have no resolution. Anyone else get an email promotion to upgrade in Sept/Oct of 2018?


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      Jun 22, 2019

    No, maybe you didnt read it properly, if you can read, and it was for a new line of service...

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