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Cell phone service

I have been with Sprint as a customer since 2002. As soon as my current contract is over I will be getting another carrier. Their customer service sucks. In November 2019 I started having problems getting and making calls. I called Sprint and they said their was a problem with the tower in my area. Continued to have problems the tested my phone and said everything was fine. Went back two weeks later this time they said it was my antenna on my phone. Canned me into upgrading my phone with another contract fir service. Went hone with the new phone and the problem was the same. I have been on the phone constantly with them. They keep telling me my tower is fine. Finally asked where my tower was and it not near my home. They sent me a signal booster. But it has to be set up on a high piece of furniture by a window. Don't own a high piece of furniture. Also the paperwork says there is a $45 restocking charge. I purchased a disposable phone it has no problems getting a signal at my house. When my contract is up, I am going to find a new carrier. Oh and I gave my old phone to a friend that is with Verizon and it's working perfectly for her. Still wasting time on hold with them trying to return this thing that Is just another unnecessary piece of equipment. Of course they didn't tell me about the need for it to be on a high piece of furniture.

Cell service and customer service

Sprint is horrible. 1st off the service on my cell was so bad I had to pay a ton of money to get away from them and move to another network. Second the customer service was so horrible, I had to speak to 3 people and it took me 2 hours to cancel my account in Dec. Then I get a notice of collections, no letter, no phone call, God knows they had my number. Nothing!!
Then to top it off, I am waiting to cancel this service that was supposed to be cancelled for 3 more hours on the phone with multiple reps and no one is worth a darn. Mostly, don't even speak English. Finally get it straight and they say, oh because we gave you a credit, you have to call back and waste more time to cancel the line that was left open, we can't do it now. How awful is this service! The worst I have ever had.

Sprint, black milking a big cheater

Over 3 years I 'm with sprint. last couple mount, when my contract was over, for 4 line cellphone my bill it wa 180 dollars,. when my contract was ending I got e-mail for up dating, I sighn up and the send me new chellphon with retun envelop for old phon. I active new phons and send old phone to them,. and my bill payment due date it wa 16 or 18 of each mount. first bill it was arount 189, in secound mount, thired day of mounth I got over 500 $ and my phon stoped for not pay ment, first of morninng I have had emrergincy call, my phone not workin, call the sprint, they said u have to pay a portion, then we can oppen your phone, I paid a portion, to make that emergincy call, and paid around 400 next days. again I got bill amount of 700, and my acount stoped again...


I have been with sprint for years. I am currently wondering why am I still with Sprint? I have had my phone for over two years and own it but am looking at getting a new one. to add a new line you can get a great deal on a phone but to upgrade nothing??? i changed my tv servce because of this so I guess its time for phone switching. Does customer retention not matter anymore?

sign up bonus

In November I was told and shown in the computer that I was to receive $200 for 2 phones with a business account. I have recorded 5 phone conversations in a span of a month inquiring about having never received it. On each phone call as well as 3 visits to the store, I was told that I will get, that they don't know why I didn't get it, and that I will get a call back from the store manager. To this day I have never received a call back from anyone. Two days ago I requested the regional manager's number but they refused.
Therefore I will be filing in small claims court if the $ is not receive by Feb. 15, 2020.

Sincerely, Mickey Velen [protected]

sprint phone bill's

I was promised a third party employee discount recieved confirmation email in october after sending in proof that within two weeks discount be on my bill . No recieved 10 perks discount . Called in end of december talked to supervisor given email said I'd get response in three days nothing. I have the paper I recieved at work promised if switched to sprint . 30 one line 20 for next no I pay anywhere from 150 to almost 300 one month. I have the emails that is false advertisement. I switched my mom and several friends and a neighbor all been overcharged . Service is awful

sprint phone bill's

phone service overcharges and lease payment

when i switch from a another carrier I was told i would have reliable service. and after month after month trying to resolve and it still didnt they said if i sent everything back i would not be charged. yet they lied.
we tried to resolve for ...after air wave replacement of device. to majic box. I was told i would not be charged lease payments .and then i get a 410 bill/ they got all there products all those months i spent paying and not having phone service. I was told repeatedly i would not be charge. I have the reference numbers to the agreement time and date/ one says they say it get a bill not they dont but i protected myself and have the whole conversation recorded from a sprint manager. This is crazy i paid month after month on service and lease sent everything back. told me i would only owe 26 and the bill keeps going higher and now they cant find the transaction. Well i have the proof and a cmpany should not lie and say they would not charge then they do then you spend another month resolving to be right back where you are started. I did my end. they should honor there word.

I can submit recording but it has my personal information. if needed and it wont have my public information of my address and stuff.

pissed off consumer

customer service & billing have no idea what they are doing & continue to screw us over

We signed up to get Sprints Black Friday deal to lease 5 phones for $95/mo. We got the phones & started the service up, which has been pretty good. The problem came when we got our first bill & were charged over $300 for the service. We immediately got in touch & asked someone why we were not get the special we signed up for. They said it was a mistake & they would fix it. Next month same bill came for over $300. We got in touch again. They said they were sorry & would reimburse us the overcharges & be sure to fix it. We got the reimbursement in our account & then got one of the phones on our family bill turned off because of "non-payment". We got in touch again & they said we were short our payment (by the amount they had just reimbursed us days before). We explained that they reimbursed that from our overcharge & explained the situation & they said no, there is nothing they could do, we need to make the full payment & that our payment should be over $300/mo. We are going insane dealing with the customer service, over charges & complete lack of knowledge of even their own promotion! This company is in need of some serious training & needs to get their billing straightened out!

iphone xs max promotion

Back in September of 2018 I switched to Sprint to take advantage of an Iphone XS Max promotion. Per the terms of the promotion and the contract I signed, I was only to pay the tax on the phone and receive a $41.67 credit monthly for 18 months. At the end of the 18 months I would then be able to purchase the phone for the remaining balance. EVERY month I have had to take time out of my day to call Sprint to get my $41.67 credit as each billing cycle has 'conveniently' omitted this discount and been in breach of contract!!! I'm continually told that it was a 'glitch' in the billing cycle. How is it they're unable to rectify this 'glitch'?? If Sprint isn't going to honor their promotions, why do they even bother to offer them?!?? Are they assuming that I won't check my bill to see their error? As soon as this phone is paid off I'm going back to AT&T. This is ridiculous!

cellular phone services

My daughter and grandkids move in with us and we found ourselves with a need for five cellular phone service. My wife and I had service with Verizon for more than eight years and had a very good plan but it would be to expensive to add three more lines.
We found this offer on line about Sprint. Five lines unlimited data, text, and calls for $100.00 pluse $100.00 gift certificate for each phone transferred to Sprint from Verizon.
I gave all the information on line and follow up via "chat" to confirm the availability of our phone numbers and compatibility of cells. After about two hours on the chat and phone, I was told to go to the store just to pick up the new phones and additional chips. When we get to the store, the Sprint agent could not activate the lines and asked us to call support from the store. Sprint support started asking the same questions I already answered and were not able to process the account. No explanation given.
The store agent said it was easier to just open a new one under my wife's name. We did and requested 5 lines under the unlimited basic. We did not ask for email statements and even the sales person recommended not to auto mate anything until we get the first statement. We did not get any statements and could not register on line since we did not have an account number.
I started calling them, afraid that the account will be past due and services cut off. Finally, I get in touch with someone out of the US and after a long explanation, I was able to make them send me a copy of the statements.
I paid the first month just to prevent any additional problems. After checking the second one I found unrequested services and charges. Also, as of today, we still have not received the $200.00 gift cards.
Their phone services is really bad, call s are dropped in the middle of the conversation, data is not available if not on wifi, and we are boing charged additional services not requested.
On top of everything, I was told there is no customers service for Sprint in the USA.


I have worked with Sprint since July of this year to correct my bill. I have many pages of notes were I was on hold for hours with NO correction. My account was hacked and 3 phones and a tablet were ordered. Federal agents made me aware the phones were in Africa. Yet my bills has been one crazy messed affair. Many so called supervisors on customer service line insulted me and placed my service on hold that it was awful. NO one descerves this treatment. A fraud case was filed and I ws tod to pay my normal charges, whih I did and yet my service was placed on hold many times. I have paid moe than $99/ month and feel Sprint owes me. A local manager found about $300 in harges made by other pones on my accoun. Please explain. I met my contract agreement and left Sprint NEVER to return. I ask this be investigated by someone with knowle dge, maybe fraud department. This is NOT my bill. Account #[protected]
D.Wells [protected]

salespersons offering ineligible plans; bait & switch

I contacted Sprint on December 8th to correct a billing issue on my Sprint service (which resulted in a $4.99 credit) and at that time we received a sales offer from the Sprint Representative ($25 per line for 18 months and a free iphone 11) to port our daughters' two lines. The Sprint Representative stated that the offer would expire January 6th. We contacted Sprint a day or two later to move forward with porting the two lines with the stated offer, and they indicated there was no such offer. They then offered to port our 2 lines at my existing kick-start rate plan @$20 (Mary, Sprint Representative - 12/16). We called the next day to move forward with the plan and Sprint again said that particular offer made was not valid. On Dec 18th, we called to complain about these misleading offers, and were transferred to TeleSales who said they could honor transferring the two lines at my existing kick start plan of $20. The Sprint TeleSales representative (Jeff) said I could add up to 5 lines on my existing rate, so we could move forward. I confirmed the $20 rate with Jeff three times prior to migration and he confirmed that the two lines would be charged at $20/$15 with autopay. The conversation was recorded so you can listen to the entire call (4 hour call). Jeff then called Virgin Mobile and cancelled our accounts with them so Sprint can migrate the 2 accounts. He then came on the line and said that they couldn't honor the two accounts at the rate of $20/$15 and I had to pay $20 more per month per line (@$35 kick-start rate) as the system would not accept this rate. Jeff didn't do this on purpose but the effect is essentially that he baited us to switch based on the premise of a low rate which he could not honor after we had already cancelled and transferred our lines to Sprint. We then contacted Virgin Mobile to reinstate our two accounts but they could not process for three days and we would not be guaranteed the rates from our prior plan. Jeff offered a $50 credit which doesn't cover the on going increase in monthly plan from what we paid at Virgin. We ultimately had to port back to Sprint as our daughters could not personally and professional be without their phones for 3 days due to Sprints error.

Jeff's supervisor, Ejie Rebuyas, refused to speak to us, when we requested to speak to him a number of times to request a higher credit. I'm certain he didn't understand why we were requesting a higher credit or just didn't care. We are paying for Sprints mistakes and no one at Sprint would accept responsibility. We are paying $20 more a month than our prior situation at Virgin Mobile. We have spent over 12 hours with Sprint on the phone (and you can review all the phone notes). What an extreme waste of time for your company and ourselves. I asked Jeff to ask his supervisor for a $240 credit to cover one year of extra expense but the request was declined by the supervisor who was even too busy to speak to us. We are requesting additional credit of $190 for the waste of time and additional incremental costs we are incurring. I sincerely hope it isn't Sprints' intent is to bait customers with plans that don't exist but it appears that way.

Account # [protected]

deleted pictures and videos

> To whom it may concern:
> I've been a customer with Sprint for at least over 20 years. On Monday December 2, 2019 my family and I upgraded our phones and
> received iphone 11 at Sprint store located at 7332-B West Colonial Dr. Orlando Florida 32818.
> Employee Andre was kind enough to help us through the process. I traded in my Iphone 10 which was not backed up through icloud.
> My old iphone 10 was left inside the store overnight in order for the icloud to be backed up and receive all my phone information to transfer into
> my new phone. When I arrived Tuesday December 3, 2019 I saw Sprint employee Andre who instructed another Sprint employee
> named Flavio to make sure my iphone 10 icloud was backed up completely. Without checking Flavio was quick to say it was all completed.
> I asked Flavio to double check and he stated yes it's all done and backed up. All your pictures and information are all backed up.
> When I checked my phone I said to Flavio that my apps are missing. He said they can be downloaded manually which is what
> he started to do but wasn't completed and he said that I didn't have to wait as it will download through 4G. I expressed my concern that I wanted all my pictures
> and he said yes you have all your pictures, they are all in icloud. Flavio instructed me to put my passcode on my old phone to erase the information and
> I followed his instructions with the belief that he knew what he was doing. When I checked my new phone I said to Flavio that all the
> pictures are not on my phone. I asked Flavio if he deleted my old phone prematurely and he said yes with a look like he did something wrong.
> At this time I walked over to Andre and I stated that Flavio erased my phone information and my pictures and videos are not updated. Andre asked Flavio
> What did you do? They tried a second time to upload my pictures and videos through icloud with no success. The store assistant store manager by the
> name Q told me that the phone was not completely backed up and all my pictures and videos are lost. Now that I'm home I noticed that all my old apps are missing as well.
> I just returned from a 3 week cruise in Italy, Rome, Spain, Portugal, Barbados, Saint Marteen, Port de France and Puerto Rico and all my pictures and videos are all
> lost due to the negligent error of Sprint employee Falvio. I am in process to seek legal attorney advice to sue for this loss and I am requesting this complaint is brought to management and corporate office.
> I have sent a a copy to corporate office. I am extremely dissatisfied and lost a once in a lifetime family memory that will never be recovered due to the error and negligence of Sprint employee Flavio.
> Please email me any actions that would be done to somehow correct or rectify this complaint.
> Thank you... Ephraim Sierra [protected]

I was informed that I would receive a call from the general manager and from the executive department regarding this incident but I have not received any results.

the tiffin ohio (44883) store has a strong smell of weed when I walked in the door

Upon walking to the front door of the Tiffin Ohio store location, there was a strong smell of weed that engulfed the entire store Almost making me sick. Multiple people from the GameStop next door also commented saying that it's been a common occurrence saying that the odor is so strong it is seeping into the store next door through the wall and ventilation.


Should be able to trust customer service. But no.

I phoned customer service for these reasons:

1. to change the payment card due to my bank account being hacked and receiving a new card with new number. When I called the previous month to change the payment method it was IGNORED.

2. To update payment terms to stop autopay and receive paper bills.

3. To change my mailing address

HEre is what happened:

1. The autopay was applied to my new bank card thus IGNORING my request to stop autopay.

2. The paper bill was sent to wrong address. They transposed the street address and the state was completely wrong.

I called and got a calmer and more professional person to help ... and he assured me the rep would "coach" that rep, and inform her supervisor.

wanted to remove a line

I have been a SPRINT customer for 16 years, I have 4 lines with 3 of them that I am paying upgrades on. The 4th line has an old phone used with it. I wanted to cancel the 4th line and now SPRINT will not cancel the line because I owe for phones on the other 3 lines. So now, basically saying I have to pay 45$ on a line that will not be used unless I pay in full on the other 3 lines. When I upgraded the phones on the other line SPRINT quote "accidently put the contract on the old phone so they now are all connected. This is robbery, totally legal robbery. How can a company get away with this? Pay on a phone line that is not in use. My ex daughter in law had this line for years, she decided to leave so she could go to AT&T on her own. Now, I see that is not a bad move to get out of SPRINT. This just does not seem legal at all.

being charged by my old carrier because sprint store did not pay for phones (at&t) like promised.

I switched plans from AT&T to Sprint on 9/14/19. I got new phones and was told Sprint would take care of AT&T. The manager from the Sprint store in Queensbury New York took old phones erased them, took serial numbers and handed them back to us. I left the store that day thinking everything was set with AT&T. 2 months later I got charged $702.02 by AT&T because Sprint did not pay off my phones like they said they would. I was told I had to do nothing it was taken care of. Now 2 months later one of the phones is missing so it can't be turned in and I don't feel I should have to pay for a Sprint employee's negligence. I have had it with the company, and the Queensbury store in general I went in to talk to the manager and he hid in the back room after seeing me claiming he was on a conference call. The other person I talked to said to come back when I found the phone. This is unacceptable, Sprint's employee's error is costing me money and that is not fair. At this point Sprint needs to either pay me the $702.02 that AT&T took from my bank account or take their phones back and let me wash my hands of this company completely.

deceptive, does not honor arrangements or deals

After 5 years with Sprint they now want to charge me a downpayment to upgrade on a handset. I've upgraded several times and didn't have to pay any upfront charges or they were on my next bill. Sprint won't allow me to have downpayment waived or billed yet they are offering a $100.00 service credit to keep a line I am cancelling. I'm cancelling them all as soon as I can afford to . They are also offering new a free Tablet. It makes no sense to offer this but charge me a downpayment to upgrade. It's the principle. They need to look at my payment history!! Just bad business!!!

smart phone / samsung 9 / wifi / email / applications / phone id

I have been a sprint consumer for several years now and I am currently a sprint customer. I have been targted, tracked and tortured by identifying my location using the phones GPS, ID number, Email, Applications/Phone number. People, Corporations, government agencies are able to track and communicate witrh my phone and identifying my location and privacy. I am being assaulted by satellite weapons, electronic harssment, and gangstalking by utilizing the phones tracking device and gps system utlizing wifi, gwen towers, and phone ID. Please investigate this problem immeditaley.

  • Updated by G.A · Nov 13, 2019

    Texas Attorney General Complaint filed

phone bill promise!!

When i signrd up for sprint they told me 3 lines for $130 a month that they could compete with my last company. well my bills are $271 a month and every time i call i get transfered and lied to so much i want to snap my phone in half. All i asked is to have the original sales call reviewed and to honor the agreenment i maid with sprint not the agreenment they made up after i hung up. Who in there right mind can pay 300 for phone bill. Plus my phones were promo free phones and i am gettig charged for them, NOT DONE YET! i will keep calling. plus they said coporate would call me back and it would take 5 to 7 days to review my original sales call. I have never had a cell phone company lie so much.