Speedway in howell michigancomplaint against a worker

S Aug 15, 2018

I went into the speedway on howell by my house this evening 8/15/18 like I do every evening and there was one cashier and she didnt look very happy at all. I see her every evening but the look on her face was awful. She looked like she was ready to beat someone up. Evidently she just came on her shift and when I approached her I said hi how r u, no response no smile just looking at me like a complete nutty person. I paid with cash and my change did not come out and I started that and she sighed and said to the other coworker what does work around here. When I looked down at my items I seen she had grabbed the wrong kind of cigs I needed and said to me well u told me a different kind instead of saying I'm sorry I must of mus understood. She offered mr no bad as I had purchased several items so I asked her for one she rolled her eyes and threw it at me and then when getting the correct cigs she threw them in the bag so hard one bounced out of the bag. She would not give me her name when I asked and I said to her ur so much prettier with a smile and she smiled a smart grin and said are u happy now? I was in such disbelief I said to her what is ur problem and whatever it is dont take it out on me I am a nice person. Then she said what didnt I smile big enough for u? I said a lot of curse words to her and she cussed back telling me she was gonna kick my ass! The gas station was full of people just staring at her. As I left the store I told her she will be reported and she just said [censored] you to me! Wow I have never ever in my life experienced customer service like that and I have been doing customer service all my life like 25 years worth. This cashier needs to be repremanded and lose her job. Sad to say that when I go into this speedway again which I have been going to every day for 11 years and she talks that way to me again expect another complaint to higher up people within this company and I will make sure she is fired. Thank u for ur attention to this awful experience I had today.

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