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Rude foreign customer service agents with Sprint (TeleSales Department). Was trying to order a Sprint phone with a new account. The agent was either Indian or Philippine accent, was very rude stating that Sprint has no overnight shipping available. Will not be getting Sprint. Hey! Sprint, Hire American people who speak good English and not some Asian trash. Oh, and one more thing, you just lost a potential customer!


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    befeelin bad Aug 15, 2014

    I request for a transfer from Sprint phone co . To AT&T since July 19 until today Aug. 15 still didn't transfer.
    They Keep telling me to call from AT&T and AT&T keep telling me to call Sprint .
    None of the two co. Knows what is the problem.
    I am the one playing their salary . And they keep on telling to call their other co. And they don't know what happen
    Where can I bring this problem to .

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    befeelin bad Aug 15, 2014

    Sprint didn't let me transfer my phone to AT&T . Sprint told they don't know why they don't let me transfer . At&t send the request July 20 till now today is Aug.15 still not transfer . I have pay both AT&T and SPRINT .Where can I complaint to .
    I am the one paying their salary . They have no right to stop me transfer my phone. They have very bad service any way.

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    grsrgs Nov 29, 2016

    I have been with Sprint for a long long time and I called in the Black Friday weekend to see if they offer any good deals to stay back with Sprint. The TeleSales person on Sunday was very helpful and setup two of my phones for upgrades with the offer to which I am eligible for.Unfortunately the setup was not complete and I got disconnected. So I called back on Monday and they kept me transferring from Customer Service to TeleSales back and forth and I was told that the customer service office is closed and I have to talk them on Tuesday. When I called on Tuesday, I was again transferred from Customer care department to TeleSales and I had encountered the worst person (Ryan) to talk to in this world. He said initially only one phone was setup with the offer that was provided and few minutes into the discussion, he started saying I am not eligible to get any discounts as I did not get the deals finished in the weekend and when I asked to connect me to his supervisor, he put me on hold for several minutes and started saying that all the supervisors are busy and its up to me whether I take it or leave it with no offer price. He is so pathetic that he started me correcting the time I stayed with sprint like you are only with us for the past 17 and half years and not 18 or 19 years as you were saying.
    !!! Beware of this guy named Ryan from TeleSales. Don't even waste a single minute of your time if he starts talking to you.!!!
    I am planning on moving away from SPRINT after 17 and half years because of horrible and miserable experience I had to go through with their TeleSales and Customer Care who are not in sync with each other. GOD save them...
    I hope they take the complaints from me and others on this page seriously.

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