Sprint PCSbilling problems and horrible customer service


I have been with Sprint PCS since 2003 and previously before that from [protected]. I have never had any issues other than long wait time for calling customer service up until 2 months ago. Everything has been awful. In April 2007 I added my boyfriend's phone line onto my account and took a family plan. We then each purchased a new phone. Upon purchasing the phone the sales rep. specifically asked, "is this phone for the phone line ending in 5477?" and "is this for the phone line ending in 7985?" Yes was my reply. When I switch my plan to the 550 min. family plan for $59.99 and added 300 texts messages for $5.00 per line, I was never told about anything other than all this I just mentioned. A couple of days later, when our phones came in, I called to activate them. The first call I made, I was on the phone with them for almost an hour and they were unable to activate my phone at that time, saying something about their systems refreshing or whatever terminology they use. They told me to call back in one hour. During this first call I was able to activate my boyfriend's phone (line ending in 7985). I didn't understand why mine couldn't be done. I call back a little over an hour later and during this call I find out that my phone has been programmed to another number-apparently a 3rd line that was added without my permission and without my knowledge. I told them that I was never told about this line. Also, come to find out that the $32.09 I paid isn't the only balance I owed. It wasn't free as I was told, it was only free with the 3rd line, in which I was NEVER told. So then they charged me the full $179.99 for the phone. They gave me my credit of $75 since I had my old phone for 1 yr. and another credit of $25 for the inconvenience of waiting 2 hours on the phone for them to figure out what happened. In total, I got a $100 credit. Everything was fine from that point, and my bill online showed I was in credit of $23 and some change. May's bill rolls in and I see I am being charged $566.31. WHAT!? Ok, my boyfriend and I understood that we went over on the texts and mins., but not $566.31 worth. I called to resolve this issue. I spoke to about 2 reps. I was told they pro-rated my texts, so in all reality I didn't receive 300 texts, and this was after I was asked if I wanted it to become effective immediately. No one told me they would do this. Then I had a charge of $198 and some change for the 3rd line I never used. The phone was only $179.99 and I had a $100 credit PLUS the $32.09 I already paid. I thought I paid the previous balance of $100 because I also knew I would be changing my plan. They told me I didn't and that was another reason why my bill was so high. but the credits were not applied to May's bill as they were supposed to, it was towards April's bill which was already in the middle of the billing cycle. No one did anything to resolve the issue, until I spoke to a gentleman around 5/15/2007. He told me that if I kept my balance under $180, he would waive the late fees PLUS $100. And all of this would be applied to June's bill. I changed my texts to unlimited in which he offered to me at $20 for both lines. Last week I receive my bill for June. The total due was $364.55. Are these people kidding me? I looked and I didn't go over my minutes or texts because texts are unlimited. I also didn't see my $100 credit like I was told. I called to get everything straightened out and I have spoken to 3 different reps and emailed 2-3 different reps as well. no one will help me, and they pretty much make it out to be like I am lying. But I even have this guys rep. number. I told them, "I don't have 2-3 hours of my time to sit here on hold or arguing over a phone bill." I was then told that my unlimited texting was prorated. How can you prorate something that is unlimited? I work as an assistant manager at an apartment community and we prorate a lot here. How is it possible? After that I found out that they were charging me $20 per line for unlimited texts and a few days prior, online showed $10.65 per line. When I asked about it, the $20 for all phone lines is for the 700 min. plan in which I was never told nor did it show up, like I said, a couple days prior it was $10.65 per line for unlimited texts. The whole point in getting a family plan is that when I was on the individual plan my bill ran about $65-$100 a month. Being on a family plan it would be about $50-$60 at the most per person. But in this case we have dished out almost $1000 in 2 months for reasons being unknown. The charges that they making up I presume. I am tired of blowing my money on this bill, even my rent is cheaper and I live in a luxury apartment community. This is just getting out of hand here. They are charging me out the wazoo and getting away with it. I have never paid so much money out to a cell phone company in such a little span of time. I have reported them to the FCC, FTC, and BBB. I shouldn't have to call every month to clear up a bill, they are just draining me of my money.


  • Ig
    Igor T. Dec 05, 2008

    I could write a book on my nightmare customer service experience with Sprint.

    I’ll give you the short version:

    1) I Made the mistake of buying a Blackberry from a Sprint Telemarketer. I travel extensively, and was in need of a new phone so I was actually glad the guy called. He told me that Sprint was offering a special price with rebates galore. Hey, Sign me up! I purchased the phone using a Visa card. The phone I ordered was the wrong one so I went to the Sprint store to excange it for an upgraded
    Blackberry World Phone. The store didn’t have one in stock, however the clerk kindly handed me their phone to order it from another department. The clerk then did an exchage using my Visa at the cash
    register, and my new phone arrived at my home two days later. Cool.

    2) Since I’m not exactly a tech-savvy phone genius, I returned to the Sprint store to get some help setting up my new Blackberry. They were marginally helpful, however they got me fixed up nonetheless.

    3) I chose the Blackberry World Phone because as I said, I travel extensively. I was leaving for China in a few days and just as I do every month, I dial *3 to pay my Sprint bill. I was a bit shocked when the lovely robo-woman told me that my new balance was $1100.00! As I said, I purchased one phone, exchanged it for another, all on my Visa card. My normal phone bill is around 100.00 per month, and now I’m looking at an $110.00 phone bill! I called “customer service” immediately to get to the bottom of it.

    Oh my God! I spent two days, and a total of 9 hours on the phone dealing with one idiot after another. In two days, I spoke with 29 different people. I was hung up on, mysteriously disconnected with, put on perma-hold, and treated like dirt by these evil mutants employed by Sprint. I was yelled at, called a liar, insulted in a half a dozen other ways, and still nobody could figure out why my phone bill was $1100.00.

    I had only two days to go until I’m on a plane for China, and I’m going through a living hell with Sprint!

    On the third day, I return to the Sprint store to try to resolve the issue. The manager of the store dialed some kind of secret magical number and handed me their phone to speak with some big chief, or the “King of Sprint”, or whatever. The guy was very pleasant, and tried to help me unravel the whole mess. Turns out, I was charged for three phones. They charged my Visa bill, and there were overlapping charges on my Sprint bill. He credited me for part of the damage, however I was told that the credit for $700.00 on my Sprint bill wouldn’t show up until my next montly statement.

    At this point, I was just happy to know that I had a working telephone to take to China, and I was glad to know that the issue was more or less resolved. Had I not been on such a hectic travel schedule, I would have dropped Sprint immediately.

    4) One month later: I return from China, dial *3 to pay my Sprint bill, only to hear robo-woman’s voice telling me that I’m past due for the amount of $700.00. Now, I’ve never been late with paying my Sprint bill. In fact, I usually pay early. I’ve been a loyal Sprint customer for eight years.I didn’t use my phone in China, except to answer annoying messages from Sprint which I was recieving daily.(Apparently, when you have an open dispute with them, they try to annoy you into submission by hounding you to death across the globe. You can run, but you can’t hide!)

    So once again, rather than go through another two days of degradation trying to resolve anything on the phone with “customer service”, I drive to the Sprint store. During my jet-lagged attempt to get some answers from the guy in the store, I was told that this was somehow my fault because “we told you it would take a month for the credit to show up on your statement”. He also suggested that I pay the bill, even though I don’t owe them money, and wait until yet another month goes by for the billing department to straighten it out. Rather than get violent with the guy, I marched out of there and promtly called “customer service” again to see if I could find some answers.

    Finally, I get someone who isn’t on drugs to speak with. The “supervisor” more or less got it straightened out.

    It’s been almost three months, and I’m still waiting for that rebate.
    Never did get that “special offer”. After the mental anguish Sprint put me through, they should give me free phones and free service for life. I would drop Sprint, however I’m in China again this month. As grueling as my travel schedule is, I don’t have time to change service right now. Whenever I can take a break, dropping Sprint is high on my
    to-do list!

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  • Valerie Jun 03, 2016

    My current account with you is billed electronically automatically.

    I ended my account for phone # 614-678-1152 a long time ago. After I closed the account I received a bill from you guys saying that I still owed money, even though I closed the account. I paid that bill with you guys telling me the account was closed and there would not be any more bills. Then months later I received another bill and again I inquired how I was getting billed when the account was closed and you guys said it was before the account was closed which I inquired why would I pay my ending balance and there still be a balance after the account closed. Without it making any sense as to why I was billed I paid it off to be done with. Then a couple of months pass and again I receive a bill, this time I'm pretty sure after two times there is no way I still owe money to you for a closed account that I repeatedly paid for and was told both times there was not any more balances due. So I call the collection agency and the guy threatens me with ruining my credit report and that Sprint is a large company that I can't fight. I tell him there is no way I owe any more money so he supposably tranfers me to Sprint. The sprint lady says I do have a remaining balance and I tell her that is not possible and she comes back and says it is from a balance before the account was closed, which by the way I was automatically billed to my credit card so there is no way I could have an outstanding balance, let alone twice. Now I am getting another bill, which there is no way I am paying this one.

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  • St
    steve20000 Jun 03, 2016

    the same thing has happened to me twice...the first time a discontinued service on a landline and found out months later they never discontinued my service at all...and sprint ran up a big bill on me that went to collections and ruined my again...i discontinued service on a sprint usb connection for my computer and it took me 3 days and over 6 hours on the phone before i finally talked to a person that says she put my account to zero that i owe them...i asked for a clearance letter from sprint that excludes me from any further charges and she said she would get that out to me in the i get a letter saying i can make payments on the bill they say i owe???...omg...i cancelled my service feb 11 2012...the billing date they want my money for is from feb 20 untill march 19 they do this to everybody?...i was not even under contract with sprint for my computer connection and was told by sprint i could cancel my service anytime i wanted...what can an individual do?...i cant afford to be on the phone for 2 or 3 hours a day trying to make them understand my case which is actually very do they get away with this?

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