Speedwaygas pumps, air machine, nothing ever works and the attendants inside are clueless!

I reside close to a Speedway that recently opened within the last year in Volo Illiniois located approximately 1/4 mile north of route 120 on the west side of route 12. As I have been involved in building construction in a professional capacity since I graduated from Purdue in 1973, I am appalled by the fact that I have experienced problems with their gas pumps and air machine on several occasions since this Speedway opened for business. In reality, this has almost become the norm. To make matter worse, the employees who work inside the building always appear to be clueless and very complacent whenever I have tried to alert anyone inside as to problems or issues that should be addressed or corrected for their customers in which event they could care less. Being in a service business for well over 30 years, all I can add is if I ran my business like this, I'd surely be out of business by now working as a greeter at Walmart or an order taker at McDonalds. Enough for the rant which brings me to the reason for my posting this complaint, namely due to my recent and last visit to Speedway in Volo this evening to put gas in my wife's car and air in the tires. Oh well, God knows I should have anticipated that the air machine would take my $1.50 plus in change and fail to work. Fortunately, the gas pump was functional and even gave me a receipt as opposed to my having to go inside and ask the attendant for one. However, when I informed the attendant inside the store that the air machine took my money and failed to come on, I received no apology whatsoever. This is very disturbing given that I didn't ask or expect the young man to refund the money I had lost as I simply wanted to ask him to tag the machine as being out of order so that no one else would lose their money. Fat chance this will happen soon as the attendant seemed unmoved at best. In looking at the reviews posted on this site (406 to be exact) along with a 1 out of 5 star rating, I now understand why. My question is, doesn't anyone at Speedway care or give a FF about this? Apparently not. If this continues. I can guarantee that many who are presently employed by Speedway will soon be looking for a job the day Speeday goes out of business. I, for one, will celebrate their departure!

Nov 08, 2019

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