Spicejetflight ticket ah5bpr

F Jul 13, 2019

To whomsovever,
I Freena booked a ticket through credit card in spice jet from Jeddah to kozhikode for June 10-2019 . on the day I am traveling arrived airport on time when I reached the ticket counter in Jeddah king Abdulaziz international airport the person in the counter was asking for a credit through which I have booked the ticket it was my husband card he was flying in Oman airways wheares I cannot get is card I am trying to explain the staff but the person cannot even understand English or Hindi he knows only Arabic in same row on other counter the person is asking me to pay the same amount for which I purchased the ticket
My question if ur not believing in the credit card payers then for wat sake u have given credit card options better remove it credit card
And as it is indian airline why the staff cannot be Indians if u think the passenger fool you better stop credit card service no international passengers will cheat as all are well educated
Second we booked for two food without asking me the air hostes delivered the food to another passenger who sit next to me
Very poor airlines the big airlines they doesn't do like this very poor service

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