Sprintdisabled phone

D Aug 14, 2018

My iphone 7 is disabled, it was brought into a sprint service store as well as the apple store . On both occasions getting the device open was unsuccessful. Upon leaving the apple store I was told by a Tech from the store the iphone 7 has a hardware defect. I've done my research and found a few complaints about the phone getting disabled. 8-13-18 i spoke with a sprint customer care rep about resolving the issue but the only concern from each rep i spoke with was that my account is almost due or i should do a claim. My question is why should i file a claim on disabled phone paying almost the amount of my phone bill? each rep over talked me and could not answer my question as to getting this device replaced. I've been a customer since 2005 and trying to get a resolution for this is beyond tiring to me. A resolution is what im seeking from this email.

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