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I tried to cancel my Sprint/Nextel cellular service today. Sprint/Nextel refuses to cancel as requested and states they will delay the cancellation to the end of the billing cycle. I insisted that they cancel my service effective immediately only to get hung up on by their customer service rep. I called back later and insisted they cancel effective immediately, guess what - was hung up on again. This is a scam by Sprint/Nextel to charge for cancelled services. If you choose to do business with Sprint/Nextel, good luck trying to cancel. I would strongly suggest you do your homework - there are numerous complaints about this company when it comes to the ability to cancel. My contract wasw fulfilled and they still refuse to cancel as requested. There are good cellular companies out there, no one needs to put up with this garbage. If this company tries to attack your credit, dispute it with TRW (there is mention on the web by one patron that TRW is aware of Sprint/Nextel's faulty business practices and will work with you on removing this from your credit report).


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    avintel Jun 03, 2016

    Sprint automatically started charging me for text messages and data after 2 years of it being included in my plan. I have called them 34 times over the past 8 months since i found out. they only show records of 3 calls since I made them from land lines and I have my phone bill as proof. they show no record of *2 calls, nor do they show on your sprint bill (convenient for sprint). all calls last 1hr30min. then they disconnect me. I have made it through twice to find out that i have been charge $151 EXTRA every month for a year. I have been complaining & they tell me they will fix it and the next month, the same thing happens. AND they never issue the credit.

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  • Sh
    Shannon36535 Jun 03, 2016

    sprint has won the worst customer service in america a number of times. I switched to alltel and loved them now they have been bought out by verizon . so far so good.

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  • Ro
    Rob A Jun 03, 2016

    Sprint/Nextel has degenerated to a third-world quality phone service. It's gone down the drain since the merger in 2005. Avoid them at all costs!

    Watch this humorous video that includes an actual voice mail greeting by a frustrated Sprint/Nextel customer:

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  • An
    Anna0778 Jun 03, 2016

    Sprint sent me a jabra headset which I did not order. I sent the headset back with the return kit they sent me.

    It is 8/20 and they are telling me they never received it. I told them the tracking number and now they are telling me it does not match. They are very lazy and don't even go the extra step to call their warehouse to find the package.
    They are horrible and I am writing a letter to BBB about this issue.

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