Spirit Halloweenservice there is horrible!!!

Today i went to the spirit store in the pacifuic commons shopping center in Fremont, CA. I had the worst experience i will not shop spirit Halloween stores again. I went to purchase my items the Girl at the register Jocelyn was very rude after she ran my card and gave me my receipt i was putting my card and receipt in my purse. When i look up i figured she was going to put my items in a bag she shoved the items toward me and said why are you still standing here you can go...i couldn't believe she said that, then she said do u want a bag or something why are you standing there ...then I told her well are you going to put the stuff in a bag? And you don't have to be so rude ...i said I also wanted to talk to the manager ...she said she was the manager and to leave her store. I then said i wanted to return all my items and that I wouldn't want to buy anything from there. Then a guy came behind the counter i asked him who the manager was he said he was the manager. So i told him what happened and he did nothing that girl Jocelyn kept talking over him so I asked him for a corporate number so i could call and complain he said he didn't have one... service is bad there ...I'm glad i returned my items and i will tell people i know not to shop there ...and that girl also made my son upset ...he didn't get the costume and he herd the way she was talking to me.

Sep 28, 2019

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