M Aug 12, 2018

I've been with Sprint for 8yrs. My billing was never consistent. I had a problem with this. So they put me on a family plan to where my bill was consistent every month. I'm on the Iphone forever plan. Meaning I will never own my phone. When I upgraded my phone to iPhone X they said my plan would never change. It would just go up $10-$12 for the iPhone upgrade. Now my plan is $30 more a month. I called Sprint last month and a service rep was extremely helpful and said she would fix it. She would apply discounts on the next couple of months to give time for them to fix it. Now I was told that it won't be fixed. That my price is what it is and there is nothing they can do about it. Sprint applied discounts to my previous phone and told me it was a family plan. What they told me and what they did on their end are 2 totally different things. First time in 8yrs that I have been unhappy due to customer service. For The supervisor to have an attitude in her tone of voice should of never been noticed bc numerous of times I said this isn't your fault I just need you to fix it. She made it very clear that it won't be fixed and I will be paying the price that I see. What she doesn't understand is there is a lot of competition out there and I don't have to stay. I don't stay bc of the cell phone service bc it does suck with drop calls and maintaining service signals. I stayed bc of customer service. Now I will reconsider bc false advertising and sending a false message and not doing anything about it has left a sour taste in my mouth. The customer should never be penalized bc of Sprints mistakes.

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